Poss Travels #1: All roads lead to Rome

in travel •  9 months ago

The Eternal City, City of the Seven Hills, Capital of the world ... Rome is a city with many names and also many phrases:
Rome wasn't built in a day (like Steemit!), When in Rome, do as the Romans do and All roads lead to Rome.


Huge statue on Piazza Cavour

And i must 100% confirm that these three phrases are true as they can be! We started our trip in Ljubljana and i think you won't be surprised that there actually is a road from Ljubljana that leads to Rome =) ! It took us around 10 hours of drive and 800 kilometers later there we were. At the edge of Rome. The view from the highway shows that there is a lot of industry concentrated on the edges. Our hotel was right in the city center only 20 minutes walk from most of the sightseeing attractions. The highway ended and we soon realized what "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" means. I am 100% sure, that this means drive a car like Romans do! But that is hard, especially if you don't know where you have to go and you relay on the navigation. It was crazy! Cars everywhere, scooters, mini electric cars for 1 person, car horn honking, yelling through windows - we were full of adrenaline! The most amazing was how many vehicles can you fit in a 3 lane road. There were 3 normal size cars, 4 scooters and a smart in the same row on a 3 lane road. The lines are barely visible and totally irrelevant ... Red lights? Irrelevant ... Pedestrian crossings? Irrelevant ... But the most amazing think is that they all manage! The wasn't any problems with traffic, pedestrians managed to cross the roads, scooters easily coexists with cars, the only problem are visitors that are not able to "do as the Romans do".


Enormous roundabout without the lane lines. Doesn't seem to bother anyone

Anyway we managed to get to the hotel without any major problems, a co-pilot and an experienced driver was enough. And the biggest success was ... that we even honked to a guy, who didn't drove off for 3 seconds!! And what he did?? He apologized with an extended hand outside his window - AMAZING! =)

Since i was on a business trip i didn't know if I'll have any free time at all, for sightseeing. Luckily we had a long lunch break and i decided to skip most of it and to use my time for at least some of the biggest attraction in Rome. For any future traveler to Rome ... Don't rush take a day or two more than planed it's a huge city with countless historical points of interest.

Since we were close to the center and I like walking, i visited everything on foot. I walked for 13 kilometers in 2 and a half hours. Visiting Rome in May is good for at least 3 reasons, it's still not the main season and there is less people, it is not as hot as in the summer, there is water in every fountain! :D

As soon as i started walking, i understood the phrase Rome wasn't built in a day . It is huge and the buildings are huge! Just look at the photo bellow. That's a normal building in Rome... "Normal".


View on the Palace of Justice from the near by bridge

Building that left the biggest impression on me wasn't the Colosseum



it also wasn't Pantheon


it was Altare della Patria. The size of it, those enormous statues of Roman soldiers, wide and long stairs, open space in front of it, white color ... Words and photos can't describe it.




Since i was on a clock and had to get back soon i didn't have time, to stand in line, or to take an guided tour. And the only thing without a line was Roman Forum. I like history and walking through it was like living a history. The remains of the ancient city got me thinking about the life these people lived more than 2000 years ago. If only these streets could talk ...







I also discovered something really strange. There were a lot of statues without heads or hands and i couldn't understand why?


Headless statue of an unknown female

I imagined that the heads were stolen or destroyed, but the truth is far from it! I did some research and apparently the Romans were really practical. When they wanted to have a statue for a hero or a known person at that time they ordered it. They intentionally ordered it with a perfect body, classic roman clothes and removable head, sometimes even hands. The reason was, that it was easy replaceable if the hero wasn't popular anymore :) They didn't have to order a complete new statue, they just ordered a new head and replaced the one on the perfect body. Now that's what i call money saving! =)

After the Roman Forum i went to see probably the most known fountain in the world: Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi in Italian. It was completely restored 2 years ago and i must admit it looks amazing. You only have to ignore the amount of people trying to get as close to the water as possible.



