Crazy wine in Ting Tong Thailand

in #travel4 years ago


is one of the most civilized things in the world" - Ernest Hemingway

It makes people less tedious, food more tasty, and provides the slight buzz of inspiration you need when reading or writing.

(I just had some).

Made of rich aromas and flavors, wine is the perfect complement to food. For example, a Sauvignon is great with beef. Its flavor depends on the year, the crops that grew near the vineyard, and the size of the clusters...

credit: imgflip


Pete was incredulous. His eyes bulged wide and his hands had balled into fists, almost shattering his wine glass. I saw a vein pop on his forehead, and watched it throb, like it was about to burst and spray the table with blood.

Pete was teaching me about red wine, and the different ways to appreciate its flavors. Apparently, ice is not one of them.


I swatted at a fly. It was a hot evening in Koh Lanta, an island in South West Thailand, yet unspoiled by the ravages of tourism. "It's hot", I said, as I piled ice-cube after ice-cube into my glass.


The dog buried in the sand looked on. "Ting Tong!", the waitress said. "Yes!" David said in response, tapping his head and pointing at me. "He's crazy!"

I never understood the fuss about wine. After all, It's just grapes in a bottle, and everything tastes better cold, on a hot day.

I shrugged and took a swill and sloshed it in my mouth and swallowed. I could feel the icy, grape flavoured intoxication pouring down my throat, working its way into my limbs, and more importantly, massaging my mood.


Ting Tong Wine is born

Since then, every time I went to the stall, they served me ting tong wine with a smile. The beauty of the Thais is, they don't care. As long as you have respect, they shower you with love, joy and a welcoming spirit.

If you ever are in Thailand, check out Koh Lanta. It is quiet, has many places to explore, and some of the most friendly Thais we have ever met.


You will love the beaches, the reggae bars and, if you ever are in a stall at the beach on a hot day, remember to try the ting tong wine.



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That's amazing @hitwill, I hope that you get success in your new journey and I think it is your best step that you've taken that never quit & never give up!

Best of luck and best wishes from me!

I'm stopping by and I am VERY happy that I did! You look like you are having an amazing well deserved time! I absolutely love the post my Friend! Ting Tong Wine, I love it! Thank you VERY much for sharing this amazing post and bringing Thailand to us! It is added to my bucket list! It looks and I heard that it is amazing there! I am so VERY happy that you are enjoying it there! Great Pics! @hitwill is the MAN! You are a Super Star on Steemit! I love your positive energy and sense of humor! You make the Steemit Community so Special and Great! You make me so VERY grateful and proud to be a part of the Great STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Thanks Again! All the VERY best! I am looking forward to your posts my Friend! I enjoy them all immensely! Thanks Again! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Hey @extraterrestrial thanks for the encouragement - really appreciate it! What are your recommendations for travel? :-)

Hey @hitwill my pleasure! Thanks again for your continued support! It means the world to me! Iceland is out of this world. I feel Iceland fits perfect with your GREAT ice story LOL! The waterfalls are SO magical and beautiful. Italy is also amazing! Especially their wine LOL! There truly are SO many magical and beautiful places on this Planet. :-)

Nice! I think I will add this to my list! Hopefully this year or next year

Do not forget my visits to Finland
I hope you will visit Finland and Morocco

I LOVE THE TRIP I wich to visit turkiya and koria

Looks cold, but awesome. I have friends in finland but never visted them...yet!

Yes you are right It is cool and beautiful You can visit Hellensky It is beautiful and if you are a ski lover you can visit some villages in Finland

It looks as if you were all having a wonderful time. Thanks for the share.

I'm stopping by and I am VERY happy that I did! You look like you are having an amazing well deserved time! I absolutely love the post my Friend! Ting Tong Wine, I love it! Thank you VERY much for sharing this amazing post and bringing Thailand to us! It is added to my bucket list! It looks and I heard that it is amazing there! I am so VERY happy that you are enjoying it there! Great Pics! @hitwill is the MAN! You are a Super Star on Steemit! I love your positive energy and sense of humor! You make the Steemit Community so Special and Great! You make me so VERY grateful and proud to be a part of the Great STEEMIT COMMUNITY! Thanks Again! All the VERY best! I am looking forward to your posts my Friend! I enjoy them all immensely! Thanks Again! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)

This reminds me of a scene from a show I have watched. Basically someone pokes fun at a wine connoisseur and asks that her wine be served in a sippy cup, and the connoisseur freaks out. I could see how people could think your crazy about having ice in your wine, people are crazy about wine and the standards on how it should be drank.

