Unexpected things on the road to the unexpected temple

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It was my last weekend in my office. I need to move from my office to my home.
My office is near Daegeon. I have been in Daejeon for three years in the institute.

I’d like to look around my office instead of coming home.
So I googled and found unknown name of buddhist temple. It was the Gwang Desk Sa.

It was strange that I didn’t notice Gwang Deok Sa. For 3 years, I have looked around the temples and traditional architectures in this area, but I didn’t hear the name of Gwang Deok Sa.

So I made up my mind to go over Gwang Deok Sa.
I took about I hour or more to get there by car.

When I arrived at there, the scenery was interesting, it pulled my attention.

The road to the temple was looked like as same as a scene of a film.

The road was old and quiet. There was not so much people near the temple and on the road.

So I could enjoy the solitude of the philosopher on the way to the temple.

At the entrance I saw a stone monument on which the word ‘이뭣고’ was carved.

The 이뭣고 I Meot Go is a very important topic in Buddhism. In Korean Buddhism, the Zen is very important in cultivating themselves. The topic plays key role in cultivating themselves.

Buddhist monks are seizing the topic to attain the Nirvana for the rest of all their lives.

I thought the reason why they carved the Zen topic was stress not to forget the topic.

Just before the stone monument, I found out a small round stone on the wide stone.

It seemed to have a some buddhist meaning in them. In my guess, the round stone seems to mean the way to the Nirvana.

Could you tell me What your interpretation is ?

As passing the monument, there was a wall of stones.
At first, it was interesting that the cats were sitting and looking at me. They were gazing at me.

It seemed that they asked me "What brought you hear?"

They didn’t run away as I went closer to them.

So I took some photos of the cats.
Sometimes, the cats and the dogs near the Buddhist temple shows extraordinary behaviors.
I heard some dogs guide the strangers to the temple from the entrance far from the temple.

While taking the photos of cats, some strange looking stone was taking my attention.
It looked like an old man.

At first I didn’t notice the oldman shaping stone.
As I looked it in detail, it was as same as an oldman bold with beard.

Next time I will post on Gwang Deok Sa, but definitely the way to the temple was more interesting for me.

The desolate road to the temple reminded me of what the life was.


Hhhh I thought it was a horror story ..
Please complete the story and know the mystery of that place or you are afraid only Hhhh

Thank you for posting @slowwalker these quiet moments of solitude.

These photographs are lovely....bringing even more queries to mind.

The stone face resembling a bearded face of a man is intriguing and sure to cause one to pause....just as you say...and the cats...what lovely felines indeed.

May you find what you are looking for.....

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much Bluejay

I congratulate you on Christmas and wish from the bottom of my heart a bright blessing and a kind world, the true happiness and incredible joy of the soul.

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you are right...

Its amazing

That ginger cat is looking down on you like he is Lord of everything. It was so fortunate that when you did it gave you the opportunity for the old man to catch your eye! I like the twirly moustache he has atop the beard.

Thank you so much for your comment
Yes, it was amazing thing to find the cats and the old man

Your welcome! The photos really are smashing. I have a soft spot for cats lol

I think the temple is very beautiful

Thanks for your post!
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Great post and interesting story

Those cats looked like they were guardians of the place. Most furry felines will scamper away even if it's was their own place, especially when faced with unknown people. But they stood their ground, that is something...

Yes that was something fascinating

you live in Daegeon?
I'm aware its huge but I have two Korean friends who live there
one ajushi and his son though the later moved in Seoul to study and work at the same time
I didn't know that you've been showing us Daegeon all the while
nice cat pis btw

As a traveller, my ultimate goal is to visit Japan and of course KOREA! I have always been suggesting to travel to Korea one day but, due to work and weather, I have always been struggling to make it happen! Your article definitely inspires me to visit Korea even more and hopefully it's going to happen soon in 2018!

Nice post give us an other post when ofgice shift thanks

Thank you so much

As I was reading your post, I thought in "the Way", the Spanish Camino of Santiago. There was a beautiful text written in a wall that said:

"Santiago is only the end of your first etappe, not the end of your camino. Keep on walking, you are not alone"

Definitely with that faces in the wall, the cats and the curious stones you weren't.
And most surely, arriving to the temple will not be the end.


congratulations for your post and also your beautiful photo , I invite you to check my post if you like
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This is amazing. Thank you for sharing <3

Thank you for sharing this moment of your life. I'm afraid this is really very strange

really interesting and insightful photographs. the cats look very human!

wow ...