The fountain is also known for throwing coins in it. Apparently if you toss a coin to the fountain (over the shoulder) than you shall return to Rome someday :) And a lot of people believe in this. Estimates are, that every day 3000 € are thrown into the fountain! And btw ... DO NOT SWIM IN IT. If our local news were right ... than there is a 450€ fine if you jump into the fountain!

Of course you can't go to Rome without stopping in Vatican! To all the travelers, go to Vatican early in the morning!


St Mark's Square at evening

Do you see the line of people in the back under the arcs? There are 4-5 people in each row in a line.

First photo is from 7 O'Clock in the evening. Now check how it looked at 8 O'Clock in the morning.


St Mark's Square early in the morning

You see the group of people on the right. That's the same line with only 10-15 people in it. And the day before the line was stretching for the entire St Mark's Square.

Ohh and the last thing i almost forgot to show. I believe Rome is the only place in the world where cats have it's own 2000 years old playground. You don't believe it? See it for yourself.





There are only few things i would like to say for the end:

  1. I noticed a lot of soldiers guarding the monuments. There was at least 1 fully equipped soldier guarding. Bigger attractions were guarded with even more soldiers on foot or with an armored vehicle.
  2. You must try the local cuisine! It is delicious and you will realize that less is more!
  3. Walking for 25 km in 2 days in a lousy shoes will get you blisters =)
  4. Don't take anything in hands from the street merchants, no matter how persistent they are and even if they say it's for free. It's not and they'll walk past you until you pay for it, but won't take it back from you. Just ignore them especially if you are visiting as a couple!
  5. Rome has a lot of small pipes with free drinkable water, so bring your own bottle. Buying bottled water in the center is expensive.

Special notice to the only people i know living in Rome. @marcodobrovich and @fmd i hope i didn't tell anything wrong about Rome? Let me know if i did.

You have any thoughts or questions? Upvote and leave them in the comments bellow.

I'll upvote back every meaningful comment with few cents

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I absolutely loved Rome, and can't wait to visit again. Thanks so much for bringing back some great memories! It was the middle of summer for us.. so we loved the cool water from the drinking fountains.

PS Popular name for a post lol.. I did one a few months back on the Appian Way.. which is an Ancient road that really does lead to Rome! That's a walk that will keep you fit if you leave from the center of the city :)


No problem. Thank you for stopping by. It really is a catchy phrase and popular i guess :D

Woooow!!! It's a wonderfull City full of culture and history, on my TODO list already for a while, I hope I can visit it soon.


It really is worth visiting. I'm looking forward seeing it again in the future. But not on a business trip. I'll go like a tourist, so I'll have time to visit some museums and guided tours :)

Woow... nice story... I feel feel like I've been there with you


Your words sound like words from an experienced driver =)

Welcome to steemit!

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

Stunning post on Rome, keep it up!


Thank you! And thank you for the steemitworldmap. I love it it's really nice to put a place on our posts.

Great -- interesting variety here.

I Liked the 4th/5th pictures best .. and then 10th/11th ones (showing the Greenery & Amazing array of #Architecture ).

Also, the 2nd image from the BOTTOM is good, and the 5th one up from the BOTTOM, too (showing the Cream colored bldg ).

THANX, Truly, for providing to us these Astonishing (REMARKABLE) shots ♦♦



Thank you! When i look at the 10th/11th photo. It kinda reminds me on some video game, like settlers or civilization :D

Thank you for resteem!!


You're welcome

"All roads lead to Rome" I have same title on my post 2 days ago :) I love this city too.
Visit Rome is always good idea ;) Everytime you can explore something new;)


Hehe! That's so cool! It really is a catchy phrase. I think about it many times so i had to use it in my Rome post :D

BTW: I checked your blog. I so envy you for that dragon fruit on the table! They are so expensive in Slovenia and that's not all ... The long transporting time is killing them and they come covered with mold many times.