Your absolutely right though, there is nothing better than a ice cold beverage on a hot day. You've made me really want something iced and grape flavored.

This sentence in particular got me.

"I could feel the icy, grape flavoured intoxication pouring down my throat, working its way into my limbs, and more importantly, massaging my mood."

Haha - it's just fun to break social norms every now and then. I got into the habit when my friend started putting ice in his beer. After tasting it, ice now goes into mostly everything

It's funny, I'm totally a beer guy. My sister in law put ice in her beer on New Years Eve and I totally questioned her about it.

"Did you really just put ice in your beer Shannon..?"

Her response was about what you would expect. She was confused and didn't know that it "wasn't a thing" to put ice in beer.. but did it because her beer had gotten warm. I don't blame her at all, warm beer sucks. I was just tipsy and thought it was funny she put ice in her beer.

William is my brother and I can tell you, this guy really brings some awesome positive energy everywhere he goes. What a great guy, love him big time! But the last thing I ever expected to see from him was a post about WINE! Honestly, he can't tell the difference between any glass you give him, to him its all the same grapes! LOL!

william wine.jpg

lol, looks like he knows his wine. definitely a fun filled person i'have been following your brothers post for a while

VERY nice to meet you @dcgikandi :-)
I absolutely love the pics! Thank you VERY much for sharing! You both are GREAT! Beautiful and Amazing Souls! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :-)

Haha not true. I know the difference between white and red wine!

Ting Tong wine, now that’s something I have never heard of. Sounds good though. I love visiting wineries and distilleries. We have a lot of great wine up in northern Michigan.

Just yesterday I visited Valentine Vodka, a distillery in SE Michigan. Had some fun with friends.

I feel like wine is something you appreciate more, as you get older...and the more wine you consume the more you grow to appreciate it : )

Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day, cheers!

Haha! Totally agree. More of a beer and whiskey fan myself, but a lot of my friends prefer wine. We always get into arguments of 'which is better' - Totally subjective though

You are pirates not only for laughter. I wish I were like you. I sailed all over the world and I hope to visit Palestine, Russia and Morocco
thank you for sharing experince for your life

Haha Pirates! I love it!

When I saw a picture on your post I remember one of my favourite TV series Earl. And you have lovely pictures from Thailand.I wish one day sit that Regie Bar and watch a sunset. Thanks for sharing. You have very interesting articles in your blog. Happily followed, upvoted by @motherearthist Peace&Love from Spain

Thank you! @motherearthist. Which part of spain are you from? Any pictures?

I'm from Alicante region (Costa Blanca)


I like to read every post you...Upvote and follow you!

Thank you for your support, @youcool!

I must say, this post makes me both happy and itchy at the same time: Happy because I am flying to Thailand in a few days and I am happy to hear that there is wine in that part of the world too.

Itchy because, ice in the wine: it is ok, of course you can do what you want and enjoy it the way you like. But there is something that becomes quite obvious more you drink wine and notice the differences in flavours (as you would in beers, or whisky, or coffee, or anything), you realise that the taste of red wine is actually a bit spoilt when watery. And if you want to be refreshed, rose or white are usually served cold, more suitable for hot temperature.

But hey - once again, I don't blame you. If this is the way you like it... Enjoy it :)!

Haha! This is a great, honest comment. My brother feels the same way as you do, actually. Fantastic! Where are you going in Thailand? How long will you be there for?

I am flying to Bangkok and heading North to the Mindfulness centre. I think we will be there for a bit over 2 weeks and then we will be flying to India, but we are flying back from Thailand in 10 weeks so we will be back there at some point.

Very cool! Have an awesome time and post some photos!

Yeah I will. Videos as well. It is an Astralpirates adventure, needs to be documented :) !

And you, keep posting about your travels. Your writing style is very pleasant.

I loved my time in Thailand, and I spent time around the Koh Chang group of islands. Koh Wai in particular was one of my favorite rural beaches to stay at. I completely understand why you enjoyed your time in Thailand so much.

Wow, I have never been to Koh Wai - how is it - do you have any photos?

I have tons, I will do a post about it and let you know.

