I travel the world #784: Meeting the @roelandp in Amsterdam - Your Chance for a free @steemfest Ticket !!!

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On a short trip to Amsterdam this week I pinged up @roelandp the organizer of @steemfest and he visited me for a coffee at the Marriott Hotel M Club Lounge









We spoke a bit about @steemfest in Bangkok and the Hotel, the general hurdles he is facing while organizing the event. I will be giving out free @steemfest tickets again this year for the November steemfest. Anybody who want is interested in a free ticket leave a comment and re-steem and upvote this post. I will be giving away at least 10 Free Tickets

Do you like the @steemfest ???

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Wow it's already my bday!? I must try my luck on wining a free ticket for SF4!! Did you saw this @rmach?? As you said we are lacking excuses to miss SF4!! 😄

will put you in the list !

Hope to see you in Bangkok and I'd definitely love a +1 ticket :D

I live in Indonesia, so rather close to Thailand. At the moment, I am currently saving up for steemfest 4 transportation and accommodation . So, having to be in the lucky draw, would be very appreciated. I even started a series called roadtosteemfest4 along side my current community service story.

Hopefully, I can attend steemfest this year!


She deserves a free ticket!!!

very cool. I will put you in the draw list

Much appreciated :)

I will really love to visit this November steemfest but let us see how things work out

Thank you for helping Steem peeps get to SF4! I am excited as this is my first time that I will be going to Steemfest. I am so looking forward and have started planning, saving... etc. Looking forward to meeting you and many others in person!

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The food looks delicious, thank you for your support @knozaki2015! Hope to see you at Bangkok!

hey ! see you in bangkok.

Yes! Steemfest 4 is going to be another amazing gathering! Waiting to meet you here @knozaki2015

Say Hi to @roelandp for me

see you there aaron !

Wow, very generous giveaway! Thanks for this amazing support of our community man :)

Are you for real? 10 tickets - that’s super generous! I’d definitely love one (1) :D

If you’re ever in the other cool city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, let me know, we can go for a coffee or I’ll even try to get some more Dutchies together, have been organizing Dutch meet-ups in the past year - we really need another one :-)

Cheers! See ya at least at SteemFest I guess! Keep on spreading the passion for Steem <3

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whew thats so cool. havent been to rotterdam for ages. I will definately put you on my list for the lucky draw. which will be done by me at one point before steemfest

<3 Awesome! And if you haven’t seen Rotterdam for a while you’ll be surprised what you find NOW, it’s changed a lot the last few years :-)

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I know tons of Steemians who can make the trip to Thailand that would appreciate the help getting a Steemfest ticket.

Awesome gesture! See you again in Thailand!

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yeah. let crypto go 10x and I will sponsor 100 tickets...

Hah! If crypto really goes 10x this year I'm fine with giving out free tickets myself!

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haha... here for the steemfest tickets. I'm hoping to go because it nearer to me this time.

let me know once you booked your flight. I will get you one ticktet

Wahaha... thanks for your generosity. :-)

Haha you're saying you've met up for a coffee...that's also what the first pic looks like :D but what are all those pics coming after it? :D Looks like you've enjoyed more than just a coffee haha :D

And the tickets..I'd love to go to full Steemfest as the last year I went to Krakow just for one day...but Bangkok is soooo freaking far...+ I'm iun the middle of crating a business plan & teaching curriculum for my future IT school for kids while working just part-time as I'm also contributing to open-source app helping refugees in Greece :) #utopian-io is a great help in this area btw :D That being said, probably will be skipping this year and will wait till SF comes back to Europe....unless I miraculously win a ticket haha :P :D

yeah I was only in krakow for 3days too. this time will be longer

Hah yeah the flight itself will take almost the same as my stay in Krakow last year :D

This is awesome 😎 hope to see you and even more Japanese in Bangkok this year!


yes see you!

Looking delicious Food 😋

SF1 - I wasn't on Steemit yet
SF2 - I had no idea what SF meant
SF3 - I had already pre booked my holiday
SF4 - I really wanna go and finally meet everyone IRL

Hopefully I can make it and say hi to everyone and you @knozaki2015 even I don't get a free ticket. I'm sure you will make many people happy!

