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In the area I’m living, there is a shipwreck and a lot of people are taking pictures from it nowadays. This is because of a popular bicycle track that is leading towards it. The wreck is in the formal safe harbor from Hansweert.

The captain James A. Duffy is a formal small tow. One of its owners has been the American army and they used it for war tasks, like cleaning mines or military transportations. The ship was completely build out of wood and after the army usage it was sold.


The James A. Duffy is a so-called tow from the Miki class. The dimensions from the ship where 38m long and 8.5m width and the engines where two Fairbanks-Morse diesel engines with a total power of 1200HP. Both engines had a double propeller. Later in the war when materials became scarcer they switched to a single propeller. During the war they build 25 double propeller and 31 single propeller ships. Their bow was made of wood and the ships build at the west coast from the USA made of pine and cedar wood. At the east coast they used oak and firewood to build the ships.

After the war many ships where sold. The Captain James A. Duffy came through the company van de Kerkhoven in the harbours of Antwerp. They sold it to the Terneuzense ship-building company so they could use the ship as a hotel for crewmembers who’s ship was being repaired. They removed the engines, so the ship got more space for housing people. Later the shipyard in Hansweert bought it. The shipyard bought it so they could use it at high tide. The purpose was to fill the wreck with water and at low tide clear it off course. This was because the fairway needed to be at the same depth for passing ships. This idea wasn’t successful, and when the shipyard went bankrupt the towing service company Polderman bought it. They transported the ship to its current place. The plan for the Polderman company with the wreck was to keep anchors and chains under water.

There was once a plan to completely remove the wreck but this is never executed. At 9 October of 1994 a storm crossed the Netherlands. A big piece of the side drifts away into the fairway. Salvage company Beenhakker got the project assigned to salvage the drifted piece. They towed it to Vlissingen after they found the piece in the formal ferry port from Hoedekenskerke. Once in Vlissingen they dropped it at the scrap yard at the inside of the small sluice.

Captain James A. Duffy

But who was Captain James A. Duffy? He was no war hero but an Irish immigrant and a tow captain. He married with a member of the Howard family. The Howard family is known from the famous Jefferson shipyard. Bij business successes he became a prominent local businessman from Port Fulton. This place is alongside the Ohio river. He arranged coal transportations over the river. In this business he was running all the lines. Other business opportunities like building ships he took his chances as well. He lived opposite the shipyard and the local tradition was to build a house that looks like a tow ship.

Uptill now the house is still a local place of interest. The house itself has a view at the river. In the direct area from the house is a steamboat museum established. Maybe you can say that Captain James A. Duffy was the embodiment of the American Dream.

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This shipwreck looks spectacular! And what an interesting story! Thanks for sharing :-)

Hey @guchtere, just stumbled across your page as we have similar interests and pages, though I'm much newer!

Thanks for an interesting read, I didn't know any of it before. I'll try stay in touch and keep up with your content.

Hey @goodwithtravels. Good to hear you like it!
But as your kinda new, how's everything going on Steemit?

Gonna follow you and try to keep up with you. With common interests I think we can learn a lot from each other :)

Absolutely! I'm enjoying Steeming so far, though there's so much to learn. Trying to figure out how often to post and what to post etc, but it looks like great fun and a supportive community.

Video is the format I need to better understand on here, as I have enjoyed video editing in the past.

Out of interest, do you have a set pattern for what type of content you write and how often?

Good to hear you enjoying your time here. Lot of things to learn indeed. But heck I'm already a year on Steemit and still learning. So just learn things on your own pace, no need to hurry.

Come join me on my journey to learn editing and working with video here on Steemit! For video there are Dlive and DTube as fas as I know. Only worked with DTube up till now. Need to try Dlive in the nearby future as well.

And no posting pattern here. Sometimes I post multiple items a day, sometimes I won't post anything for days. Depends on how busy I'm with work, how my health is doing. And I don't post specific things, so my type of content is just what I like. What keeps me busy in normal day life. Does that answer your questions?

