Sunday at the Beach - No work!

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Would you read this post about my little trip to Pattaya for a 3-day holiday with family because this is the first travel post I have written in a while and I decided not to work at all today?

Sunday at the Beach - No work!

It is Sunday and we left Bangkok in the morning for Pattaya and after a 3-hour drive we had lunch at the beach. Then, we left the beach to stay in the condo we have rented for the 3 days.

Sunday at the Beach - No work!

When we leave home in the morning for a trip we usually have breakfast in our favorite organic restaurant, and it's what we did.


Let's see a few photos now of the family at the beach.

We met my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and nephew there.

Jomtien beach

Jomtien beach

Jomtien beach

Jomtien beach

We didn't feel like swimming!

Jomtien beach

Jomtien beach

Then, we checked in the rented condominium.


That's the welcome board!


We've got a large living room with a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.




That's the bedrooms.



Each bedroom has a bathroom.


Looks good, doesn't it?

Until you see this.



A centipede! First time I see one that big.


Termites on a white plastic stool! No idea how they got there.


We have been told that the cleaning people cleaned the unit after the previous occupants left this morning.

I just hope the bedsheets are clean!

That's a shame because I believe the owner bought this condo to rent it and make some money, that they live somewhere else and don't know what's going on. They certainly pay a monthly fee for management and cleaning, but it is obviously not done properly.

I will not talk about the missing remote control and the air-conditioner that we had to call maintenance to make it work, and wait 6:30 P.M. to get the Internet.

After renting a few condos here in Pattaya, they definitely don't beat hotels,* except for the price.

We are on the ground floor and this is the view, which is quite nice.



Looks like the swimming pool is very enjoyable.



I brought a portable blender, the one we got with the juicer: I Invested in a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!


When I said "no work" I was kidding, writing this post is already work, or is it not?

All images are mine.

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Michel Gerard


That's one big centipede. Scary but at least you saw it.
I think my wife will say "hotel" if she sees this. :-)

Yes, I agree. I prefer hotels too! We tried this condo for their original swimming-pool.

yes, some unique things is just the needed attraction

Wow great Micheal spend a day on beach with family remmerable memories because without family the life is like a body without soul.i love my family also spend sunday with them..................

Thank you for your kind comment @tanveerali.

Wow nice looks man👌👌👍

Thank you for your kind comment.

It is never an amazing trip until you have to go Bear Grylls on something. Fantastic pictures too.

What a refreshing holiday trip, sometime the best thing to do is just what you did, one of the popular adage says "All work is no play makes jack dull boy. I called it balancing the equation between family and work, with the refreshment and new exprience, one is more energized to carry out life requirement. The beach is cool and tempting, enjoy with your family and God bless greeting to your extended family members with you.

Thank you very much @princluv. I appreciate your kind words.

I miss the beach and having a staycation but that big centipede and termites made me think otherwise Lol Great post though @gmichelbkk and I agree with you, condo don't beat hotel especially in maintenance.

Thank you @emdesan for commenting here.

@gmichelbkk I remember again that silly centipede that bit my back. 😂
Have a great holiday there and have a safe trip going back to Bangkok! 😁

I thought about you @michaelcabiles when I saw it! Thank you for commenting.

Always welcome Mr. Michael. 😊
It's kind of bigger than the one that bit me actually. Haha! Hoping we could meet someday here in Bangkok!

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