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A curation of my travel stories in Sapa, Vietnam. For my reference and yours too. I already did a travel log for Hanoi, Vietnam. You can check it here: My Awesome Travel Stories of Hanoi, Vietnam

From Hanoi, I went straight to Sapa which is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam. A very laid back and picturesque destination. Just make sure to visit this place during spring or summer. Winter or during the rainy season isn't recommended. Fog will just make it hard for you to see the view and cold temperature will make you want to just stay at the hostel. I'm probably going back here to climb Mt.Fansipan. Fingers crossed.

Inday Clara Travels Solo #11: First time on a Sleeper Bus going to SAPA, VIETNAM


Inday Clara Travels Solo #12: Sapa, Vietnam at a first glance!


Inday Clara Travels Solo #13: The Magical Cat Cat Village in Sapa, Vietnam!


Inday Clara Travels Solo #14: Finding Love at Love Waterfalls!


Inday Clara Travels Solo #15: What to expect when it’s raining in Lao Chai Village, famous for its Rice Paddies in Sapa, Vietnam.


Inday Clara Travels Solo #16: I survived a 26 hour Bus trip from Sapa, Vietnam to Luang Prabang, Laos!

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Great to have you all guys on board! Thank you so much. Stay tuned and Steem on!


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