Thanks @guchtere, that's great to know. As you say, I'm keen to better understand DTube and Dlive. Sounds like a naïve thing to say but I didn't realise that posts on Steemit are only commercialised for a week, then there value becomes 'locked' in. Guess it really does incentive frequent, more shortform content than more significant longform articles, particularly as a smaller, growing account.

You totally answered my questions; I look forward to reading your posts (and watching them when you get round to it) and I hope we stay in touch.

Awesome post @guchtere Love the detailed explanation along with the great video shoot.

Thank you very much! You would love to see more wreckage's? Love your work to! Think we need to exchange some tips and tricks and teach things while flying drones. Your images look way sharper than mine, what did you do for that?

Yes, love seeing ocean pics and wreckage/ships/dives.
Adding a strong ND filter and manually setting the exposure to 100 ASA seemed to help my drone pics a lot. I didn't save the link, but there are some tutorials out there on tweaking the drone exposure settings to improve the shot even before any post-processing.
Spoiler, a couple of those zoom in shots on my last rock climbing post were taken with a regular camera (Sony a200).

So you're saying that a ND filter is a must have!? Do you have a specific set of filters?

Already found some tutorials about tweaking the image settings, but they didn't deliver the sharpness I see in your post.

Gonna write and film some other wrecks in my area for Steemit I think. Good to hear you love them. I'm always fascinated when the wrecks are just there waiting till nature and time fades them away including the adventures they had during their sails.

Definitely a must have for shooting in bright areas like sand, sun, beach like you will be. I found the ones that have both nd filter and PL filter (polarizing) will give best results in those cases. There are several reviews out there on them for Mavic. I chose the NeatoTek 6 pack because of the multiple choices and mix with CPL filters, and it came in a nice slim carry pack.

This link shows some good comparisons of what the filters do.

Polar Pro also had good reviews. I found though since I am normally shooting in bright daylight, I typically just use the highest power. It seems a little dark when recording, but looks so much better when viewing afterwards. It apparently makes it much easier to do post-processing enhancement, but I have not done much of that yet. Looking at installing adobe premier when I have time.

Gonna do my research on it. First preparing for the weekend off. Gonna visit my parents in the north. You already have some plans for the weekend?

The images with/without filter at your amazon link do really match reality without post-processing?

And ND16 you're using most of the time?

Just trying to stay cool this weekend and hanging out. May get out to fly a bit. Yes, I am using ND16 most of the time, and huge difference. I didn't notice much with ND4, but could tell a little bit. One of the tutorials I read that was really good showed how it made the post processing even better, as it picked up more detail which could then be easily lightened up in post processing, vs. being washed out and unable to pull the detail. Definitely worth the $30 I spent on the set!

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Good post.. Keep on photographing with drone :)

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Oh man, I finally read it! That's such a sad end for a wodden boat, that must have been beautiful.
It should've been restored =s

Imagine hunting mines in a 38 meters wodden tow hahahaha, one explosion and it would completely disappear.

Some beautiful stories require an sad ending isn't it? For example 1984 from George Orwell. Would the story be better if Julie wasn't rejected? or one of the most famous stories everyone knows about like Hamlet, would that be better with a happy end? ;)

But about the mine hunting... I'm glad I didn't had to hunt on this ship 😅

Oh no, I won't be able to answear this comment, as I couldn't finish reading it!

I haven't read 1984 yet, it's here on my shelf, that's why I couldn't read the comment hahahaha

You better start reading my friend! That's a shame while you have it on the shelves but didn't read 😈 Won't spoil anything anymore for you. Happy reading!

I need tiiiiiiiiiiiime, gimme more tiiiiiiiiiiime hahaha I have 1984, another one from Amyr Klink and Into the Wild. I'll have to bring them all with me on the bike trip

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