A Great Day at a Cenote in Sunny Playa del Carmen

in #travel2 years ago (edited)

Brian and I wallowed a bit in our own personal pity party yesterday, but when we woke to the sun shining today, we decided to be positive and enjoy what life here has to offer. Not far from our place, a five minute scooter ride (yep, we got a scooter haha; You can read about that here) is a beautiful cenote.


A cenote, pronounced [seˈnotay], is a fresh water underground spring or pothole, and there are some beautiful ones throughout the Yucatan Peninsula (where we are). A lot of the big ones have become big money-making tourist traps, but this little one is shared mostly by locals.

You can see here the water bubbling up behind this lady. Yep, I felt like a total creeper taking their picture, but they did not seem to mind in the least :) What's great about these is that it's fresh water, not salt water, and it's very cool, almost cold. It's so weird to walk through this crystal clear cold water, then over that little bit of sand, and then into the salty ocean!


If flows, lagoon-style to the right and into those trees. And if you've been following my "ocean" posts, there is piles of sargassum at the ocean shoreline, but it's impossible to see from this angle. And true to form, I forgot to take a photo of it :)


Here's a shot zoomed in; It's a little difficult to tell, because the water is so clear, but the only sand in this photo (besides the sand under water:) is the wee bit to the right!

And even the grounds around it are pristine. We were here almost a year ago and it was really a mess ... weeds everywhere, potholes, garbage ... so there's obviously been a bit of an initiative to pretty the whole area up!

You can see the entire area is surrounded by forest too. It really is a great place to spend the day, or in our case, an hour or so.

I'll leave you with our attempt at a smoochy selfie haha
As goofy as it is, I love this photo!!!


Thank you everyone for your support on my 'scooter/pity party' post :) I haven't had a chance to respond yet, but please know that your comments made our hearts grow and our smiles beam!! <3

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Oh yeah first destination reached already with the bike! Beautiful place but the picture of you together is the best. 😎

Hang loose 🤙

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❤ My Pleasure @lynncoyle1


Wow! I can't imagine a spring and a fresh flowing water pool right next to the ocean! The place looks fantastic with the white sand, water clear as can be! Amazing...

It's the coolest thing! They have some here that are huge, and you can go snorkeling or some even lead into underwater caves ... haven't ventured there myself yet :)

That is amazing... Lol, scaredy cat me would be a lil wary of underwater caves though, am not a great swimmer... and definitely not underwater!! :D But would be wonderful to those who do go underwater, or scuba divers...

Looks like a really sweet spot & a memorable outting. Glad you're able to be out & about today ❤🙏🐴🌅🎶

Thank you so much @yogajill! The water reminds me of Lake Louise a bit; so clear and so cold :)

That is a very nice place to spend a day.

Thanks @stever82; it really is magnificent!

I love how you guys don't let Brian's illness get in the way and upset life. Hopefully great days out like this helps to recharge both of you giving you a bit more strength. Take care!!!

Thank you @livinguktaiwan! We both decided a long time ago that the cancer may get him in the end, but in the meantime, it can just f*k off :)

(*I normally don't swear here lol)

What a wonderful couple you are! Oh, and that beach is lovely. Very strange that thing with such a clear fresh water just a few steps away from the ocean.. it looks like it was not that crowded..a perfect day! 😊 I wish you many more days like this! ❤

Thank you @delishtreats, that's so sweet of you to say! It is so strange, but so awesome to be able to cool off in non-salty water! And yes, it wasn't crowded; most of the locals have Mondays off because it's such a tourist destination, they all have to work the weekends.

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Mexico ... a dream to many people, also to me! And in the situation I'm in now, I never can go and visit it, but by seeing your posts. The dream grows and my heart is filled with cheerful feelings and my mind is filled with an even more greater wish to go there at least once. On the other hand, I know Mexico has also their problems ... but from your posts it sure looks like a dream to live there.

It really is such a beautiful place @hetty-rowan, but like anywhere, there's a lot of problems. Police and government corruption, littering is rampant, recycling is basically non-existent, and poverty among many. But, the people are so sweet, life is really simple and commercialism and materialism is just not a thing.

When I get to the beach though, that's all I see is perfection :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

its understandable you will have pity party days, nothing wrong with that at all, you have to accept all the emotions that come good or bad,

but this visit to the beach looks so beautiful and something you just needed

Love the smoochy selfie of you both

Thank you @tattoodjay! So true; we have to feel all of our feelings, but the beach sure helped put all the negatives on the back burner :)

aww thanks, I should have added the 4 or 5 leading up to the smooch. Can you tell I was ready to burst out laughing ? :)

@lynncoyle1 Yes I did get the feeling you were laughing or about to laugh that's what made it even more charming

WHAT a great day to enjoy the cenote, a scooter ride and each other!!

