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Hi Steemit,
Today I want to share a couple things with all you. I've just reached a new milestone...

It has been such an adventure learning the ropes here on Steemit, but I'm happy to be closer to reaching my 1000 # goal.
My current mood :)

Just the other day I was in San Diego California, and couldn't pass the opportunity of savoring the scenery with my camera :) (Iphone). Hope you guys enjoy it.



Christmas decorations are everywhere :)

Night lights :)

Self reflection.


I hope everyone is having a great time...where ever you are :) Don't forget to up vote and drop a line below. Best wishes.

Let all you do be done in love, ❣️

If you haven't seen any of my previous post, click on the links below :)








Congratulation !
You are looking beautiful my friend !!

You are welcome !

The small matter of Verge breaking all sort of imaginable records is also a cause to celebrate.

@splendorhub I don't know what to say I am at a loss for words.........

Always Love your posts!
You're almost there! Maybe you'll have 1000 by the end of the day! :-)
You really take some beautiful pictures! The Self-reflection one is so beautiful and magical...
Thanks for being you! :-)

@as-i-see-it Thank you, I really appreciate your great wishes :)

She is a princess. Better be prepared.

When you earn your first 1000 STEEM be sure to make all the hearts floating around your head!

Nice to read it.. Awesome snaps....

Beautiful post like you @splendorhub thanks for the post

@toffer Thank you :) Best wishes to you always.

All of picture is really awesome and best wishes to acheived your recent milestone...

@sujanbarua1 Thank you for your sweet comment :)

There is always so much to celebrate when you are around.

Thank you :)

Nice snaps! Congrats for the achievement in steemit.

Check out my posts and you probably will like it: https://steemit.com/life/@leftbank/pic-of-day-12-16-2017

Congrats!!!!! this is just the beginning girl!

@javybar Thank you, wishing the best to you too :)

You got an up vote because the picture of "my current mood" really made me giggle. Well played :)

haha thank you :)

Good luck smashing your 1000 follower milestone, shouldn't be too far away now! I'm sure in just a few short months you'll be multiplying that a few times over.

I've got a trip to SD booked for March... excited already!

@aussieninja Thank you! SD is a fun town,there's plenty to keep busy. :) Best wishes - @splendorhub

SD has been our go-to town whenever we need some summer fun... we've been there maybe 6 times now and never not have fun.

Better build your cat following army faster. ;-)

How so?

To defend your content. Just stay strong and be prepared for flag attacks. It will come sooner or later. 1-3 years timeframe.... But maybe i am wrong.

@tuvokhl Thank you for the tip :) Best wishes - @splendorhub

You talk in double meaning words. Maybe you mean both ;-)

I dont get you its to high for me.

amazing pictures, life is good ☺

Thank you :) I'm blessed.

Nice photos!

Thank you :) There's more to come. BTW..Happy Holidays

steady,,miss..vote me mrazi,,love

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