Catamaran Ride

in photography •  5 months ago

We just came from our day trip. We visited the town Korcula on the island with the same name.

It was one hour ride and we stay for the whole day.

It was really great but I'm tired and here are just a few shots for today.


Here's the beast.

It arrived at 9 am sharp.


Inside the ship.


At the port of Korcula.


Breakfast first.


We have some good stuff here to explore.


This is what I call the street photography.

Can you see the sky and the sea at the end of the street?


I forgot to take my swimming suit and a beach towel.

Too bad.


Souvenir stands are all over the town.

Kind of on the expensive side.


Just enough wind for the surfers.


This kitty doesn't care much about the end of the touristic season and how successful it was.

Bedtime for a tired oldtimer.

See you tomorrow my friends.

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excellent photography! enjoy traveling

Another beautiful town. I love the shot of the narrow street that goes down to the sea. The cat has got it made probably plenty of fish scraps from the fisherman too!


You right. I didn't think about how good touristic season could help a poor cat.

To be honest it sure was a nice place to be :)

The ride was sure cool and a beast indeed

The Beach does looks quite amazing as well

The water and the sky in the image where the surfers are enjoying is sure a beauty to watch :)

I think you have a great time .... very nice shoots greetings from greece


Thank you.


You welcome and thank you very much for the upvotes ......

Hello friend, I've always been curious to take a trip in a catamaran, and very well the name of the beast, to know a new city is always to open the file of our memory, eliminate the bad moments and fill them with this new experience of a trip of pleasure, I imagine that with so many experiences that you have of your trips you can write an encyclopedia of tourism I am glad for that, I avid for adventures, I read your publications with a lot of interest, keep on enjoying friend, greetings, @oldtimer


Thank you for the kind words and good comment.

What a trip @oldtimer. Beer with Breakfast? And that capture of the street with the framed ocean in the background would be a clear winner in #streetphotography.


Well, it was a late breakfast, hehe.

Un paseo en ese Catamarán debe ser increible @oldtimer y disfrutar de esas bellas costas de Croacia

Just an amazing trip there @oldtimer, too bad that you haven't gotten the chance to dip on the beach and enjoy the pebbly sands. I am happy for you having these kinds of experiences that I could only now dream of.


I can feel you, my friend.

howdy sir oldtimer! wow love that catamaran, love the rich colors of the ocean, that narrow street is a classic, all the shots are dog gone perfect, even that cat! lol great job!


Thank you.

I always love the pictures you post @oldtimer. However I have to delve further into your trip and ask how was it to ride on that catamaran . The boat you have in the opening photo looks insane. That must have been a wonderful experience upon itself. Another question I have for you...did you get to ride a bicycle on this particular adventure. I hope so....I am still bummed out from the time your bike was stolen from the garage. Hopefully this trip has been a wonderful experience for you and the family. Enjoy!


The town and roads were too crowdy for a bike ride. And the streets are very narrow. And yes. The trip was great.

a cool travel. I didnt a catamaran trip ever.
it should be fun. and it is great to see the latest sea!

what a great trip oldtimer seems like you would be loving this memory in the future from now 😍


and cool photography 🤗😍


That's for sure. I will.

Nice photo bos

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Wood love to try the same ride too, soooon.

Sir Can you help me with a way to follow back this account. Please .. Followan of you means a lot to me

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Wow is an amazing boat! Also it seems that the breakfast bread was burned a bit but equally looked delicious, and that cat was taking his usual rest hehe in any way thanks for the photos are great


The bread was hot and delicious. I removed the burned part, hehe.

Thanks for the comment.

Beautiful photos from your catamaran trip to Korčula, @oldtimer.
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That Catamaran looks absolutely amazing. I have always wanted to take a ride on one of those. I love how high you sit up off the water. What a great way to take a tour of the surrounding area.