Thank you @goldendawne! What more can we ask for? :)

OMG I would pretend to have shipwrecked on a deserted island, I would make a fire and leave off fishing, growing a long ass beard, I mean there's even fresh drinkable water, that's the place to be ! People would probably call the cops though...

hahahaha I have such a vision of you in my head right now @edprivat and it's hilarious! :) I like it though ... it's a pretty cool idea, but yep, the cops would pick you up for it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Pleasure :)

What a wonderful spot for relaxing on a hot summer day. The water is so clear and refreshing, wow! I love the selfie btw...you two are just too cute ;)
Love the share @lynncoyle1

Awww thank you so much @birdsinparadise! I was feeling particularly fortunate that day :)

Putting that scooter to good use! I love it. Have a great weekend :)

Thank you @steven-patrick! We feel like kids on it haha And for 50 pesos, or about $3, we can explore forever on one tank of gas ;)

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
uvoted and resteemed!

❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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awww thank you @steemitbloggers and @jaynie!! I'm so proud to be a part of it all :)

That place looks amazing!

Thank you @aprilpeerless; it really is beautiful :)

Ah that's so cool that it's right next to the ocean. Glad you guys enjoyed a nice day out in the water.

It is so cool right beside the ocean, isn't it?!!! I'm still so amazed by it all. Thank you @jessicaoutside :)

haha! oh my gosh I never saw anything like that Lynn! that's amazing. I could just live at that spot, as long as there was an endless supply of cold beer at least! lol.
I love this post, love that you guys got to share the beauty and the beach together and absolutely loved the spring and the scenery!

I'm sorry, but who are you and where is @janton??? LOL

It is pretty amazing right?! That jaw-dropping beauty that I never tire of! And hey, if you're with me, there's always an endless supply of cold beer lol

hahaha! oh man, that's irresistable right there!

Oh man, the more I see of Mexico in your posts, the more I want to visit it.. Playa del Carmen has been on my bucket list for years, and to be honest while I was about 20 years old we almost booked a hotel too. eventually we ended up in Turkey instead of Mexico .. but I just love the white sandy beaches and by reading your posts, those hidden spots won't be hidden anymore haha.. So if I ever make it there, I will check your posts once more before arrival lol

If you ever make it here, we'll show you guys around, and the first round of beers is on me :)

Great, will remember that hehe :) would love that!

I missed the pity party.. No one invited me!

It is looking so bright in your photos, I guess the weather is much better than here! You both look good, hope you got a bit of tongue in that last shot!

I figured you and your wife must have plenty of pity parties, dreaming of the time when you could sleep through the nights peacefully :)

The weather is so hot here; it's beginning to cool down a wee bit, but July and August is pretty brutal.

Thanks for the compliments too! And of course! I never miss a chance for a little tongue haha

Ha ha, Yes we do have plenty of our own pity parties! But it much more fun to attend ones that belong to other people!

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 6.17.04 PM.png

We love you Lynn and Brian. Every day. Every way.

Aww @lyndsaybowes, this is perfect! Leave it to good ol' Marilyn to know how to set someone straight :)

Thank you for the love too; you really are awesome <3 <3

Beautiful photos and a beautiful beach. All the love you have for one another really shows, and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing such awesomeness ^^

awww thank you so much @sigilmancy! That is so unbelievably nice of you to say ... I'm glad our love "shows" :)

I'm so glad you've been able to switch the stzte of mind you werd in yesterday and could enjoy today.
But then again: is there someone who couldn't enjoy that piece of beautiful paradise you showed us in these pictures.
I want to go!!

Right?! If we couldn't leave the pity party at that place, we'd be doomed!!

I want to go!!

Do it!!!

Sun, fun, beach, and your love - you can't beat that!

Namaste, JaiChai

Thank you @jaichai! Throw in a beer and it's unbeatable :)

Everyday is a gift. Sending love to you guys 💕 Beautiful photography!

Thank you so much @starjewel!! We both appreciate the love and are sending some right back atcha!! :)

Nice compliment too; I recently got a new phone and that's what I'm using to take pictures if you can believe it!

That is a frameable selfie! Sorry I missed your pity party post @lynncoyle1. It is a sad but necessary part of the journey. You and Brian are at least doing it together, hand in hand all the time! Wise King Solomon said that is why it is so important that you aren't alone. Because when one falls down the other will pick him/her up. Beautiful place for you to be able to pick each other up together!

Not only did i just realize that I forgot to reply to comments on my last post, but somehow I missed a handful here too! UGH, I feel awful about that ... I come from the days of sending "thank you" cards to people, so is a 'hang your head in shame" kind of thing for me!!

