The Shit Post Diaries 1/19/18 (#4) ....A new breed....

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Today's Winner @ryacha21

I would like to thank @mawit07 for bringing my attention to @ryacha21 and in so doing helped me discover a variation of rewards pool farming and shit posting; this time by use of the comment section.

I actually find this to be sneakier than just outright posting a stolen YouTube video or other shit covered inconsequential chunk of screen vomit and then transparently purchasing bot votes for it at the last minute.

This method of farming the rewards pool actually takes planning and a not unsubstantial investment in @minnowbooster to purchase SP and have it delegated to one’s own account for nefarious purposes.

So what exactly does the self serving dickhead marauding under the screen name @ryacha21 do?

Well it appears as if this particular shit jockey figured the easiest path to self enrichment and the one that would potentially fly under the radar would be to purchase $35,404.545 in leased SP from @minnowbooster. Then go about shamelessly making useless comments as a set up to come back and upvote 7 days later with the leased SP.

Cruising through the comment section of @ryacha21 is like following a barn rat back to his hole by following the turd trail. At first glance nothing seems particularly out of the ordinary until the comment dates approach the 6 day mark at which point they jump from .03 to $11.00 a piece.

I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt initially as I thought maybe he found some whale love and was getting continually stroked to completion over and over by the same user. This, however; was not the case and all his earnings came in the form of self votes on old comments due to pay out within hours of up voting them.


Comment created 7 days ago, upvoted 7 hours ago..

Not only that, his ridiculously over rewarded comments are all star out of this world winners as you can see below and clearly worth $11.00 a piece (Do note sarcasm).


I found irony in his desire to comment the work of another prior to shit voting himself $11.00; apparently work not being something he knows anything about. Also it is good to know the he does aspire to be a good blogger someday, he just lacks any of the necessary attributes to make that a reality.

So I decided to check his wallet “ ” and holy shit balls batman does this self serving selfish knob jockey purchase a lot of SP from @minnowbooster to promote his shit comments.

So what does he do with his earnings? Invest in the Platform? Upvote other Steemains? Nope, Nope and Nope…


Like pretty much every shit posting (or now commenting) Steemit Parasite, its straight to bittrex for a cash out and then likely to Amazon for a shiny arm sized fist dildo he can use to fuck the platform a bit more with.


His vote history is here He sure loves himself, fuck everyone else.

So how can we combat this knucklehead? Good question, seeing as he has sufficient SP and REP (WTF, the rep thing needs fixed if tools like this can get above 25) to negatively impact the accounts of others in a flag war, the only plausible solution is to blow up @minnowbooster on Discord and have them cancel his SP leases and blacklist his punk ass. This does happen as we proved when we put the brakes on @amanat1993, the second shitpost winner in my new little series.

So let’s get to work and go after this imbecile by cutting his supply lines and then liberally flagging him once his defenses are down.

We may also be able to rally some help by notifying the larger players in the game by commenting them in on this.


So I went through 1-19-18 and followed up all of his comments with one of my own pointing out what a self centered dickhead this guy is. Apparently now and in an effort to cover me calling him out he has gone on a voting bonanza of up voting other people. I have not doubt he will try and use this as an excuse later. That said as best I could tell 100 PERCENT of his votes prior to me taking an interest in him were self votes. So his recent "generosity towards the community" means nothing against months of abusive self voting.


We can make a difference by simply giving a fuck and putting in the effort to better the community. Within 24 hours of this posting his delegated SP has been nearly cut in half, all his comments are fucked (thanks to me) and other delegates are supposed to cancel.

While all that is good, more importantly, and in an effort to cover his tracks, in the last 7 hours or so he went on a mad upvoting spree of other users throughout the community in order to alter his steemd profile and hide his previous behavior. In fact, his most recent upvotes of other Steemians are his first. I mean its the least he could do after collecting over $5,000 USD with his scam.

Also feel free to use the neat badge below (created by @erodedthoughts) to call attention to other shit posts you find along the way. Typically if you comment his name he will help downvote GRADE A SHIT POSTS...


created by @erodedthoughts



Ugh that is so frustrating! I don't plan on cashing out anytime soon, but I can't even sign up for Bittrex, as they aren't taking on any new signups. I think the worst though is when these douche bags leave a comment, upvote themselves and then don't upvote your comment. I keep having people do that! Grr! It makes me SO MAD! Hahah.

