Introducing Four Outstanding Photographers.

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On this post I would like to introduce you to 4 photographers I feel have distinguish themselves in various ways in their own right. The dynamic ability and range of talent in the photographer's I'm going to introduce you to on this post are outstanding, creative and on the next level photographically speaking from the average wannabe photographer.

There is no skipping the line to become a great photographer. Understanding how to exercising various photographic techniques, creative lighting and most importantly having a good subject as well as staying motivated is a sure path to being able to capture great images as a dynamic photographer.

I hope you have enjoy the list of photographers I've selected for this post and the various styles demonstrated. You can learn more about the photographers featured on this post by clicking on the link below any image. NOTE: you can see full resolution version's of any image on this post by right-clicking on a given photo and opening in a new tab.

I'm personally going to invite these fine photographers to join STEEMIT because as we all know, other social networks do not pay and these photographers deserve to be recognized, don't you agree? It is my hope that as a peer in the photo community, photographers will respect my effort to reach out and recognize the value STEEMIT post offer.

I appreciate your taking a second to check out this post and leave a comment just in case I manage to rope in anyone of these talented photographers and they get a chance to check out this post.

Hope you have a great week, as usual I look forward to reading your comments.

Written by STEEMIT user: Jazmin Million

Meet Dylan Toh!










Meet Pradeep Raja!










Meet Bastian.K









Meet Alicja Zmysłowska!









NOTE: you can see full resolution version's of any image on this post by right-clicking on a given photo and opening it in a new tab.

Have a great week!

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I really like the artwork that brings positive ideas closer to people
Must be supported ..
Thank you for your wonderful work

What a great Collection of Photos, very nice 👍


thoroughly agree, what awesome creative photos... upvoted

I only wish I had the artistic mind to create some of these beautiful pictures!
Thanks for the share!

Thank you for sharing these stunning photos! All of them have a huge impact to the viewers.


It's a library, right. amazing this photo.


don't prejudge what other think

Speechless,Photography of different styles,It's like you only see these in the dreamworld,Superb collection.Thank you for sharing, oh so beautiful, many of them,best of luck


Introducing my own photo art i am art designer and just started work with steemit so that's why peoples don't know me my Art Preview is here.



really cool! love these colours


Aaaaaaand following. ^_^


Amazing Art


That's beautiful! oil on canvas?


I don't just know what to say anymore
Is AWESOME ,your photos are just nice not only nice but mind-blowing
Nice One @jazminmillion


if you have more pictures please send me i love to see art ,places or nature




very lovely photo shot.. kindly like and vote for my post


I agree.Woul you like to follow me and upvote me if you like my posts?

Thanks for sharing, amazing photos!

OMG, all of them are just incredible.
I got some motivation now and I am gonna follow all of them.

This is another wild collection of Photos! Definitely Next Level
It's Great to see that you are going to invite all five Photographers to Steemit:)
The more great art and music the better for the community :)


These are some of the most creative photos I have seen, support yr request to invite them to Steemit...upvotee

To tell you frankly, this is the first post I have seen on Steemit which actually addresses what photographic art entails. Taking nothing away from the hundreds of users who share their photographs on Steemit, these photos are the real deal which is evident from the composition, subjects, color, lighting and other technicalities in these photos.

Some day when I am a little more experienced on Steemit, I would like to help create a community for photographic art where good photographers can showcase their talent. I am so new here and don't know how to do it, but let's see.


I agree. These look like they really know their craft and put in years to develop. I think it would add massive value to the platform. If they can gain visibility. Thanks for sharing!

PS: I really enjoy the light spin. Looks sick!



I've never seen a kind of art combining photographing and paint together.🌈📷


I find that style very memorable.


me neither, lets hope my trip in a few days to the caribbean can produce something half as good....upvoted

Amazing photography, hope I learn to do something like that one day...


Me too, have taken photos all my life... one or two masterpieces... but these photos are on a different level....upvoted

That’s some amazing talent. Very skilled people. Thanks yet again for an uplifting set of photos.




These photos are talented... I hope to learn from these guys...

great capture! I really love nature photos!