The splendor of magnificence was this reading. I loved you so much Thank you I am grateful to you for this excellent publication. @slowwalker

Thank you so much

Assuming you are Korean, and me having been an English teacher for years....I must commend you on you ESL ability. You are very well written.

As far as moving from your office, to your home office I don't blame you. I always found working from home more comfortable...home being a hotel room! lol

Also that is so "travel pro!" getting lost...or going for a drive out to a interesting place like you did. Just love it! One of my favorite places to visit in Korea besides the Jjinjibangs were the buddhist temples. Such peaceful and beautiful places.

No need to reply my friend. I know how busy you are. Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work! -Dan

Great story line!! Will up post this

The important thing isn't the place where you arrive, but the path that you traveled to reach it. Here you showed us that very well.

Now, remember that Nirvana is interpreted as "what is not". That means that your destiny is marked by your mental state and not by what delimit the concepts. You say "the round stone seems to mean the way to the Nirvana", but in reality it is only a clue, the first step, so that you yourself reach the Nirvana, the mantra, the inner and absolute peace.

The old man in the stone is the doorman, he isn't there by mere caprice or chance. If he let you in, you're a lucky man. The cats, however, are the guardians of peace and moderation. You say they didn't leave when you approached, don't forget that this is their territory; there you're the foreigner, why would they go away?

And for those who are afraid of the old man with the beard, I say to you: don't fear who opens the doors of your destiny, because the locksmith who forges the key to that door is yourself.

Thanks for sharing @slowwalker

Thank you so much for your thoughtful explanation and interpretation.
Your words make me more clear on that I had seen at the temple.
Thank you again

And I am very grateful that you have shared your trip with us.

Nice Pics! Here just a quick shoot with my old Iphone 4 :) https://steemit.com/nyc/@dalexx/berlin-to-nyc

i just joined steemit and saw a few of your posts. i really like this gripping stoicism that you manage to get into your writing. it's as if one can feel the solitude of your walks through your words, although you use them sparingly

also, to supplement that, it only adds to this that the weather is so grey in the photos. works well with the theme!

Like movie frames ! I felt myself literally in the movie theater while reading this article :) Wonderfull post sir @slowwalker

almost making me scared but nice post!

Amazing story and cute cats!

Thank you so much

The cats are looking at your camera!

I see in detail the stone, also I think like a bearded old man ..Photos that you upload is very good, I wait for your post in Gwang Deok Sa 😎😎😎

its very beautiful situation makes us comfortable

Be thankful to you for showing this time of your lifetime I am just fearful this is actually extremely weird.

a wonderful story my friend, have a nice day @slowwalker

Amazing story and really wonderful shots thank you for sharinf this with us

You are really brave. Seeing a cat staring at me and not moving when I get closer is enough to frighten me.

Love the second picture nice walkway we have such in Africa mostly on our way to farm beautiful view, most time I just go to farm because of the view

Very mystic.

I think this would a story once in a lifetime for a tourist.

After three years you finally found something new...you lucky one :)

very interesting post....
thanks for sharing it...
upvoted and followed...!!!!!

Very thought provoking post and pictures. Your description of the road to the temple which reminded of how life is. What did you mean in that statement?

My interpretation of the stone: Hmm it is round, round things are working more harmoniously on me. It looks like someone made this stones that are laying piled on the stones like we can observe on many beaches like:
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-30 um 00.09.08.png

The cats have only defended their territory :D Looking forward for your next post! Greetings Lena

Thank you for your interpretation

:) you are welcome

Very thought provoking post and pictures. Your description of the road to the temple which reminded of how life is. What did you mean in that statement?

Let’s find it out

The cat eyes looks so wildy and looking into your camera . watch out mate hehe.

The oldman shaping stone is so incredible, it looks like the temple or its surrounding got some mystic power

this is what i believe..buddhism is not a religion..unlike other religions it doesnt have the signs of a religion..but a philosophy where you should seek the ultimate bliss of it only through your dedication ,commitment and your understanding.Only you can help your path the Lord Buddha and his teachings and monks would only show you the path..they can't walk on it for you :) beautiful captures and as you said it should mean nirwana :)

Awesome Post!

I think the word carved on the stone are symble of peacefulness,seems the area is quite. the round stone is a symble of the world. that two art are symbolize as "world peace"

and the cat looks like he knew that he saw a new face cause your a stranger to him.

