Picked up 1985 VW camper van in Vancouver and took it to Seattle with two tows...

in travel •  2 years ago  (edited)

Headed out of Costa Rica and was welcomed by these two huge art displays in Houston Texas as I entered the USA:
Very cool displays at most airports:
I made it to Vancouver BC after my Vegas trip. I grabbed my van out of storage and headed to the bank to get money for travel to Thailand.

The picture below was my first breakdown whereas a clamp broke and the van overheated in Manning Park around 65 kms out of Princeton BC.

The van is getting upgrades on the upgrades and the picture below is the UV LED lights displaying the UV activated curtains done by LaBelleFairy a professional seamstress that hand made a corset for Courtney Love and the UV activated bedding done by award winning quilt makers Heart N' Soul Quilts.


I thought I could get rid of winter but the pictures show you that I saw winter again.


That is a fat tire electric bike on the van and I have 4 hours worth of batteries when taking it for a spin. Works great on sand and gravel too.

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Thank you so much @greenman
you are so great

Enjoy travelling

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The Texas Horned Toad sculpture brought back childhood memories for me.
Loved the crackle finish they did on both sculptures.
Travelling in VW style. When I was a boy we drove from Texas to Alaska in one. It was a wonderful journey we would stop at glaciers to get ice for the icebox.
That is where I learned how to catch a bear from an old fisherman.
He told me

You have to just put salt on his tail!

Thanks I enjoyed this post.

People who commented twice on your last post.

People who have commented multiple times on current post:

Thank you very much for being here!
I have such a good laugh looking at your comment section! Amazingly funny and creative people here!!

I am surprised by all the light colours in your van! How could you sleep with these lights, I wonder. It feels like your van is a disco tec.!

Wishing you a nice trip to Thailand. If you were ever planning a trip to the north east of Thailand near the Laos border, please drop by my garden. We will be glad to share a nice local lunch with you. I do appreciate yours making lots of good karma all around!

The weather is getting hot but strange winds are blowing in from the south so we have rain as well. Hope you’ll be having a pleasant holiday in Thailand!


Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good photography of your van & the travel updates.


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

the famous vw van is back to public. nice photography @greenman

reteemed & upvoted

Van & your life looks now full of adventures. Good luck & Outstanding photography~

I know the Manning place, which we drive by quite often from the Okanagan, (Penticton) to Vancouver.
That is really cool how you didn't need the bank after all and could use the bitcoin instead.

No I still used the bank as the Thailand contact was not too keen on doing the whole amount.


This is great photography and good work

Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

You got your van back! I assure oyu this is the most famous van in the STEEMIT platform! Nice to see it back!


Woow very nice photography.
I like rabbit so much @greenman2a781840a14a6182db01a31561278c90.gif

very beautiful photography, Thanks @greenman


upvote /resteem

Very nice

I love rabbits, cool sculptures

Wow - amazing Psychedellic interior.... This is the one I am hoping to buy:

Your case with the bank is a living verification that we truly require this bitcoin and general crypto in our lives. Banks are has been. Pleasant pictures however.

I already saw this kind of bike, it wasn’t electric though. Your case with the bank is a living proof that we really need this bitcoin and overall crypto in our lives. Banks are has been. Nice pictures though.
Historic car I have to say.

“As you start traveling down that road of life, remember this: there are never enough comfort stops. The places you’re going are never on the map, and once you get that map out, you won’t be able to re-fold it no matter how smart you are. So forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can, pull over and have a picnic.” – Jim Hensen

Amazing sculptures sharing @greenman. Just excellent photo shots indeed.

giphy (3).gif


Oh, yes, the old VW version is a very reliable car and I also admire this brand! Thank you Paul and upvote и resteem!

i love rabbit so much

giphy (5).gif

nice i like this photo



You are the best @greenman

Wow So beautiful photography.

Wow... you sure are the travelling man. We still have lots of snow out here in Eastern Canada too. It snowed more last night. Some day I will sell some Bitcoin , buy a VW Camper Van and travel to Costa Rica too. As soon as it goes back up to $20 k


@greenman - Sir your fat tire bike & the van looks cool... Moreover, photography of the inside of the van also very stunning Sir...


Smart move bringing the e-bike with you on the travels. Have some plans of my own to ride all of the trails in the Pacific Northwest on an RV/van trip within the next couple years.

The Bitcoin transaction vs. the Canadian bank is an anecdote more people need to hear and understand. Best to you @greenman!

Upvote and resteem done....... @greenman


So the bank made you fly to Canada to use your money and they wonder why people are looking for options that cut them out. Nice that you had options to work around their nonsense.

So with the bike you have "4 hours" per the hypothetical number provided, or is it a real 4 hours when on trails? That is a good amount of time from battery power.

