Daily Steem Curation - TRAVEL #1

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Here is selection of some of the best travel posts currently in Steem community.

Travels Through Morocco - Chefchaouen the Blue Pearl, The Final Chapter by @seetheworld.sgp

It was my last night in Chefchaouen before my coach back to Fes to catch my flight the next evening. The passage of time while I spent my week here was strange - it was as if time itself stopped while in this magical place. It was incredibly calm and relaxed in Chefchaouen, where the locals didn't seem to mind the simple, chilled and laid back lifestyle. So much so that it almost seemed like all my troubles simply... vanished.

Catamaran Ride by @oldtimer

We just came from our day trip. We visited the town Korcula on the island with the same name. It was one hour ride and we stay for the whole day. It was really great but I'm tired and here are just a few shots for today.

Again Soodeok-sa temple and The Place for Maitreya in Yeosan area, Korea by @slowwalker

After looking around at Booyeo city, I headed for Yeosan area to look at Soodeok-sa temple again. I had posted on this temple October last year. The reason why I stopped by once again was for looking around Daewung-Jeon of Soodeok-sa temple more carefully.

Trip to Polignano a Mare, Italy by @nuthman

The first time that I ever heard of Polignano a Mare was during a long Facebook feed scrolling session. I came across a promotional image of cliff-side restaurant called Ristorante Grotta Palazzese. We were overwhelmed by the natural beauty and interesting architecture.

🎬 Drone Video: Ruins of Pompeii / Die Ruinen von Pompeji by @folker-wulff

Pompeii was an ancient city on the Gulf of Naples which was buried at the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. However, large parts of the city have been conserved by the volcanic ash, making it one of the best preserved ruined cities of antiquity.

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There are some very beautiful stories on your first list of featured posts. Hope you will be posting this curations on regular basis. You have my upvote and follow, @steemcuration.


Thanks a lot. We have followed you back!

Great, thanks for the feature folks!


You are welcome, @seetheworld.sgp. We think your posts will show in our features often due to their high quality.

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Hey, thanks for linking to my Polignano a Mare post! I definitely recommend this trip highly. It was one of the more unspoiled by tourist places that I've been to in Europe.