(btw, I mentioned you in my latest video series. You may come up more often than not because of these shit posts. I hope that's ok! :)

Sweet.. well I always upvote you :).. I need to upvote your actual articles or vids more, but I never miss a chance to upvote you on a comment.. :).. I agree is pisses me right off.. Well he will know I exist now... If you check any comment of his for the past 6 days.. :) Piss on him. Love the video.. :) will log into all that tomorrow and comment your video and upvote..

hahaha man this is hilarious to read. Going to Amazon for a shiny arm sized fist dildo he can use to fuck the platform a bit more with !!! Creased me dude. Love what your doing! The righteous man of steemit..

Thanks.. I try to write colorfully.. :)

@ryacha21 I see you tossing votes all over the place in the last 12 hours, now that I called you out to cover your tracks...

Means nothing against months of farming the pool for thousands of dollars..

But since your are not so philanthropic you gonna throw me a 100 percent upvote with your 30k plus leased SP;... lol

Yeah, it's so inappropriate. I saw in one of a introduction post that some selfish person comment that he support him and self-upvote his comment which is worth more than $40! Urgh, that's so dirty!

It happens.... Sad and we just have to go after the one at a time.

And this is why I think the platform will have issues and ultimately be replaced

Instead of actually giving a fuck, they get pissy for being notified.. "waah"

On a positive note

One month till synero Amp...

Unbelievable... I almost want to assume that he endorses the abuse considering that he just downvoted you.

If I had delegated SP to an abuser and you brought it to my attention I would remove that delegated SP, thank you and upvote you for bringing it to my attention. This guy is just as bad if you ask me.

Wow this guy risked a lot to lease all that SP...the amount of abuse taking place around is overwhelming. This is why I haven't posted about it...certainly been writing though. Just building up my list til I'm satisfied, and your shit post winners are also being added.

Thanks, yeah once you get into it.. it kinda makes you wanna just open a random account lease a shit ton of SP, and start upvoting yourself, or close associates.. Just get like 4 or 5 of us together and we can go full on "double dutch rudder" with leased votes.. yay....

At this point being new and just reading all the shitposts I only have one thought really.

It is just fucking dandy

Very Very true.. Sometimes folks don't figure things out till they are sifting through the ashes... hindsight is alwasy 20/20

I'm honestly kind of paranoid of accidentally doing something wrong on the Steen platform now. I just repost a lot of memes that I find on my I funny feed here, most of which are shitposts and that's how I found my way here. Anyway, I followed and hope to see more content like this. :)

Again most of it will come down to your pattern of behavior as to whether or not you bring the wrong type of attention to yourself. It will also come down to your voting habits etc. Posts like this though are not really winners:

You see steemit is about community and building a better platform full of original content.. When you simply take the work of another person and post it in the hopes of getting paid it's 1) a shitty thing to do 2) lazy AF 3) does not add anything to the platform 4) only dilllutes the new post category with regurgitated and aggregated Bullshit..

Your intro post is nice, it's original and its you and thats cool.. but when you start spamming memes and videos then you are going to find yourself on the wrong side of many members here.. Take care... and thank you for commenting..

I see now. I didn't even expect much to come from from those memes and posted a majority of them as shitpost. I didn't realize that most people take them seriously, as what I know for a large part of my social media career sharing memes made by others is perfectly fine and monetizing them is also not a problem because they're memes. Still, I'd delete the posts if I could because I see where you're coming from. The post that you linked wasn't meant to be taken seriously and I even changed it before you replied to make it seem less like a front page Dmania meme (which I personally find cringy). Anyway, thanks a ton for the reply, but I still think that is slightly sucks that people have to watch out even more for what they post for it to seem like spam to people like you who serve as moderators. I'll stop reposting memes then because I can see how it could be viewed as an assholish thing to do even though it's done all over the internet. Still, not attempting to glorify that, as it is theft of content.

I post memes sometimes but they are only there as an augment to an article and not the sole content of my post.. I think context is the issue.. I used a meme here:

Actually, is okay if we talk for a bit? I'm new here and don't exactly know what you mean by the "wrong side" of Steemit. Before reading your post I thought that I could use this platform like Twitter and unload my camera roll onto my feed. Thank you for your post being here at the right tike to notify me that that isn't the way to use the blogging function. I seriously can't thank you enough knowing that this could've ended up ruining my reputation.

No worries and if you want to post "your images" that is fine.. nobody is going to have a problem with that as they are "original".. I would suggest adding some text for context to avoid them being misinterpreted as spam.. That said the problem becomes when you start posting things that are not yours or spam posting a bunch of shit from other places. There are plenty of people that post their camera images and do quite well.. look at @lyubovbar I believe all her images are original and she does just fine.. :)

I even used a video here: but again it is context and an illustrative point, not the sole foundation of the article..

