KasiaTravels on a budget: Solo backpacking - on a budget - in Latin America (Part 4: On why I landed on a surf camp in the sunny Costa Rica.)

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My fellow Steemians.
Today I would like to tell you why I landed on a surf camp in the sunny Costa Rica.

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I am addicted to sport. Since childhood I was constantly moving. My dad desperately wanted me to fulfil his dreams of becoming an Olympic Medallist;) As a result, since an early age, I was practicing sport – running to be precise- on a daily basis. So you see, I have been jogging way before it started to be popular ;)

My other "characteristic" is that I tend to seek occasions to leave my comfort zone or to somehow challenge myself. (I know, I should consult a doctor;)) Therefore, when I was thinking how I would really love to spend my 4 month travel time I felt that this is the best occasion to learn surfing!

Why am I talking about challenging myself while practicing surfing? After all, some may say that surfing is just a board and some waves. And supposedly a lot of fun.

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Well, I am a lot more of a mountain girl, born and raised away from the see. My parents didn’t subscribe me to any swimming lessons when I was little. So I started learning how to swim while studying at a University. It was a struggle for me. To learn how to breathe under water. But first and foremost not be afraid of the water itself, feel comfortable with my head underneath it. Today I really enjoy swimming, I go to a swimming pool when I’m free. I find it very relaxing. And a 40 minutes of a constant swim is definitely a great way of let off one’s steam. I was quickly comfortable enough to swim in a Mediterranean Sea, even while some waves ;) But again, swimming in the swimming pool or in a rather calm sea and swimming in the ocean… That’s just a different story.

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I have tried a little bit of water sports, like kayaking, wake boarding, sailing. I knew I wanted to try kitesurfing or surfing. This was the best moment for it!

But wait! Where? When? How?

I realised I don’t know anyone who could help me and advise. So I started to consult surf forums, ask questions, verifying the information. At first I was super overwhelmed by the idea that I should find an answer alone. Just like I was (and I still am) overwhelmed by Steemit and all the things you should know in order to be able to function on the platform. What helps? Realising that you are not alone, that there are many people in the same situation as you. That it is ok not to know. So “step by step”. After all, with every new information, and suggestion your knowledge as well as understanding of the problem gets more relevant.

Because I apprehended that my budget will not allow me to live for 4 months in Australia (and I didn’t want to travel for a shorter period), I opted for Central and South America, my second dream destination.

There are places where you can surf, like parts of Brazilian or Argentinian coast. But the more and more I was reading, I had the sensation that I already know where I want to start my journey. Costa Rica. A little country in Central America, which is said to be populated by one of the happiest nations on earth! Full of green, stretched between Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean!


Costa Rica is very small country. And expensive comparing to other regions. Because it is so welcoming, with breath-taking landscapes and kind locals, it is packed with North Americans, mostly Americans. This is the reason why the prices in the most popular spots are elevated. Why North Americans? For the most obvious reasons – the country is easy to reach by a plane, and the tickets are affordable, safer than other countries in the region and with stable weather, without the threats of typhoons or floods. On the other hand, for us, Europeans, Costa Rica remains an exotic and rather expensive holiday destination.


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I decided that I want to stay in Costa Rica for the whole 30 days, mostly in its Pacific part. I started my adventure in Tamarindo, where there are a lot of spots for beginners, with the waves that don’t try to kill you, which makes learning to surf more enjoyable ;) This was definitely the most expensive part of my travels, as I also decided to start it with 1 week long surf camp. But it was worth it. I kicked off the journey in a safe and calm environment, where I didn’t have to worry about much. In Costa Rica I didn’t fear that my belongings can be stolen. I had sun and ocean whenever I wanted, fresh fruit juices or coconuts so I could really enjoy my “free time”! I met beautiful and happy locals. I also met great, open-minded Americans! And Canadians?! To be honest with you I just fall in love with Canadians, they are so funny and kind! What surprised me was how strong Argentinian community in Costa Rica is! With all that Argentina has to offer – from handsome people to yummy food!! ;)

Sending Joy!


Nice post and great shots!!! upvoted and follow :)

Thank you:) great to hear that you liked it !

I lived just outside of Tamarindo (in Langosta) for about 10 months between 2013-2014! Absolutely loved being able to surf every day... actually I got Pura Vida tattooed across my heart as a reminder of my time there.

Hope you're having a ton of fun!

Wow, i envy you so much!! 10 months! and where are you now? cheers:)

I'd love to visit Costa Rica too!
You're brave for overcome your fear of being under water and even braver for learning how to surf. I also did 2 surf lessons in Asia and I know how exhausting it is, you constantly have to paddle to get back on the waves. I hope you get good at it!

Thank you dear!:) i enjoyed it so much! but big waves still make me a little uncomfortable you know.

hope steemit changes my life and i also get to travel world.. btw nice pictures

keep my finger crossed!

The picture got my attention on the hot tab and gladly i clicked it was a nice story good job

Nice story, well I love the pictures nice shots. Where you the one the snap the picture?

thanks! well, i didn't take the photos of myself obviously, the rest-mine:)

Nice post, i new be in steemit. I hope u suport. Thanks

Good luck on the platform!

" The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man. "

true! good luck on Steemit!:)

I would like to go a lot to costa rica, for the moment I am in Peru and it is a fascinating phenomenon, I highly recommend it and if you have already visited them you should come back haha, I hope you can check my last post about Machu Picchu. regards

hey! I've been to Peru, i absolutely loved it! i hope you enjoy your travel!:)

nice post you have put up about nature,i love nature alot,wished I have enough sp I would have appreciated you with my 100%

take your time my friend! cheers!

To learn to surf is on my bucket list! How did it go? For how long can you stay on the board? :)

i would say that surfing is not easy and requires a lot of time on the board. So im still a beginner:) but it's amazing! you should try it asap!

Thanks for sharing the interesting story and pictures. Can't wait for the next one:)

happy to hear that! cheers!:)

@k-a-s-i-a did you enjoy tamarindo? I find it as a worse case example of tourism development. Sad really. Did you go to witches rock?

haha, i totally get what you mean! very Americanised. but i met some great people there and enjoyed the slow pace. after some time i did move to Nicaragua though ;)

You learning to swim at the university which means I can also learn how to swim. I last swarm when I was 14. Love swimming to

:) it's our mind that limits us

thanks. have a nice day

thanks! you too!

really awesome story :)
sounds like you enjoyed it!!
thanks for sharing and hope for new content like this in the future
i surfed in indonesia and it was an awesome experience i'll never forget

thanks, im blushing ;) yeah, surfing is an awesome experience! no matter where you do it

Way to live an adventure :)

true! i was lucky to experience that:)

Thank you :) cheers!

Lol...very beautiful..

it is, thank you!

thanks very good steem

thank you :)