King Solomon really was a wise man!! I couldn't ask for a nicer place to be, and a nicer person to spend my time with! Thank you @buckaroo ;)

Really? You owe me a response? I'm sure I've let some comments slip through the cracks. Speaking of which, you crack me up Lynn, because I don't think you and I are really that old but I also prefer the actual cards. My husband gets frustrated with me. It's cheaper to download a book - but NO, I want the real thing with actual pages, that you turn, and can dog ear (shouldn't but can!) So thanks for the belated reply. I didn't notice but it's always nice to have a quick chat ;)

aww thanks for appeasing my guilt so well :)

I'm 52, but my manners date much further back I think haha

One of my favorite gifts a student ever gave me upon her graduation was a bent up, dog-eared, written-in novel ...it was her all time favorite book and she wrote the most beautiful inscription inside the front cover. Her family was poor and she didn't have money to buy something "new". I told her that her gift was more valuable than gold!
I love a well-read book ;)

Wow! That is very special. My favourite gift was the melted chocolate offered to me off a little girl's fingers. She was three. And I was a swimming teacher for teeny tots. You can imagine I received all sorts of amusing and endearing offerings!

You are a leeeeettle older than me. My husband is also 52 and I'm 39 + 2 at month end ;)

awww that is so cute! I love how little kids just give without thought of socially acceptable norms!

Yep, a little older; thanks for trying to be kind there :) 39 +2 haha. I need to remember that. I'm actually 49 + 3. That's what I meant!

Awesome photos and tour! Sweet smoothie! I never knew about the fresh water springs there! So very cool! (was that a pun??? LOL!).

hahaha Roger ... "cool" , nice pun indeed :)

I'm so sorry for the late response too; somehow I missed a bunch of comments here!

No problem Lynn!

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Beautiful place to visit...
awesome photographs...

Thank you very much @tussar11 :) I love sharing this kind of beauty with everyone here ;)

I also want to apologize for the late response ... somehow I missed a handful of comment here!

Playa del Carmen certainly has so many beautiful faces. Love the feel of this area and the forest mixed with the water. Very peaceful.

Always enjoy your photo albums, @lynncoyle1 Looks like you and Brian had a wonderful day in the sun.

Thank you so much @youhavewings!!! I can't believe I missed this to reply to ... there's a handful that just got by me!

Playa is a very beautiful place for sure; there's a lot of ugly here too, but I simply choose not to see it :)

As with any place, I suppose.

Woooooow very beautiful 💗 thank you dear friend 💗😍😘

Thank you @paradise.ati! It is so very beautiful indeed :)

I apologize for the late reply too!


The cenotes are fascinating. Fresh water so close to the ocean. I'd love to know the geology that explains them. Underground limestone cave-river systems, perhaps? The Mayans had a bunch of religious practices based upon underwater caves (involving human sacrifices as I recall ... so watch your back). :-)


Thank you @quillfire, and I'm so sorry for the late reply! Not sure how I missed a handful of them here, but I feel 'icky' about it nonetheless!

As far as their geology, it's something I've read about, but at the moment, I'm pulling blanks haha I do remember the stories of the Mayans and their human sacrifices ... I trek through the jungle with rear-view mirrors on my helmet :)

This is such a beautiful place. So nice to see that there was effort to clean the area and collect the garbage. Would love to see this effort in more places.

What a lovely spring, I must have been fantastic to enjoy the spring water.

Have a wonderful evening and a great new week!

Thank you so much @anutu, and I apologize for the late response! Somehow I missed a handful of them on this post!

I agree! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone, everywhere, took a little time to clean up their environment!! What a beautiful world it would be :)

Oh, this happens sometimes with me too @lynncoyle1, not a problem at all. I helped with some initiatives here on our little island. I think it does not need much if everyone helps a little bit, yes, this is so so true !!!!

Thanks for understanding :)

We've been having a real problem with sargassum/seaweed on our beaches and it finally took some volunteers to help clean it up because the local government wasn't doing much. It's so nice to see :)

Yes, same case here, the government did not really care. We fight for old houses and trees. Clean up and so on ... wow ... for what do we need governments if we do all the work ... hahahaha

that is amazing.

Wow, look at that perfect beach and also the love you have for each other! So good to see you both in this update. I guess some days are a struggle but when we wake up to see light again, hope arises! You are definitely allowed to process your feelings and come back stronger, individually or together 😍 glad this day out did you both so much good! It

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Thank you so much @happycrazycon! That's it summed up beautifully :)

Oh, what a pretty place! I'd never heard of a cenote until just a month or two ago, when there was a television show on PBS about them and how prevalent they are in the Yucatan. They said new ones are being discovered all the time, and divers go into them and map them. They also said that the cenotes are all connected, via an underground river of fresh water. It was fascinating!

Love your photos! I'm so glad that you are still finding fun things to do there! Sometimes the simple things are the best! 😊

Thank you so much @thekittygirl, and I need to apologize for the late reply! I somehow missed a handful of comments here!

That's so cool that you just saw a show on cenotes and then I post about them! I've heard that they're all connected too ... it is really fascinating. There are some you can go into, cave-like, but underwater and apparently the snorkeling is amazing! Not sure if I'm up to that one haha

Happy to see your happiness @lynncoyle1, have a great day for you and Brian. Regards

Thank you so much @el-nailul, and apologize for responding so late!

I know that you are genuinely happy to see us happy ... and that makes me happy haha

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