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Welcome to Part 2 of my Iceland Blog.

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Iceland Drone Video


This wonderful waterfall is found in the south west of the country. It seems like its going to start becoming a more popular part of the "golden circle" tours as we did start to see some coaches of tourists turn up. It's a pretty low profile falls, at only 7 meters or so high, but it's a massive 80 meters wide. Theres also a trout ladder next to it to allow the fish to swim upstream. Pretty cool stuff. The flies were a pain though - flipping tons of them!



This is the Strokkur geysir at "Geysir" (the place that all of the geysirs in the world are named after). This place gets busy. No chance of getting the drone up here due to the sheer amount of people around. Would have loved to have gone back in the evening when it was quieter but unfortunately we couldn't. This shot was really lucky, getting the sun behind the eruption as well as getting the exposure pretty much spot on.


There are lots of other hot pools and bubbling mud pools here too - the same sort of stuff that you get at all of the geothermal sites in Iceland.


This waterfall is located in the Þingvellir national park which is also the location of the Icelandic parliament and the summer residence of the Icelandic president. Weather conditions didn't make it easy to get this shot - windy and raining - typical Icelandic summer I guess.


DC-3 Plane Wreck at Sólheimasandur

In 1973 this US DC-3 plane was forced to land on the beach here in Sólheimasandur. All the crew survived but the fuselage has been left to rot on the beach and it's a wonderful location for photographs. We got there really early and had the place to ourselves. Got some marvellous drone footage which can be seen in my Iceland video (linked at the bottom of the page)



Finally for part 2 of my Iceland trip blog, this hidden jewel - Kvernufoss. It's is literally 30 minutes hike from one of Iceland's most famous falls, "Skogafoss". Hidden in a beautiful valley, you can walk behind this wonderful foss. There was literally no-one here but unfortunately it was far too windy to get the drone up. If you are in the area, you have to visit this falls.


Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Iceland blog. Part 3 coming soon.

Thanks for reading


My Iceland Drone Video

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Wowwww you are really great at taking photos


Well thank you for that lovely comment, totally deserves an upvote!

We went on the golden circle tour. It was amazing. We say the geyzers and the waterful but I can't remember the name of it. These were my blogs a few months back. Thanks for sharing. I have been to many places in europe and Iceland is my favourite although half is in America if I remember right?

The best pictures of Iceland, I have ever seen

Great shots, especially of the geysir - it takes patience to get the timing just right!