I shrugged and took a swill and sloshed it in my mouth and swallowed. I could feel the icy, grape flavoured intoxication pouring down my throat, working its way into my limbs, and more importantly, massaging my mood.


These lines took me to a whole new world of imagination reading these lines I was imagining myself on a beach holding red wine <3.

Haha! It's fun to travel and make fun of everything :-)

Yeah it's fun to travel, and i'm completely into it, Thailand is in my list but first I want to explore beauty of my own country.

What is your country, and what do you recommend there?

My country is PAKISTAN, and what should I say to you in recommendation, I'm confused.
It has World's second largest mountain K2 and it has most number of glaciers then any other country of the World, on other hand it has beautiful beaches in Gawadar city and Karachi.
If you want to explore desert then it has cold desert in northern region named "Katpana desert" in Sakardu, and Hot desert Cholistan in its South west region, Cholistan is also World known because of International jeep rally their, So i'm totally confused what should I recommend you.
If you've plan to explore beauty of this country you've to come atleast for 3 months :-)

Sounds great. I have never considered Pakistan, to be honest, but now it sounds quite interesting.

Be my guest whenever you visit Pakistan, you are warmly welcome here brother :-)

Nice photos! Looks like you are having a good time enjoy yourself! Here I am myself up in northern Europe in a snowy Estonia!


Looking forward to summer and explore some more warmer places. Thailand looks great never been to Asia but it's definitely on my lists of places I want to explore! Agree with you on the wine it gives you the perfect buzz feeling to truly be able to enjoy yourself.

Very nice to hear that there are still places on earth that hasn't been spoiled yet by too much tourism! But I wonder for how long that will last now when we are moving up to 10 billion world population in 2050 haha.

Ice in wine sounds interesting. I may have to try that out someday! I will add Koh Lanta to my head the next time I think about travel to a warm place to forget about winter and cold!

Wow! Estonia! Is it a good place? Is that your house window? Looks cold, man!

Estonia is a very good place super calm! Probably one of the most calm places in all of Europe. Great if you like relaxing areas. Very hard working people too. A quick visit to Tallinn I would recommend. Great malls and many new interesting building projects. Perhaps a bit boring not that much going on but a very beautiful old town! Never get tired of taking walks in the old town. Very small European country only 1.3 million population.

Would say it's a bit like Sweden in the 70s. This is a view from a nice coffee place in the old town in Tallinn! A quick visit during summer a few days would perhaps be a good idea! May-August great months to visit since that is when it's pretty good weather! You could then take a boat over to Finland that trip only takes around 2 hours! And yes it's very cold 8 months of the year haha. Great thing that many apartments up here has a fireplace and a sauna!

we have sula vineyards at nashik in india
we often go their for rides


Very nice photo

Thank you for such an amazing, interesting and informative post. You inspired me, now I dream to go to Thailand) I'm sure that I will love everything you described in this your post)

It's a great place! I am sure you will love it, @ir3k!

Long time back, I visited Thailand. It was a great experience. You remind me my Thailand Tour.

The best thing in Thailand is that food and everything is kind of cheap!! Yeyy!! Hurray!! :)

you got the views man this is interesting way to spent the day with fun and joy :)

Ting tong hahah that's crazy the most fun you had there at the beach sound's like an incredible experience :)

two of my most favourite things in life.. Wine.. and Thailand!

Haha! Indeed! People don't understand thailand until they go - it's such an awesome place. Which places did you visit?

Good post on wine but i dont drink anymore i choose to smoke cannabis instead :)

Haha! I hear you - that's a different kind of medicine

:) my favourite medicine although i need to cut back lol

cools post i not much of a wine drinker but any time you want to sit down have a glass of run you can count me in lol !!

I'll drink to that!

very nice.can I reblog this picture ?

Please reblog and @hitwill so I can see it and upvote! Thanks!

Now that seems to be a very interesting day hahh so cool time to say cheers nice pics from there : )

"To write about life, you have to live it first"-

Ernest Hemingway

sharing it's very nice.This correctly describes. Don't lose your purpose in life and their dreams.don't give up:)

That's a beautiful quote!

I love Koh Lanta. Definitely one of my favorite place in Thailand.

awesome pictures and story @hitwill
the Dog looks so happy :D I miss asia, so lovely :)
thanks for sharing!


What's your favorite place in asia? I should be doing a piece on Chiang Mai soon.