We may be shooting pictures every day, but how many of us know the different styles of photography that have been inspiring photographers? this list made my day ... ! @jazminmillion thanks for share :)


Made my day as well,,, would love to know how he did the high speed paint photography

Brilliant choices! Thanks a lot for inspiring me to photograph up to such a level. It is so lively... I loved every single one of them.

Namaste :)

awesomes photos

Lovely shots. Some great photogs in there. Can't hurt to get some quality content on the platform. Good luck getting them over. :)


Fair point, thanks for checking out the post.


you really like photo works


The colors are fantastic and the depth of the picture is beautiful.
The ones at night depict a different scenario, one of loneness and peace.
beautiful night life one can just gaze at , or a busy city life, I love the peaceful night lights with stars and calmness.

Great work to all!!!&


I found these photos stunning....totally agree with you...upvoted

Its amazing how some of these artists utilize color in their images, isn't it?!?!?!


I love color and detail in photography, I know what you mean.

Oh my god, awesome!

Photos are a great proof of how talented a photographer is. How they can make something simple into a breathtaking photo.
It is like how people see the same thing but have different perspectives on it.
Thank you for sharing these amazing photos! :)

I hope you'll get Steve Abell inspired to join!
Love the way he uses the materials. There's even some fun in it!

love yourself and respect life

The colors on some of those are inspirational for color theory that I could use for some of my paintings, Thanks for the share :::)

im tripping....

What an achievement by all of your photography, this is smashing @jazminmillion

Truly and surely, there is no skipping the line to become a great photographer.
It is thoughtful of you to want to bring them on board to steemit. Here their work can gain more grounds, get maximum appreciation and earn too.

All the photos you post are eye catching


Steemit has done a lot of good for many people, it is the least I can do, plus these photographers really deserve a shout out ;D

2 birds one stone.

Wow! I am very much shocked. These photographers use the camera at its best. Color adjustment is really wonderful.

I am also a professional photographer but not that much expert as they are.

Expertise matters!

This is photography elevated to the level of quintessential art. Clean, clear, great shots that speak volumes. Superb collection.


Totally, have a great week!

Beautiful shoots. Please fell free to check mine photographs, maybe you will like it.

Wow!! This is amazing!! In some pictures feels even like a photoshopped :D and they are really good with being at the right time at the right place!!

Those are some amazingly inspiring snippets of the world -

Glad to see more talented artists here on Steemit. We need to stick together :)

What a natural beauty you make in your caption, anybody will inspired in your awesome capture, you will got biggerr success in rapidly All are great photo make me attractive @jazminmillion

Really outstanding photography

Amazing! I am not a photographer but a book worm so just to add some value I'll share my knowledge about photography. The word "photography" comes from ancient Greek and is derived from the word "phos" for light or brightness and the word "grapho" for painting, drawing, writing and scribing.

Even the well-known camera has its name not only since yesterday. Already in the 11th century there were "dark chambers" (camera obscura), from whose origin the today's designation results.
Although photography itself was defined as an image by the end of the 20th century, projected onto a photosensitive surface with the help of chemical substances, it has long ceased to be. Nowadays photography is much more than that, from the way was long ago.

Lord have mercy, I could stare at so many of these for hours. Thanks so much for providing the full res as well! Great work!

amazing!!!!!!! I have been into photography since I was a kid but when my equipment got stolen a few years back I have lost my mojo and don't even have a camera better than my smart phone. These photos are extremely beautiful and get my interest perked again. too bad I don't have anything to shoot with........


It's never too late to get your mojo back!

I'm using this platform specifically to be able to buy new equipment and support other art projects!

amazing photo thanks and resemeet

you are completely right about the other social pages that they dont pay for us anything at all! please check on the below link and let me know about your opinion. I really appreciate that l

I'm flabbergasted, I need to concede. Once in a while do I run over a blog that is both educative and engaging, and no ifs ands or buts, you've nailed it.

As we realize that insufficient people are talking astutely about. I am exceptionally glad that I went over this amid my look for something with respect to this.

Great article man! Much obliged, Lovely photography and travel manage which is given in post is brilliant.

In short A remarkable offer! I've recently sent this onto a companion who was completing a little homework on this. Much obliged to You @jazminmillion for investing energy to talk about this issue here on your steemit sustain.

