#Pic of day 3/18/2018

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Met with two dear friends today. Long time no see! Enjoyed some delicious dim sum. Hope you also like it :-) In this hard times for cryptocurrency (ETH touched $450 today), nothing is warmer than chatting with closed friends.

今天和好友小聚。饮茶始终是我最爱 :-)

From upper left in clockwise order: shrimp dumplings with spinach, siu mai (pork w/ shrimp and mushroom), tofu skin roll, ribs.



This is from one of the long-running restaurants in NYC, Golden Unicorn:
Give it a shot and you will probably like it!

Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

谢谢您花时间看这篇帖子。您的点赞评论和转发是我持续发帖的动力 :-)

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Very nice post @leftbank

Excellent post

O wow. Your food just looks delicious.
Yeah, these are very hard times for all of us. You wake up and you see everything is red. It is like we have been attacked by any red mafia lol

wow! this looks so delicious! I kinda hope im eating something like that right now.

upvoted you as promised :-)

Don't worry about the prices of other CCs right now, you have your friends to look forward with you. Just remember, you need low times to remember how high you were.
That dim sum looks absolutely amazing though! Maybe I will get some dumplings later this week after my first rewards come in. :)

Thank you so much!!

upvoted you as promised :-)

Oh, thank you :D I didn't even see this in my replies till now :)

I had dim sum in Hong kong just a couple days ago! It was one of the highlights of my trip and I was actually just about to post a blog about it too. This looks amazing! I see you got some of the dim sum wrapped in tofu skin, I love that kind! I had some chicken wrapped in tofu skin which was amazing. I don't know if you've ever had it before but bbq pork buns are really popular and well known in the dim sum world, I highly recommend you try them out if you haven't before!

Thank you for your nice comment!

upvoted you as promised :-)

Live in LA but gonna get me some of that, looks delightful

Your food just looks delicious they make me hungry.


诶呀 那是腐竹卷么?好馋😋

I love dim sum!! My top 3 favourite is on the list of food you ordered! Looks really good..gosh I wish I was there!

Kopi susu memang sangat nikmat

coffee milk is very delicious

i always like dim sum


Yum cha
Love Everything about it

Buena presentacion y absoluta elegancia @leftbank , pero tendria que probar esos platillos ;)

hola muy bueno, espero contar con tu ayuda ya te segui sigueme y dame votos como yo a ti graciass

It's look so Delicious... !!!!

holy that looks delicious , is it hard to cook?

we should start seeing the bull run

Yummmm amazing food

how good is to enjoy among friends.

woahhh niceee yummyyy :D

I really want to clear the whole table with my mouth,like seriously am hungry after seeing your post.

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my day just started and I'm already craving for these foods ugh! 🤤

Wow!!! What a delicious food.
Yes know cryptocurrency is nothing to write home about and the best thing to do is to chill it out with you friends.
Knowing that it will soon go back to normal. Yea guy i think you are in the right track.

It honestly watered my mouth so much. Thanks for sharing. Send some to me.

lol thanks for your quick and kind comment!

Is tim ho wan in your area ? their char siew bun are delicious

Cantonese Dim Sum is very delicious!

Have never tried this, but I love food adventures topped with meeting long time friends, so much to catch up on and taking your mind of hard times because they don't last long. Dunno what type of friends you have but these are the days I literally dream of like everyone I know has grown up or too busy. It's a memorable experience you don't forget even if cryptomarket is discouraging, food is my recipe for heartbreak and always pleases my eyes.


Wow, looks so seducitve~


Meet friends is very exciting issue, especially if a familiar friend who has not met for a long time. Kangen feeling can be cured when we chat with him. The presence of food that is present while chatting makes the atmosphere even more fun. Expensive food prices will be treated with excitement when meeting friends.

Friendship greetings from me @jharyadi in Bandung, Indonesia

there are good times and very tempting @leftbank

it looks so good

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When crypto times are hard and challenging, there's nothing left to do but hope and chill. But of course, you chose the best way to chill - over food, and dim sum over anything else! 😋 By the way - I love tofu skin roll, especially when stuffed with juicy pork and vegetables. 😊

I hope it tasted better than it looks ;-)
I love Chinese and Japanese food and would definitely try this as well.

I really want to eat !!! Very nice chinese restaurant.

I want to eat it too.^^


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Looks tasty! Want to try ! xD



it looks yummy 😊