Taking wine is just so relaxing thing to do especially when you are out of work to get some piece of mind! Enjoy Thailand!! :)

Indeed! Thank you!

This mentality is really suitable for everyone. Cheers!! :)

If the wine is old than is more good. You had a great time in Thailand thanks for share your storyes. I aprecciate your honesty in everything You do, keep up the good work. And to Say a wise words about wine i Say old is gold. Have a wonderful time

hello sir @hitwill
your post is full of fun and interest and i think you have some awesome time with your love once and yeah on the beach every thing looks pretty awesome <3 <3

Funny post! I have put ice in red wine actually. But I drink it too fast to dilute it much, so I think that's ok. haha Um... why is the dog covered with sand? @hitwill

Hehe so I'm not the only crazy one. The dog was playing with some kids, I think. Many dogs in Thailand, but they are all treated very well.

I love wine so much, cute pics!

You rolling there superb adventures in thailand looks a great place to enjoy with friends thanks for sharing this with us :)

Thailand is probably my favourite holiday destination. It's a really wonderful place. Look out for more posts about it.

sure definitely hooked on to your blog hahah : )

I'm a little nervous on you. You are so beautiful. You meet different people. This is a very beautiful thing. you have nice friends.
I know ı few informations about Tayland ı want to say them..
The Thai royal family is very important for the people of Thailand. For this reason, it is by no means tolerated to speak disrespectfully or criticize any individual of the royal family. In particular, the Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej is unfavorable to the positive side, good to bad in the bad side, and even if he is heard by an official, even the imprisonment can be applied.

Every movie in Thai cinemas is accompanied by a Thai anthem before the film shows the king's photographs, including the tourists have to stand up and stand in silence.

In Thailand, which is a country of Buddhism, it is considered disrespectful to extend the right leg or leg to any sculpture, whether big or small. It is also considered disrespectful to throw your legs on the legs so that you can see your foot floor while sitting in any place, and it is not welcomed by the Thai people.

Thanks for reading.. You look like really good. Take care of you bro!

It's true there are many rules in Thailand, but they are a very good and respectful people. They also understand if you are a foreigner and don't know all the rules. Very nice place.

first of all travel makes us happy :p
if you get a chance to have wine with your best mate :p
It become a happy travel :p

You mean this Mudasra :-)

Very cool! Where is this?

Yeah its cool, and this is Eagle nest peak located in Hunza valley, extreme northern area of Pakistan.
People of this region goes to Xianjing city of China for shopping except coming to Islamabad city of Pakistan :-D

Very cool. Is Pakistan a good place for tourists?

Bro its totally good place for tourists, I read somewhere few days ago that Pakistan is most attractive place for tourists from all over the world in year 2018.
Other than that that news when I was on my 10 days tour I met swiss couple when I was hiking to Fairy meadows, basecamp of Nanga Parbat Mountain, (World's 9th highest peak also located here).
I met another family of Australians(husband, wife 2 kids) and they were doing shopping from local shops.
i've seen these foriegners myself on my tour but according to our international embassy we have 1.75 million foreigners (2014-2016) came here to explore nature. and its almost doubled in 2017.

Nouthern area of pakistan.

wow. nice place.

I'm so glad to see you happy here Sir .. Wine is indeed a drink while relaxing Sir, i love it :)

Excelente historia, muy buenas fotos. Gracias por compartir.

I know Thailand beautiful a country. In particular, sea to see the mind of the lost inventory. Travel human heart cheerful by. enjoy your life & take care.

It's an amazing place - what are your favourite spots there?

My favorite country Thailand,
I love Thailand

This is really amazing

You should visit Thailan. It's my favourite country - including Australia

Would love to visit, I really do want to explore

A brief but nice description about the wine :p
I never drink wine :p
But maybe one day I'll when may be the pain in my heart will get unbearable.
To forget that pain, it could be my choice.

Thank you! It's a nice drink, but more importantly, Thailand is a beautiful place.

Yeah, i have heard it is of the most beautiful country in the world, and the kind people link you make it more beautiful.
I am glad to have a conversation with you !

Yes, they are also relaxed and insanely fun.

Yeah, i can easily see that from the pictures you have uploaded in this post, and you know ny interating with different people, we know more about then, about their culture, bad and good things, and its a good thing to do

Actually all love her own country bornly. I love also my own country.