Wow! I’m in awe. Speechless. Photography of different styles, each has its own masterpiece. Beautiful photos captured and moments frozen in time. Thanks for sharing.


I'am completely agree with you!

This cannot be true..! It's like you only see these in the dreamworld...


OMG!!! B-e-a-utiful!!
It's a really hard choice but I think the two bottom ones are my favorite! I like your post so much that I have decided to ReSteem it to The @Grandpooba Art Gallery & also boost you via @booster. Thanks for sharing!

If you make art, follow @Grandpooba for boosted resteems!


Awesome, I knew when I saw the milk and honey draped all over this post that you were my kind a people. I'll be following as well! See you around.

nice pics I can keep starring at them for hours

Man, I understand that these photos have been somewhat modified, I do not know if in the process, or in the post process. Anyway, I love photography.

I'm a part-time graphic designer, and the truth is that all these photos have something special, not only the colors, but you can also feel something special in each one of them.

So yeah, great compilation mate.

I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you've hit the nail on the head.
As we know that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this during my search for something regarding this.
Impressive article dude! Thanks, Lovely photography and travel guide which is provided in post is excellent.
In short An outstanding share! I've just forwarded this onto a friend who was doing a little homework on this. Thank You @jazminmillion for spending time to discuss this issue here on your steemit feed.

it's just magical work!

Absolutley amazing talent wow. I was just showing someone the potential here at steemit and I Came across this first super awesome :)

The first seven photos are the best. They look stunning!

I really love photography number 4, I have no words to describe it, is the most similar to the word "peace".

Hey @jazminmillion

These photographers are really talented. It would have been very hard to capture these spectacular pictures.

You are appreciating their hardship and talent. Keep up the good work and happy Steeming ♥♥♥

These Photographs are very quality. I could not decide which one is the best... I saw this photos now and they are really so beautiful. If I took photos as this photos, I hide them.

Amazing photography! I like the dog in the lavender fields and the deep creek most!

I've been thinking about taking pictures ow water in mid-air. Thanks for giving me an idea by sharing these photos.


such a great and amaziiiiing photos

bravo to their photographers and
bravo to you for share with us
really enjoy and resteem too

The little house engulfed in the night sky is absolutely breath taking.

Is one of Bastian’s pictures of Cinque Terre?


They’re all amazing by the way!


I would click on the image to find out, the links are underneath the photos.


Thank you, didn’t think of that! And sure enough it was Manarola in Cinque Terre. Beautiful place!!

Amazing photography you are the best man keep it up i seen one of the best photography in your post.

you are doing excelent and professional job!

Thank you for sharing, oh so beautiful, many of them...

Amazing photos !! Thanks for share !! Upvote u!

Just incredible pictures. I am speechless.

Amazing photography, talented

really nice photos! Thanks a lot @jazminmillion

Wow!!!Good pic:)

very beautiful photos! and very talented photographers! they really are amazing and impressive

To say these photos are beautiful would be an understatement. I love the image of the town in italy. I forgot its name though and i have been there before.

ну что сказать, красиво

Man what an outstanding capture of nature.awesome

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amazing, sunset the beatyfull

WOW . That are just way too great. Could not find another word to describe it except that big wow

wow!! amazing photos, this is art, this is talent

Photos are different and very artistic

These pictures is clear! I do like this post and place. Thanks for posting @jazminmillion !!!

Friend spectacular photographs of all style many congratulations I will follow you because you have a futuristic vision of truth are fabulous continues

Real work of pure photography...

Awesome pictures! I wish i could take photos like this!


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This Picture are so amazing with color composition. really enjoy your journey man

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Stunning 😍
Thanks for these photos

No anyone become photograph its special art for special people

Amazing shots, colourful and vibrant, the slow mow with the colour ink in, is amazing, really cool. Pictures tell a story and these all do. Well done.

Great pictures! I love learning more about Photography. I have a 10" Orion telescope but it doesn't take pictures. It would be cool to have a telescope and a microscope hooked up to the laptop :)

Sir i am in love with your shot and very intrested in your posts,you are doing great work here on will be a billionere if you posting like this kind of post so keep it up

wooow super photos :-D thx you share with steem comunity :-)

Great photography skills and style...amazingly shot👍

Such a beautuful amazing


This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos