Traveling in Yxian (黟县) County – part three, Xidi (西递)

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In this, the third post about my traveling in Yixian County (in Anhui province, China), I want to share photographs taken in the ancient village called Xidi (西递).
Xidi from the rooftops
(Xidi from the roof tops)
According to Wikipedia Xidi was first built during the Huangyou era (1049–1053) of Song Dynasty Emperor Renzong. (source)

Xidi is a UNESCO world heritage site and I rank it as the second most famous village in Yixian County. It is very photogenic and I enjoyed my visits to this village. I visited it in 2014 and 2015 to attend the annual Yixian photo festivals.

The well preserved and impressive entrance gate is a well-known landmark. Because of its popularity (and also because so many people come to Yixian to attend the festivals) it was a very big challenge to get a reasonably good photo of this entrance gate.

I had to revert to my old trick of using ND filters to slow down the shutter speed enough to blur all moving objects (people).
Xidi ancient gate
(Xidi ancient gate)

The opening ceremony of the 2015 photo festival took place right in front of this entrance gate, and that basically ruin any chance of photographing this beautifully preserved architecture during the 2015 festival.
Xidi Ancient Gate
(2015 Photo Festival opening ceremony)

There are about a 100 Ming and Qing houses, all still occupied - either as houses for the local residents, as restaurants for the tourists or as curio shops.
Entrance to an Antique Shop
(Entrance to an antique shop)

The Restaurant
(The Restaurant)

A Rainy Day
(A rainy day)

(Well preserved architecture)

Drying maize
(Drying maize)

While walking in the (crowded) streets I found this artist busy painting a village scene (these ancient villages are very popular as inspiration for paintings).

I decided to photograph him, but had to wait for about 15 minutes before the crowd actually was giving me a clear view of him.
 The artist
(The artist)

In the meantime, because I was standing still, I have drawn my own crowd (photo taken by my daughter - Leana Blom)
 Drawing a crowd
(Drawing a crowd)

If you did not read my previous two entries about Yixian, then please click on the links below to read them as well.
Part One: Xiuli Studio Village
Part Two: The 2014 Photo Festival (This article also contains a map to show the positions of these villages relative to each other.)

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Such great photography and fascinating narratives behind them. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you for the kind words

Nice photos of heritage sites need to be seen by more.
I'm going to resteem this.:-)

@johannvdwalt upped and followed cause I love the pics you took plus you took me there - I may never get to China but thanks to your post I could take a peek on what's in it. may I suggest that you also tag it travel-trail and photography-trail .


Thank you for the great compliment. Who knows, maybe you will still go with me to China - every year I take a group of photographers with me. If all goes well, maybe in the future you could even pay with Steem for the trip! I've added the travel-trail and photography-trail tags. I have about 3 to 4 instalments left in this specific series.


@johannvdwalt pay with Steem sounds good to me :)
in the future maybe :)