I love dragon fruit,too but don´t buy it in Europe cause it is not fresh.
It is not worth it! Come to Mexico ;)


Yeah ... they are all imported from Mexico so visiting it would be a better choice :D

My wife would love to go to Mexico, so i hope someday I'll be writing a post about it =) That would be amazing. Until than, I'll just watch your blog!


I think your wife will fall in love with Mexico ;)

I was in Rome a few years ago- well maybe more than a few- as a part of school trip. And now, while I'm reading your post it makes me really mad to find out just how many stuff we missed. Or only saw them from far away/from bus. I remember we were supposed to see the Trevi Fountain but our guide decided it's not that important. Ugh.
Great post! I learned much more about Rome than I did on my school trip :D


Thank you! It really is a shame that you didn't go to see the Trevi Fountain, but it could be that he tour had some reasons behind it. There isn't a lot of space around it, and i suppose there could be so many people, that you actually can't see the fountain.

But that's a reason to visit Rome for the next time! :)

Extra post with many details. Well done! Greetings! 😉


Thank you.

As I can see, you liked my town very much! :)


Yeah it was really nice. Sadly only for couple of days. Would stay longer! :)

Thank you for your comment.

Congratulations on huge post my friend. And nice seagull you have there. Travel safe!


Thank you! Yeah that seagull was like a pet. Didn't mind many tourists taking photos of him :)

Is it worth revisiting Rome?


It was my second time in Rome. I would definitely say that it's worth revisiting. A big city and you could discover something new every time you visit it.

so that's typical roman cat on last pictures? :D


Yes. Catus Romanicus :D

Italy is my absolute favorite country :) Great post, followed! Can't wait to see more!


Thank you! Since we were driving from north to the Rome, we had the chance to see Italy's countryside. There are countless little towns and villages that looks really old and unknown. It would be nice to spend some time in each of them.


One day, I plan on taking a long trip to Italy. I want to see every big city, small town and everything in between. :)


That is an amazing idea! I hope that you will bring some of the joy you will have to this awesome steemit community! :)


I definitely will!

Rome is a beautiful city , with a beautiful legend.
I like the colosseum most, because there had happened a lot of things, like gladiator fights, and there were all big events .Thanks you are sharing all these to us.


Yes it truly is. Not having enough time to get a guided tour of the Colosseum is something, that will bring me back to Rome in the future.


I want to go to the Rome in the near future. Maybe we we will meet there :).

Beautiful photos! Great synopsis of your trip as well. Some very helpful tips in there(especially the water/street merchant ones!) Romes been on my list forever, but I kind of forgot about it until I stumbled upon your post. And for that, thank you!


Yes you will be surprised how many people are selling water on the streets and also how many people are buying it! I rather spend money for tickets than for water which can be free :)

Welcome to Steemit!!


Thank you for your warm welcome! I am very against the purchase of bottled water both for economic reasons and for environmental reasons. It is such a waste. I look forward to seeing more from you :)

That clear blue sky makes those monuments look so good!


Yeah it was May but with almost 30°C.

I was impressed by these wonderful and amazing imagesssss
Interesting Post


Thank you! I try my best with the equipment i have.

What an awesome tour @poss sorry I missed the upvote on this one.


No problem man! I'm glad you liked it.

Your photos are blowing me away @poss! Especially the Roman Forum photos.

I loved Rome. It's so crazy to walk down a street and see buildings and monuments from thousands of years ago. I feel like I could wander through Rome for months.

Congrats on the successful post!


Thank you! I totally agree with you. I haven't visited so many countries as you did, but i also found Rome to be special.

Thank you again and looking forward to next country from you! :)

As Italian born in Rome, it's always nice to read detailed travel diary. Thanks for sharing this! Check my latest my latest post about Abruzzo, a region of Italy, 50km far away from Rome.


Thank you for sharing. Some nice photos in your post!

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