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Hi Steemit friends,

I'm sure that many of us have a bucket list, and if not don't wait too long before creating one. The great thing about creating a bucket list is that we can go wild.
Not to long ago I had the opportunity to check off one of my to do things from my bucket list. The experience was unbelievable but what I learned from this experience was priceless.

I was lucky enough to cross off the experience of swimming with dolphins. Yes, dolphins!
I've always thought dolphins to be fascinating in more than on way. Dolphins are born to be intelligent, they also share many genes with human beings.

This is Jimena, a 4 year old female dolphin. As I was there waiting to meet her, the trainer couldn't get her to come over to our group. She was busy playing with other dolphins, the anticipation was building.

Once I met her and was able to interact with her, my love and appreciation for dolphins grew.

Dolphins are great in many different ways, and also have their own unique personalities. Male dolphins often times have known to work in pairs to find a mate. They have been known to have bromance relationship in which they pair up for as long as 15 years and help each other hook up with females.

Dolphins are also known to be very loving and affectionate.

This creature are also known to save lives.
In 2004, the story of a lifeguard and his daughter made the news. It happened that the father and daughter were swimming, when dolphins started to gather and continue to swim around them. The lifeguard then noticed there was a shark beneath them. The shark was driven away by the dolphins.


In conclusion my experience meeting a dolphin was awesome. This creature have such a fun and playful personalities.
Dolphins kindness and intelligence make them very interesting. Do you have a bucket list?


Let all you do be done in love, ❣️

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Swimming with dolphins is one of the 'things to do' for me too. I try and do some Scuba diving, and swimming besides Sting Rays and Reef sharks has been one of the best experiences for me.

pmiskeen WOW you are brave...reef sharks and sting rays :) I loved the dolphin experience. You will really enjoy :)

Not sure about the brave bit.. those sharks seemed to be cool having divers around them. And my dive instructor even cooler, he could've probably hugged one of the sharks..

But yes.. nothing melts the heart more than dolphins. Hope I get a similar opportunity to meet them too.

@splendorhub I guess I was sleeping to have missed this posting yesterday.

OH that is so cool!! Yes I remember that as a bucket list item when I was 12! XD

Must have been so funny, what a wonderful place by the way!
Dolphins are very smart creatures 😁

@fedesox if you ever have the chance, is definitely a great experience :) Thank you for your comment. Best wishes.

Very beautiful girl

Oww,You are So brave!!Do not you afraid of dolphins?? :)

They're so friendly, not scary at all.

reasteam done please check my profile

@enews202 aww thank you :) Best wishes.

Wonderful post, Awesome picture,thanks for great sharing
I appreciate your post, Thanks but follow @joyontoemmanuel

Thank you for your comment :)

Its wow ! Hope you enjoyed a lot !!

You are welcome !

Dolphins have gotta be one of coolest animals. Must have been a great experience, thanks for sharing. Cheers

It sure was a great experience :) Cheers

I like dolphins. I have never swam with them though.

You have to give it a try if you have the opportunity, is a very unique experience :)
Best wishes. - @splendorhub

I like dolphins. I have never swam with them though.

I envy you, I wish to swim with the dolphins one day.

@drakos Is such a lovely experience :)

Definitely on my list of things to do as a bucket list item. I really enjoyed snorkelling in Hawaii many moons ago and plan on heading back to tropical waters one day - hopefully I can get to swim with dolphins then! Where are you heading next?

@liverrehab Thank you for your comment. Hawaii is a beautiful place! 🤓This was a great experience I highly recommended. Not sure what’s next... hopefully Europe 🤩. Best wishes

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