Amazing post.
Travel very beautiful .
I appreciate this story ..
Thanks for sharing this post

Thank you. What are your favourite places?

My favorite place Thailand.
It's very beautiful:)

Thank you @hitwill, you have made me got a fun reading :)

you and your friend should taste "sangria" yep... wine fruits and ICE!


Thanks for this. I love sangria!! Haha so maybe it's not so crazy at all!

Crazy writing about crazy wine in thiland really very impressive for us. Great information and your used fascinating word in your article is very interested things. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Hehe - thank you for your constant support. What's your favourite country?

Great explanation of wine @hitwill.

The best thing, I like that you defined a lot of things in one post like wine, Thailand, beach and dog buried in the sand.

That's awesome, It defines that how lovely and kind-hearted people they are and I like the way you guys are enjoying every moment.

I appreciate you and all the other guys who participated to make your day awesome.

I want to hear more from you about your journey of Thailand and travel in a form of a blog post.

Thanks for the encouragement. Will post some more about travel! @mslifesteem

My pleasure @hitwill.

That's awesome! Ready to hear more from you. I've one question from you, I will be glad if you will answer.

Do you know coding mean building apps & website design etc?

Yes, I am a coder and traveller as well - Chiang Mai, Thailand is a great place to set up base. It's cheap, amazingly fun, and you can earn from contracts

Glad to hear @hitwill. In your previous article, you mentioned that you are a tech addict and you also shared about Steemit AppBase. So I thought you might be a coder.

Good to see that you belong to the community of Coder like me. If you've heard about, I appreciate you by sharing some posts on, They reward Open-source Contributions, They give you an opportunity to build your own Steemit tool, which basically help you in creating your portfolio as a developer.

I am working on a project, Soon I will be posting on about my development. So I encourage you to join Utopian. It'll give you more success in your coding life and your Steemit journey.

If you have any question about that, I am Glad to help you.

Thanks. I have heard about it but haven't checked it deeply. I will have a look at it now

Yeah, exactly, Go for it and share your coding and Travel experience with the whole Steem blockchain Community.

looks like a great time, how long did it take you to fly there?

It's about 18 hours including stop-overs from Australia - but it's totally worth it. You can live there comfortably for less than $300 / month if you stay in the right places.

This is a picture of wineyard in Mumbai which I recently visited

Very cool. Looks like they make it the traditional way.

did not hear about this [email protected] .. anyway will definitely try if at ll i visit koh lanta

Whoa what show is to imagine that moment, so I imagine the Thai, urraa! @hitwill
I love it, I love wine!
and it should be noted that wine, throughout history, has been very well considered by high society,
just as he has been an essential witness in any event or banquet of importance and
even great treaties and historical events have been signed.
excellent images and post grateful and hopefully one day I could PROVE it !! hehehehe

This post makes me want to go for a wine tasting spree.

You have to enjoy life, bro - go for it. I might do it this week too.

Wine and dine , what better !images.jpg

you're welcome my friend

The photo of the dog buried on the beach is great !!7if70q.jpg

Hello, @hitwill, welcome aboard Steemit ✌🏼 I’m an Egyptian poet & happy to discover your voice - articulate, witty and with style.

As far as travel tips, other than Egypt, I recommend South America (Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru). Good food, music and warm-hearted people who like to Live!

Have a good day, and I hope you might enjoy my poetry 🤓

Cheers 🍷

Nice one, thanks for this. I have been in Egypt and loved it. I hope to see south america soon, maybe next year or even before that.

Wow, you have one busy page—congrats, on all the social engagement! It makes me happy that you visited Egypt & enjoyed it!

Hope you have fun experiences in South America, too, when you get there ✌🏼

Meanwhile, because I wish to be better known to you, here’s a profile of my work on PBS NewsHour:


Wow! this is very educating.

I just love wines.....

yes man, Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world.
and cool pictures.

this is very interesting; with regards everything you have written about this wine "ting tong" i know definitely well that it will be very interesting to taste it. really wish i was around so as to have a taste of it. kudos


I'm even salivering the wine right now
😁 😁

Nothing like some fine wine and friends.

really amazing

I absolutely love the pics! Thank you very much for sharing!

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it is very beautiful sea tourism, with beautiful scenery also with a meal and wine .. I am interested in reading your post mr @hitwill because so special service. guest is king. success

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