#Pic of day 3/20/2018

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What a freaking busy week... The good news is cryptocurrency is climbing back up!


Uni and mushroom with white source pasta, yum!



This is from Jun-Men Ramen in NYC:
Give it a shot and you will probably like it!

Thank you for reading. Your comment, upvote, and resteem are my biggest motivation to post :-)

谢谢您花时间看这篇帖子。您的点赞评论和转发是我持续发帖的动力 :-)

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I like it already! it probably taste good

Dayum, that looks delicious. Ramen with Parmesan?

yeah pretty much! really delicious indeed!

Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts!

I will read every comment, and I will upvote the 3 post I like most (after ~48 hours) with 20% voting power :-) That's essentially 0.15 ~ 0.2 SBD.

Left bank u left me #blank lol

I love pasta too..

Hey @leftbank, such a great job you did your stomach but did you try it out with some chicken/ i think you should, you will thank me later.

Checked out the restaurant and saw they don't open on sundays, that would have been a cool day to take your family out.

Following you now man so i can have access to lovely updates as this @leftbank

that looks delicious dude! yummy :)

looks yummy dude!

Beautiful well done ..
I liked it .. it looks like a beautiful work
Thanks for sharing this with us

its so amazing how all of these different ingredients combines together and form a delicious dish. i love the bright colors or the pasta and how incredibly the chicken piece is placed on the top with the dressing of cheese. yummyy!!

Thanks a lot for your comment!

upvoted as promised :-)

to be very honest with you i commented on your post not because i wanted a upvote but it was a good post. a post with atheistic. usually you don't see these much nowadays. keep up the good work

哇, 海胆,好奢侈,是时候犒赏一下自己了:)

upvoted as promised :-)


Thanks a lot for your comment!

upvoted as promised :-)

I love pasta! :)

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