Say HI to @roelandp! Waving here! 🤗🤗🤗
10 FREE tickets! This is awesome and super generous of you! Even if I got half the ticket I would be totally glad and happy too!
And wondering how many of you from Japan will be joining this year? Looking forward to see @hidemi and @ytrphoto and the others too!
Hopefully Steem will moon!

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I will apply for the stemm fest again this year!
I also want to meet elizacheng♡😊

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After I couldn't come to Krakow last year due to university exams at the same time, I am very excited to be at Steemfest 4 with the @travelfeed team :)
Thank you for the generous giveaway!

Sería super poder estar presente en el próximo @Steemfest que buena iniciativa.. ¡Suerte para todos!...
Lindas fotos de la comida

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Consider me in for giveaway

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Whot? You have a 78 rep and it is the first time i see a post of you (while i am 2 yr on Steem), i am impressed.

I do like the post for sure, omg, 10 tickets :-) Did the required actions, please put my name in the magic hat, thanks for this beautiful initiative!

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well I think you just missed the glory days when I had 4 posts per day in trending with 500usd each ..
you will be in the draw !

Hello @ knozaki2015, how are u doing? Its the first time I read your post and now I have followed you. I think your program to provide free @ steemfest tickets is very good and noble. But I don't know about steemfest yet. I'll learn it. The food looks very tasty and appetizing. Have a nice day, sir.

This is going to be the first Steemfest ever since I missed the previous ones due to attending to family needs.
I truly hope that I can go there this time round.

Looks like it was a great meet up!
Would love to meet all the great people my TM family @elizacheng, @joannewong and @aaronleang have been talking about ever since they returned from SF3. ☺️

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Hello @knozaki2015 and @roelandp thank you for all you do for the Steemfest!

I would love a free ticket❤ I already bought my plane tickets to Bangkok from Manila last week (thanks to a seat sale!) and would really help me with my budget if I get a Steemfest ticket 😀

I will put everybody here in the list

Wow, 10 tickets?! That's awesome. I'm opting out from the chance of getting one though, because I will have no troubles getting to Steemfest this year, so I will leave the tickets for those who would not be able to attend otherwise.

@ knozaki2015 looks like the meeting was very delicious! Always a pleasure meeting up with others and not to mention that there must be a ton of issues organizing an event of this size. Cool of you to give away free tickets and thanks for sharing!!

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See you again in Bkk!

nice nice!! looking forward to see you again :)

Wooooow, I would love to be on the steemfest! Sounds amazing
Maybe one day :)
Have a great time together, my dear steemians

I plan on going this year since it's so close to Tokyo. I am still getting things together though so a free ticket would be fantastic. I know there are a lot of people who deserve it, I see a few I know in the comments here. Still, I might as well put my name out there since I don't get any paid holidays and this city is so expensive. So excited about it!

Man.... that breakfast is looking pretty good as I am nursing a little bit of a hangover today and haven't eaten yet lol.

Those pics are inspiring me to get it together 🤣 and go get breakfast.

That's really cool that you're giving away some steemfest tickets. I'd love to attend Steemfest again this year so I am interested in finding out how to enter any giveaway comps that are happening.

upvoted, resteemed and I've followed you as we both write about travel👍

cool man! yeah I will choose some folks once steemfest tickets are open. wait for the first ticket purchase this year !


I'm not a social person, SF is not for me.
I saw your post because @anmitsu resteemed it.
My upvote, resteem and comment is to increase her chances, if I may.

Good to see ungreedy people around. All the best for you.

Wow, I came across this post by accident, so pressed the follow button as well... That is super generous of you giving away 10 tickets.. I recently (last week) celebrated my second steem anniversary, and this will be my first time attending at Steemfest. The past years I've dedicated most of my time on Steemit, writing and curating.. And Steemit has helped me and our little family on a level some people can't imagine.. In the glory days when SBD was still at 8 dollar I've managed to earn a lot of cash which has helped us buy things we needed after moving from Spain to Hungary for my boyfriends work at the time. We moved into a pretty much empty apartment with our (at the time) almost 2 year old daughter.. Writing full-time on Steemit made our lives so much easier. Last year we had several huge financial issues due to an employer that didn't pay on time/not enough, so all my earnings have been going to that cause (get to the end of each month). Even with the low prices, I managed to make it happen, and we still have a roof over our head.

