CLIFF DIVING CROATIA - photo collection

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Day 2 - Green Caves

The second day of our cliff diving trip we went to the Green Caves. The spot was very popular among tourist who wanted to see the inside of the caves. We, on the other hand, arranged a taxi boat to bring us to the island and pick is up a few hours later. The highest cliff at the island was about 12 meters high and eventually almost all of us jumped or dived off this cliff. We also did some synchronized backflips, contra flips and a bunch of other stuff.










Day 3 - Military base and hidden beach

On the third day we visited the abandoned military base. There was a very high tunnel there where you could jump off the top. I was a bit to scared to this so I stayed at the bottom of the tunnel, where you could jump off a long quay which was about two meters high. Very nice to practice some backflips!








After diving at the military base we had to find a new spot so we grabbed our phones and started searching for another cool spot. Eventually we found a beautiful hidden beach with a nice cliff. The ride to beach was pretty rough but we were really happy we went there!







All my pictures were shot with a Canon 600D with a Tamrom 70-200 F/2.8.

Be sure to check out the pictures of my friend @juliank:

Also thanks to @olegnator and @juliank for being awesome models ;)

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Nice sure which one is cooler....The pictures taken mid jump, or the fact of jumping off the cliffs.


Not sure either. My friend @juliank was taking the wide angle shots and I was taking close ups so be sure to also check out his pictures ;-)


Will do!! The close ups have to be hardier because you have a smaller window to take the picture.


Wide angle <3

Nice photos @milaia

I love this, the water is so clear in than country compare to here in thailand.
Some thay i will go and check it out. hope the plastic bags not arrive before me.

Here in Thailand i have some nice cliffs also not far away. But there is never someone that will join me.

Hope you have a greet steem time

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Best regards


The water is really clear in Croatia! I've never been to Thailand but I'd love to visit someday. Hopefully someone wants to join you sometime soon so you can also take some cool pictures ;-)

Jov Milaia!
Love your long hair and respect for rocking those funny swimming pants of yours! xdd
Where else have you tried to dive from?
I am planning to go to Estonia to dive from any thoughts?


I will tell my friend you love his hair and swimming pants! :) I was taking pictures, so no pics of me. This was my first trip but my friends are planning a new trip to Italy in September. That place looks pretty cool!

Wow these are incredible photos! Really nice work!


Thank you!