Sushi Dinner @ Sunday

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

As promised, compiled all pictures from the sushi dinner I had last Sunday. Enjoy!


Sushi Kaito in New York, New York:

这次晚饭试了位于曼哈顿上西区的Sushi Kaito:

I would like to mention that all sushi are prepared in authentic way, which means you don't need to add soy source or wasabi, and you are supposed to enjoy them with hand instead of chopsticks. Quite different from general sushi place, right? ;-)


Before dinner, the chef showed off all the fish he's gonna use.



Are you ready? Here we go!



















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Looks like an enjoyable meal, your post definitely made me hungry for sushi! Thanks for sharing your experience 😊🍣💕

Interessante 🤔

the food looks so good ! i only can say want to go to Sushi Kaito

Omg all the food looks mouth-watering and appetizing!!! i still remember the first time i tried salmon.. it was damn good!! would love to have sushi buffet again with my boyfriend! :D <3

I also love sushi!

My Head Says GYM But My Heart Says FOOD after i saw you post.
Looks healthy, delicious and yummy.
I can't hold myself back now.

Great talent. BTW the thanks to photographer who took these clear and nice images.


Really you made my day.

thank you :-)

Wow! It's so mouthwatering! I can imagine the flavor of fresh fish melting in my mouth. I hate sushi at first but I started to love eat the second time I tasted it. It's really good :)

Hello, excellent post, I like it, I am currently in cooking school, we are in the Asian food stage and I must say that I LOVE, I leave this week's photo

Wah your photo is amazing!!

I can even find a "maotai" which is the most expensive liquor from China. Please keep the hard work and I am pretty sure you will be the next best chef!!

jajajaja thank you, yep the maotai we take it only for the photos hahahah, thank you very much.

Great pictures. It would have been good if you had more text though.

I am trying... quite hard to remember all pieces...

Looks delicious, but on a Sunday I would rather have Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings, haha.

Nice photographs :)

流口水:),等我有了一千个followers 我也去吃顿好的:)


Oh my gosh this sushi looks amazingly tasty, now I'm craving sushi!

Is that food cooked or it's eaten raw?

this looks like an experience of fine dining, the food looks awesome and yummy, i want some sushi

The food looks yummy, omei. I live in Indonsia, we have large sea with much fish. Watch your post immediatly I remember our Minister of Marin and Fisheries named SUSI . The full name is Susi Pujiastuti.
Nice post...

great article, and your photos are nice, just a pity not to accompany your photos of a text to explain what is in each dish. In any case very appetizing!

That looked like a delicious omakase sushi experience!

btw, I also make sushi, check out my sushi creations here

Looks really good!
If you ever find yourself in Japan hit me up. I can show you some nice places to eat sushi.

Looks amazing but never been able to get my tastebuds around sushi

I tried sushi, although I didn't really like it, I respect the culture and it looks so beautiful and healthy :)

Wow! Your pictures looks delicious. I want to try everything...

I enjoyed scrolling down seeing each of the photographs.Thank you so much for posting. Lovely photographs of your stroll. So enjoyed seeing them and how you appreciate it so. A Wonderful would be a privilege to see indeed.
Thank you so much for taking the time to post this.

Thank you so much for the kind words!! Glad that you enjoyed :-)

thanks for sharing. fantastic !

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Post of the day. In the photographs Sushi looks so delicious & tasty, i wish i could eat that.

Thank you so much!! Go ahead and plan a visit :-)

Быстро сытно и очень аппетитно.

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not only beautiful but also useful 🥗🍲🍝

Really loved ♥️♥️


lol wish I could visit Jiro this year! pretty hard to make a reservation...

Best picture.
I wish you enjoy a lot this travel.
Take care.

Very testy food and I hope that I Wii go there recently

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It's looks so delicious. Nice to read this.

mind blowing post..i know lot of things by reading this post..thnx a lot for contributing steemit

Excellent pictures. Everything looks very rich!

Help me please, vote my post and follow me.
Thank you.

Amazing shot thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well


wow, this picture makes me hungry, how much is the dollar ?

Wow, that's awesome

Woow .. nice capturing of Journey from Raw to Plate ;-)

Wow what glory. I actually took this chic out for sushi last night, but it was this grandeur. Wow @leftbank you're mightily blessed!!