This is something that I'm quite proud of, as we came from being homeless in 2015 in Holland, and managed to get ourselves back on track without help of others. We left the country in the summer of 2016 and the year after we settled down in Spain, I discovered Steemit. I've made many connections so far, and there are a lot of people attending that I'm dying to meet. Although I've stayed completely anonymous so far, I have no doubt that this is the year I need to be there.

I will also be networking for my own future there as well, as I'm starting a project that I wanted to start a year ago, but it wasn't the right time back then. Now I'm finalizing it, and hopefully I can gain some support by attending at Steemfest. Things are still rough financially, and so far I don't have the funds to buy a ticket whenever the sale starts, but I want to make it happen either way. It will also be the very first time in years that I have me-time longer than a few hours, and will not be taking care of my toddler and working in between those moments... It will be a huge opportunity for personal growth as well for me, and I really really hope I will be one of the winners :fingerscrossed:

Again, thanks for doing this!

awesome ! I will put you in the list

Amazing... yes please! Would love to win one :)

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Great Job guys!

Thanks to you, 10 Japanese people participated in steemfest3.
Please support the Japanese community again this year:)
I want a free ticket.

Hello,@knozaki2015 and @roelandp.
Free ticket! Ten pieces are great!!! :D

How much do the tickets cost? Me and my son are interested in coming too. We are from Finland.

How not to raise my hand high for this?
That would be so sweet.
Yes please, count me in :)

See you in bangkok @knozaki2015

Want to see you.
I hope I can win and get those tickets.

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i hope to make this my first Steem fest.. would Really appreciate a gratis ticket.. will make all the difference! thank you! <3

Let's try my luck on winning a free ticket for SF4... requested tasks accomplished.

I will print a t-shirt that reads "I'm @knozaki2015's bitch" and I'll wear it at the opening drinks in BKK, if I get that Steemfest⁴ ticket.

'Nuff said.

Thank you for this opportunity.

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haha, no need ! i will put you in the list

thanks very much!!@knozaki2015

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I would love one as well. You are kind and I really hope Steemfest4 will be at least as awesome as the other 2 I attended. Hugs

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I would be so grateful to win a free ticket to STEEMfest this year. I was too far away for the other two since I started steeming. But now from Kuala Lumpur, I am committed to getting myself to Bangkok, but I do not know how I am going to afford it. This is an evolving mystery at the moment, lol.

That is a very nice initiative. Last year I was very close to making it to steemfest but I couldn’t get a visa because I live in Iraq and it is hard to get one of those to European countries, so Thailand might be my only chance to make it, unless they are having the next steemfest in Jordan or Turkey (Stay away from the Saudi embassy)

Great initiative. Thank you for what you do for Steemians! I like how food pictures take most part of your post, and there's "German Sausages" included in your list there, haha... (I live in Belgium right now and tried quite a lot of Würste in Germany ;)...)
Food and Travel are my passion too, and do you know @steemitworldmap? You are very welcome to put your travel posts on our Map, so you can share your experience with others, have a great visual place for your travel content, and get inspiration for your next travels... :)
I'd love to go to the SF and meet the rest of the @steemitworldmap team, and of course many other cool Steemians as well. Thanks!

Oe that is an excellent initiative on getting more people there!!

See you there for sure!

How wonderful that you are helping people to get to Steemfest 4! Steemfest 3 was one of the best experiences of my life. (I wrote about it in my two-year anniversary post.) I’m not sure how I’m going to get to Bangkok, but I’m certainly scheming to find a way!

Oh) I want it)) I was in Lisbon and Krakow. And I really want to Bangkok, but the trip does not fit into our family budget)))

Thank you for always supporting the Japanese community. Thanks to your support, 10 members of the Japanese community participated in fest last year.
I want a free ticket to participate this year too.

That's really great brother i am really trying my luck to win a ticket as i really want to be there so let's see if i can.get one.... Thanks in advance.

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