Iceland Trip Part 4

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Hi Steemit peeps, hope you are well. Here is part 4 of my Iceland Photo Blog. I've realised its not really a blog, more of a set of photos with descriptions, but hey, I am enjoying doing it

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Viti/Kafla Crater

Iceland is, of course, historically a very volcanic Island and this is one of the remnants of a previous volcano. This crater can be found in the north of Iceland in the Myvatn area which is highly active in terms of geothermals so its not surprising to find a crater of this magnitude and beauty in this area.

And yes, I have photoshopped out the car park :)


Skaftefellsjokull glacier

This picture does the view from up here absolutely no justice. This was the view we got after a 90 minute hike up to the Sjonarnipa viewpoint in Skaftafell national park



Another resident of the Skaftafell national park, this waterfall drops over basalt columns and is the inspiration for the famous church in Reykjavik. Svartifoss means "Black falls" and it is approximately 10 meters. The hexagonal columns formed when a lava flow cooled really slowly.



A lovely quiet waterfall in the east of Iceland. This fall is famous for being the falls that Ben Stiller skateboards past in the film "The Secret Life of Walter MItty" on his descent down mountain paths into Seyðisfjörður. Gufufoss means "Steam Waterfall"

IMG_4599 copy.jpg

BA 64

The oldest steel ship in Iceland, originally a whaling vessel and grounded as opposed to sunk (which was the usual for ships when taken out of service in those days). The ship was launched for the first time in the same year as the Titanic and appears to have done a bit better for itself.



Sitting in front of the Kirkjufell mountain (all 463m of it), these are some of the most famous falls in Iceland. Quite often shot at sunrise, our schedule didn't let itself to us being there at this time so this shot was taken in the evening. Not the best sky, but made the most of it.


Hope you liked this post, part 5 will be the last one and hopefully I will get that uploaded tomorrow



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I just found your blogs on Iceland, and am so enjoying them! Your images are superb too. I'm going to do a one night stopover in Iceland on my way back to the States from Scotland in September. My plan is to spend more than a day there another time, because this time my focus is just to get back to spend some time with my dad who is 95!

Im sad to hear that part 5 will be the last one 😢😢


There will be more to come. I may revisit my Kilimanjaro climb for my Steemit friends.


Yes... please do that

Amazing photos, it manages to somehow look bleak and lush at the same time, and those waterfalls are to die for. The black falls are especially amazing. I'd love to visit some day. Thank you for sharing!

Nice pictures! great blog

Loved your pictures

Beautiful place and i think u enjoy this tour. Beautiful Image and nice click dear friend. I'm also a photographer

Very interesting article! Keep up the good work, friend! I will definitely follow you @markangeltrueman

Iceland is like a different world
Love the shot with Kirkjufellsfoss!

Great Post and Work!!! Upvoted, Follow me and I Follow Back!! Regards!!

Really nice posts about iceland. Is everything expensive in Iceland or just accomodations are?


Everything is pretty expensive for visitors. We stayed on campsites and in hostels which were considerably cheaper (£20 on average for 2 people for camping per night or about £60 on average for a hostel). All the campsites were lovely, as were the hostels. If you stay in hotels, you are looking at £150 a night at least. Food is very expensive if you are eating out; a single course meal for two will easily set you back £50.


well... it's very expensive indeed. I'm used to south east Asian price ;-)

Wonderful Photos, Thanks.