Looks delicious,Great pictures,.Thank you so much for posting this lovely photographs.

inspiring taste

Wow that looks so delicious! I must admit, my panties are soaked just from looking at the picture. I'm a massive sushi whore, but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity for omakase style yet...hopefully soon!

good luck! I am pretty sure you will get that soon!

Looks different to any Sushi I've had before, and looks really great. How many pieces did you have and what was the total cost?

Looks amazing! I've always wanted to go to a high class sushi restaurant, this one is definitely on my list.

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fish food image

beautiful picture

I've lived in Japan for 15 years, but that looks as good or better than anything I've ever had here. Glad you had a fantastic dinner.

nice post :)

Yummy! 😍😘😍

I want to Eat It

how does it taste? so yumy

Looks absolutely delicious!

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Such beautiful Sushi. I would love to know the name of each one. The cuts of fish look so succulent and juicy. I like the photo of the chef working with the blowtorch. I'm about to have sushi for my lunch, but now it doesn't look so good. :-)

happy restauranting,

Thank you so much!! I would love to remember the name as well...

Wow- there is some amazing food porn on here! I am new and just found you, but I am looking forward to your epicurean journeys!

look so yummy hmmm


look delicious. I like Sushi and Japan food so much.

wonderful picture. every food very delicious. thanks for share

ur presentation skill is so cool....

Se ve divino definitivamente

wow! It looks so yummy!! It must've taste amazing!

yeah it tastes really nice :-)

I like that meet sushi with torch! Look delicious!

I love 🍣 🤤

muy buena comida exelente

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great picture and make me hungry if i see the food :)

I have water in my mouth for that food looks so delicious

It must be delicious. Such sushi is prepared and we have, but I think they taste much worse. Tell me, what kind of fish is used for cooking: raw, or salted?

Wow yummy, im so hungry now, I want sushi!!!!

Very steep sushi! I love sushi more than anything from food. Do you really need to eat with your hands? =) Ohh now would try them!

What a incredible picture! I like the way you take a picture~
This article makes me hungry, because I'm a sushi & sasimi mania
Another your article is full of artistic photographs, too!!
Although I'm a steemit newbie, so my steempower is so low and weak
But I voted and followed you, right now.
I hope we'll be good steemit friends. See you, have a perfect day :)

I can't say that I am big fan of Sushi, to me Sushi is mood dependent haha. But this looks yummy and makes me feel like I should reach out to taste it :)
It's nice to see their journey all the way to becoming super yummy!

so beautiful blog and very well work i love it ,,
Please Give me votes, and follow me
nothing will happen to you but I will get the benefit ,,,,

Followed you and i totally love your posts! Saw this post and I craved! I am a big fan of all kinds of sushi. Thanks for this 💚 All the love!

Wow !!! that sushi looks like very soft and tasty.

Looks nice, very nice.

I love sushi 🇮🇹😍

Lokks Delicious.
Increased my appetite.
I would love to come but I am far far away.

Great photo's. it looks so yum!

That doesn't look horrible. Great presentation and shots. Keep up the posting!

Art, art!. That's art, I'm here imaginating the flavors, the textures, it's incredible how the presentation can catch all the senses, and to get this you must have a great connection with what are you doing, in this case, you love with your soul your job, thanks for share this delicious food!.

You have a new follower.

thank you so much :-) truly grateful that you like it :-)

this looks delicious my mouth is watering. What was your favorite?

I seriously could die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG all of it looks so good and the presentation is phenomenal

Yummy! 😘😘😘


Sushi must not only taste great and look amazing, it must uplift the person eating it and elevate the mood if it’s done right and prepared with love. This sushi feast looks like a symphony of taste! Namaste.

looks very interesting.... i wanna try

You are a wonderful cook and the food looks delicious and you what the name of this dish

i will choose all if i like,

This looks like some of the best sushi I have ever seen!
It is so colourful and vibrant and the rice looks so good. It is almost too good to be true.
I have always wanted to try sushi made in Japan (as the fish there I am sure are some of the best in the World)! I am very jealous!

The food looks delicious , nice post :)
Thanks for sharing

My hunger woke up! That looks just delicious. I wanna taste it! Yummy Yummy!

I like sushi diner moment