Well done! Glad to see this jerk being taken out of commission.

Agreed, this article and my aggressive tactics pretty much fucked him up.. lost 15k in delegation and he actually went on a vote binge of other users to hide his behavior.. No doubt he will give it some time and go back to being a shithead, but we will just have to keep an eye on him. I see he has posted no more comments since I started posting comments on his comments.. so problem solved for now.. I need another shit poster to write about..

hell yeah!! Fighting the good fight. I would shit to see one of these spammers have a 11$ bullshit comment on my post. Crazy that this guy is getting rich off this.

I agree.. fucking dumb is what it is... I like your lettuce growing posts... :)..

Thank you dog! ;)

No worries, I'm in Fl and vegetables tend to grow o.k. here with plenty of soil and/or a large aquaponics set up...

Yeah i live in the great salinas valley. It’s a very special place. It truly is a garden of eden. Not only do we grow 80% of the worlds lettuce there are also grown world class wine grapes. I’m going to do a post about it soon.

Yeah you should look my screen name up on google+ or youtube.. I think I have videos of my aquaponics setup.. :) In the vid its real lettuce as it was at my shop, but I have a nice system at the house too.. :)

Very nice setup indeed! Heck yeah I’ll check it out.

This guy is too obvious. It would be better to upvote comments on your own posts with obscure tags and use multiple accounts with lower upvote values.

I agree, he is somewhat transparent in his actions.

I think this is one of the lesser talked about issues with SBDs being overvauled currently. Posts are getting more payout currently than the platform is designed to give, and so takes these sort of plays more profitable than they should be.

Yes and know.. the bots are actually more profitable when SBD is lower priced... One user did a whole study on it..

As bad as this may be, it seems inconsequential compared to @grumpycat/@checkthisout who punishes good Steemians in order to drive them off bidbots (in the name of good) so he can inflate what he rapes from the rewards pool with his #ShitComments.

YOu may be right but nothing anyone can really do about that situation...

The justification for whales is that they will police the community for the good of all. @grumpycat has perverted that by doing something good only for his own monetary gain.

The other whales (and there are whales bigger than GC) could downvote him so it won’t be worthwhile for him to do this.

Yeah but that is a whole "good ol boy network" of whales jerking each other off as early founders.. there not going to step in and do a thing.. Plus its for the benefit of the community so long as it benefits them first...

Self - Upvoting is fine sometimes, but this kind of sh#t just makes people lose faith in the platform. Sucks.

True.. looks like he has gone on a vote for everyone else kick since I started following up all of his comments last night.. lol

Such a good boy.

I know right.. funny how he got unselfish in a hurry.. once I outed him.. I also contacted all his delegated SP to see if I can get them to cancel.

that would be great. Do you know what else makes me really mad. People posting non-stop stupid / spam comments like - "good job bro" "nice info " " thanks for sharing" and getting rewarded. I mean - LOL. It's fine to reward this kind of behaviour once or twice, but all the time. I am currently writing an article on that - Overall STEEMIT wants you to join for the rewards.

Once you finish let me know and I'll resteem it as its in my wheel house

"good job bro" "nice info " " thanks for sharing" :)

good job bro has to be my favourite. I would be very happy if you can read it, before I post it. I tend to miss some obvious stuff when I write such articles.

No problem english is my native language.. :)

@smooth-a please see the above and cancel your delegation to @ryacha21

Others Delegating to him also please see above:
@coinfund @msp-foundation @mjmitche @naegling11 @slider2990 @geronimo @investegg @thecryptodrive @angelol @roomservice @lafona-miner @trenz @engineeringsteem @g-dubs @slider2990 @raised2b @spmarkets @seongbuk @johnny-appleseed @riounh34 @linuslee0216 @bryner

@fbslo I'll take it as we have a budding relationship and I'm still working and tracking down your SP that is being used to abuse.

I feel like this is saying Beetlejuice three times, but perhaps @berniesanders @randowhale have sufficient SP to curb this type of behavior. aka #rewardspoolrape

I think they are more interested in the false prophet but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Even @grumpycat should take a look at what this guy is doing.

You are probably right, but it still just feels wrong to even say that name.. it's like crossing streams at on of those horse trough style urinals you see at baseball games, or having your balls touch in a threesome.. just gives me the heebie jeeibes. :)

Been AFK for a few days, but yeah I didn't feel 100% myself when I posted the name. lol