No I tested it it gets me around 2 hours per battery on average. I have two batteries. If I run out I can still pedal it and the more I pedal the longer the batteries last.

Nice! So is the bike custom or is it off the shelf? That is something that is my speed for keeping up with the kids...lol.

BTW, I needed to take a week off with the direct to vendor donations. Been trying to power up some and finally got just over the 500sp for my slider bar even once my leased delegation end. Had to do a little investing in myself this week...looking forward to donating again next week.


Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

Wow! Sirimages (3).jpeg

Those banksters don't like letting go of money.

Banks just do not realize how dead they are.

Just a little more convenience in wallets and a little more security, and cryptos will be too easy and too much better.

Banks should be backpeddling so hard. They should be lowering fees and raising service levels. Oh well, its their grave.

Wow excellent photography sir

100% like and resteem

No more words....
And perfect work @greenman sir...
Upvoted and resteemed...

I love rabbits.. very beautiful photography, Thanks @greenman

I love sculptures , I wish you visit Morocco in futur

First photo is amazing , nice travel blog
Have a nice day

Enjoy this trip , enjoy this moment and keep on steemiting @greenman, because life is too short to keep it for some other day.

Thank you.


So so nice post dear Sir


Nice photography blog
Thanks for sharing


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well it seems hell of a ride, they should have transfered the money on your call, going in person was wastage of time, well there are always some rules which have to be followed, the bike looks nice at the back.

This place looks awesome filled with art that is format 3d and realistic too...
The place also looks having the completely different atmosphere kind of everyone should have a visit there....
Hope you have enjoyed alot there friend....

Decma dareith sabez insanas

good photographer

This photo is beast

thank's share the post infarct man life is stablest for steemit work man

reyally boss you are grad & nice photography

Excellent photography @greenman

Have a great day!!!
Awesome photography...
Have a nice journey around the world with this van

I hope you will come with special gifts...


Amazing photography............

wow nice post love it

i love rabbits @greenman sir,,,thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for being here!
I have such a good laugh looking at your comment section! Amazingly funny and creative people here!!

The Texas Horned Toad sculpture brought back childhood memories for me.
Loved the crackle finish they did on both sculptures.

Wow ....Really very nice [email protected] for sharing

salute sir @greenman
keep up the good work

Hello Paul.. it seemed you had a great time there. The pictures are very interesting..Loved the display of the statue of the rabbit.

I think, You love travel.

really great place and excellent photography...

i love travling dear

dear friend green man makes something new.


sir,,,it is just great travelling and look like a photography that are very strong,,,thanks sir for sharing this special one,,,

Awesome photography upvoted and followed

Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the youtube




Yeah those fat tire bikes are fun. I'll probably get an ele tric longboard at some point, makes city travel really fun.

U5dt8BFauhjGURqh8Rn38guHXV9gmrZ (1).gif

nice photography @greenman

Excellent photography
Nice post,
I am very glad..
Thanks for share.

It's time for a bicycle. Have a nice trip :)) resteem

@greenman travel style

celebrate a day as beautiful as you are by traveling
enjoy a lot
and have a safe journey28719729_10155573068334353_8342784912314597376_n.gif


travel is always pleasure for me. sometimes i make journey without any planning.it gives me more and more happiness.@upvoted @resteemit


You are the great person man
i really like you your job
upvoted and resteem

@greenman awesome tricks... That's great...




You Have beautiful Van Mr.greenman.

So wonderful piece of art sir😍

Welcome back Mr. @greenman. Lovely art effect.

Woow amazing place @greenman you are really a great photographer and nice to see your post i am just feeling that i am in travel after watching your post hope you enjoy your travel keep sharing with us great work
hope you also visit my blog for my travels thanks alot
I wish you all the best

you like a professional photographer @greenman sir


upvote and resteem

Very nice to enjoy a wonderful trip @greenman. I want to like you get around to many countries enjoy the beauty of the creator of the universe. but I have not been there is the ability to it. Enjoy the days of beautiful @greenman.

wow....amazing photography sir
just execclent work
i love you my sir @greenman
i waiting you all post last 13 day then you post
now i am so happy my sir post him
download (3).jpeg

1985 VW camper van that's a good one Mr. @Greenman. That's a lovely painting inside of the van.

Greenman 2.jpg

Fantastic amazing art and photography these animal art are so nice and very creative and also you have great skills of photography i can not see this ype of animal arts good job

@greenman, i can see you enjoy traveling long distance,it is fun away. Thanks for sharing the adventure

sir, after a long time i show some beautiful moment with nice picture. thanks for sharing.

Excellent photography sir ..thanks for sharing sir @greenman