Regards Bien

Hello Mr Slowwalker!
Interesting to road your wrote, Here is the life without a plan can happened.
but how we can enjoyed it a live. The worked is a trust that is not eternal.
temptation is a test, opportunity is a way, success is a victory for us.
Hello me to you and family
[email protected]

I think that those stones represent a calm and steady nature of the human spirit. It also has to show how silence is the answer to all questions. Thanks for the post @slowwalker as it brought me to this place.

Ohh cats! I wanna hug them

The cats are huge and fat. Obviously well cared for. It is interesting that the dogs guide people to the temple. The old man stone is amazing. What will yo do after you retire?

Pretty cool sharing. A lot of information of which I were ignorant of. Pictures are fantastic. I'll be looking forward next blog in which more information will be disseminated. Thanks for sharing.

man you are SUCH a great storyteller with photos ;) thank you.

It resembles the art of superimposing stones made for meditation and spiritual calmness!

the trip letter went very well. I like the information and photos you give. thank you

Wow, The stone looks old guy who has mustash. I don't know if somebody carve the stone, but it seems to see us for peace.

did you manage to get the pension? then congratulations my friend. Come in peace in your new life and find your inner peace. Oh, and of course continue to post about the culture of your country !!

The vegetation of the road is awesome, it gives a calm sensation

I'm new here, hope to have an awesome experience @slowwalker

korea had a beautiful story i think behind those monument around which is buddism...

Do you still in korea ?

very intrusting nice to read your story

cats is very sweet

Really weird stone, I saw it in a split of a second. And the ginger cat is really similar to lynx. 🙉 I even didn't get it right away why you call them cats))

Wow what a nice post and pictures.. beautiful environment.

very good photo👍👍

Nice post. Love coming across the unexpected.

this is so beautfull .. you know i life always unexpected things are alwasy beautfull and amazing i have added this into my traval list loved it

haha, what kind of stone is this :) it's zenned out as well :D

Cool. There's a buddhist temple near me too, but not as close to your job. It's a couple hours journey for me. I can't wait to go back there. Thanks for the story and photos.

Thank you for bringing us to Daejeon @slowwalker. I can almost smell trees and feel the cold weather.

Those cats are very funny and not afraid of people ,they are really fat and stare at you. That stone is really like an old man! You are a man who is good at observing. thanks a lot for your sharing .

Thank you for your comment

The scenery there is very beautiful and interesting, if you have the time and opportunity do not forget to visit my country, a lot of interesting things there, of course you will not regret @slowwalker

Lovely cats..
Great content as always..
Nice Pics..
Great location to visit!
Thanks for sharing..
Have a great sunday..
By the way today I will go the Korean Resturant here in Bucharest ..

@slowwalker - The whole place gives a rather eerie feelign with the wods, the staring cats and the carved old-man's-face shaped stone.. The second picture looks straight out of the television series 'Dark'.

This is certainly a place that would give me the creeps were I to venture out along at night ..

Very good job.. thanks for sharing;)

Great looking your photo.you are best photographer

Sometimes most beautiful places comes from most strange routes. Have Fun and keep sharing

Nice post. And really good picture.

Pls follow me 😁😁😁

Those cats are not so happy about ypu taking pictures :D
But that looks amaizin though. (Y)

The road to the terrible temple to get there .. The hill is very hard and rocky ... The scenery is also so beautiful ...

I can feel the quietness on the road through the photos.... You live in beautiful environment..

이젠 아무런 부담없이 즐기시기를
저도 그러려고 노력 합니다.
어째튼 스팀잇 덕이지요

Nice photos. So many cats. The stone that's look like an old man is a bit scary.

Very nicely written content and also the last line "The desolate road to the temple reminded me of what the life was" its a tip of the day @slowwalker

really nice pictures

The photograph you took is amazing!! Love the one the cat was looking at you, can see that there is a soul of somebody inside.

A wonderful time!

Big cats and beautiful place! I love it!

Nice shot .

The cat sitting on stone reminds me of a scene from game of thrones season7

Thanks for your post!
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Nice Post. Welcome :)

The temple is a reminder of the numerous paths mankind have created to search for God. We were created with an inert desire for worship, the Gwan Deok Sa temple is one manifestation too many of that desire.

This path to the temple is epic. "I heard some dogs guide the strangers to the temple from the entrance far from the temple."-that's really cool

This post reminds me very much of my trip to Japan a few years ago. I feel like whenever you go somewhere and a temple is near everything becomes quiet and peaceful almost instantly. I am not a very religious person myself but peace is something we all strife for I guess so thank you for sharing a piece of yours.

My God this so interesting

intersting post....thanks for sharing us

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