Travel with investwarrior #3 : a visit to Volcano Teide in Tenerife ,Canaries islands,Spain

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Tenerife is great place you can enjoy beach with temperature 25-33 C, or you can go to mountains and there you need some coat .
We visited few times Teide volcano Its 3,718-metre (12,198 ft), so its hard to breath there and its minus temperature, so from plus 33 to minus 5 . Last eruption was in 1909 i think so now its pretty safe to check it out. Price for funicular is 27.5 euro and there is excursion in Teide too if you want to discover it , but you need to have permission from Teide website , its free but you will take all risks. (not all are in good health)

Overall its great experience .

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Enjoy the Canaries is a great place for holidays.

hey @investwarrior,
Have a nice trip. very very nice looking in photo...Great photography of looking place.

Thanks @investwarrior I went there about 20 years ago and had a great time. Hired a car and drove around. Was pretty scary on some of the roads.


ye the mountains and roads are scary there. i was in bus and its more scary if you go with bus and bus coming to you :D

Hi @investwarrior Great pictures. Looks like you guys are hving a blast. Nothing in the world like traveling. Safe travels.

Sounds and lovely Kat like an amazing place to visit

very nice! enjoy your trip

Very interesting post @investwarrior. Keep posting and traveling. your posts give me an opportunity to see and know about various parts of the world .

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