Again Soodeok-sa temple and The Place for Maitreya in Yeosan area, Korea

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After looking around at Booyeo city, I headed for Yeosan area to look at Soodeok-sa temple again.
I had posted on this temple October last year.

Soodeoksa Temple

The reason why I stopped by once again was for looking around Daewung-Jeon of Soodeok-sa temple more carefully.

I entered into the another direction on the way to Soodeok-sa temple.
At first, I saw the white Sarira pagoda seemed to be set on recently.


The style of the Sarira pagoda was so impressive. Its’ style was modern, unlike other sarira pagodas, it had a quite different style as usual.
It didn’t follow the traditional style.

I turned left and went along the road looking at fountains and springs



There was a temple for The Bodhisattva of Great Compassion at the end of the road.
I stood in front of the temple and was looking around. It was very calm place.



I slowly looked around this building. It seemed be built recently.
The ornament and the decorations were colorful.




And the patterns of the window were so impressive.

There was a hidden story in this temple.
In early era of 20 century, the women were very suppressed in the circumstance of Confucianism.
Women were not permitted to take part in Social activities.
Several pioneers challenged but failed, some women among them became the Buddhist monk to continue to fight against the social prejudice.
In this temple, very famous names of women pioneers were related.
The old tree seemed to witness the lives of those great pioneers.



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These monuments had to amaze and frighten together. Very beautiful

The temple is one of the most beautifully embellished and decorated type of temple @slowwalker and it just shows how Koreans really are keen on details of their work and beliefs.


Thank you

the old tree , the great tree !


Another fun post to remind me of my time in Korea. I had no idea of the effect on women regarding Confucianism that was interesting to learn.

You know in America we have a joke a about Confucius....

Confucius say "Man with four ball walk". haha...maybe not the best joke and well, maybe if you are a baseball fan.

So the latest with me is that I found myself a girlfriend to travel with. I think I may have mentioned it to you. She's a beautiful blond Ukrainian girl. Before I met her I was planning on visiting Korea and maybe even visiting you next year.

However the other night we were seeing how good her Ukrainian passport is, it says she needs a visa to get into Korea and it's a whole big pain in the ass. Like the Korean government is concerned she's going to come to Korea and stay there and work illegally as a prostitute or something; which apparently is what many girls from Ukraine have done.

So it's kind of unlikely that well make it to Korea now. But we are going to Steemfest! Will you be there? Would be great to meet you in person and thank you for the support thrown my way with my travel blog. Here is photo of my girl and the other night from here in Kiev.

That Sarira pagoda looks like a modern one! But it's quite wonderful than old ones! Anyway this temple seems fresh and most of artworks are nice in colors might let us a chance to get an idea about how your previous journey temples was looked like in ancient days! That dragons statue I have never seen in my country. It's quite different here but yeah it also attached to the building with lord Buddha or other Statue.
Wonderful photography and really great article and really appreciate your effort to sharing it with Steemitans!



Buddhism in Korea seemed to be influenced by the local religion.

A very beautiful place. Immediately it seems that most of the sculptures were built quite recently, but from this they do not look less beautiful.

Очень красивое место. Сразу ощущается, что большинство скульптур было построено совсем недавно, но от этого они не выглядят менее красиво.

Does it me or it is really modern art and architecture became more simple, without complex detailed works. Like you mentioned about Sarira pagoda that is simple and smooth poles not much details. The temple looks really colorful and I love the shutters of window with so many little carved flowers every single colored with four colors and there are carved leaves too. When I see old works I always think that people that time probably did not think about the money that they will get once they sell something but they put their heart in their creations, their ideas and just lived their works.

Beautiful place and the tree is a real witness of the events of that time, it is always amazing to touch the trunk of such strong old tree for a moment you think that may be someone else has done it and for a moment you want to feel the connection. May be this sounds like sci-fi movie, but I am a sci-fi fan too.

Wish you a nice day, @Stef1 and @art-venture


Thank you so much for your comment.
I delegated you 3,000 sp.


Thank you very much @slowwalker for your trust and support! We really appreciate it and I have already sent a little message to @xpilar he is also one of the person who really want everything to to have a long life.

We are very transparent and you can see all the activities what we do and I hope you will like it.

Our great appreciation from @Stef1 and @myskye :)

Dear sir,@slowwalker,
It's wonderful thing to see Sarira Stupa! In my local vocabulary "Sarira" means Body, so when Monks died (We call as "Apawath wima") their Body burned and Ashes are keeping in that form!
It's amazing to see that huge statue of turtle that used to build for a Sarira Stupa! I think those monks were at higher ranking of Ancient Korea!
That would be a great visit, specially by finding that area and made photography and valuable description!
Thank you very much for sharing these great journey details with us!


Sarira is the crystalized glasses after the cremation.
So after the cremation, they gathered the Sarira and made the stupa for those crystalized things.


Ok upvote me?????

What I love about these photographs is the peace that reflects these temples, the years of culture and at the same time the history that is in them! No doubt some are fantastic places that deserve to be known, thanks for sharing these pictures with us :)

I can see that you are having so much fun moving around :)

I always read good posting.
I would appreciate it if you could follow me.

excellent images, that said power to enjoy those pagodas live


Thank you so much


Thank you @slowwalker, nim.

Very fantastic Palace I like it. thank you for the information.
Good morning👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆


Thank you so much

That is so so beautiful with many details. I hope visit that place as soon as possible

Wow what a beautiful place, it's the first time I see it since in October I did not know about your publications, so it's my first time in Soodeok-sa.

The design of the fountains are very nice and just like the whole place is very warm and beautiful. 😍👌

That third photo is really something. I could see myself sitting there all day just contemplating and meditating. Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

That article give short diagram of Korean Buddhism, and may that portrays a portion of the more imperative sanctuaries at Korea


Thank you so much

the art and skill are very impressive, thank you for sharing sir @slowwalker


Thank you so much


my pleasure sir!😊😊


My pleasure sir!😊😊

오늘도 좋은 하루 보내세요 슬로우워커님.
덕분에 또 편안하게 보고갑니다!

Wow 😃 so beautifully clicked

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Your photos show a very beautiful architecture of Soodeok-sa temple.

We have featured this story in our latest travel steem curation post as one of the best stories in travel category currently. Congratulations, @slowwalker.

Wow. This place looks amazing! Which city/province in Korea is this? When I was in Korea I just went to famous palaces in Seoul and perhaps one in Gwangju but this place seems far more serene and beautiful!