Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

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Would you like to know about our experience renting a motorhome for our October trip in Europe because you might want to consider WikiCampers if you'd like to do the same?

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

Soon after making the decision to go to France this past October, I quickly pitched to my wife and daughter the idea of renting a motorhome or a camper van, instead of going to hotels and having to carry our luggage around like we did in Japan.

They immediately agreed and we all were very excited by this trip that we planned at the beginning to be only in France, and then extended to Europe because we could be more independent to explore places.

You may want to read my first post about the preparation of this trip and the second: Planning October Trip in France! and Planning October Trip in Europe!

Finally, during this 3-week trip we only had time to explore a bit of France and Switzerland and I still have to write blog posts about it.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

I am not an affiliate with WikiCamper and did not receive any compensation for this review.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

After deciding to rent a motorhome, I looked at different websites to see where I could do that and I found what I was looking for with

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

As you can see, they have an excellent Trustpilot rating and it is what put me at ease to go through their service.

The first step was to see what was available for rent in Lyon, the city we were going to go and stay the first two nights.

The booking was easy and everything worked very well from booking to payment.

The first thing to do is to register for an account and you can just do this with Facebook.

After login in, you have access to your dashboard to manage your bookings and rentals.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

After looking at different options on the website and with a budget of *70-80 euros per day, I booked that Fiat Rapido motorhome 4 months in advance.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

You can see photos and details here of the motorhome we had during our trip:

If you want, you can make a booking for different motorhomes, and then make your choice after you have contacted the owner.

In my case, I was interested by two motorhomes and canceled the one I didn't want after.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

On your booking page, you can see all details with the dates and price of the rental plus the insurance.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

You have 200 km included per day and you have to pay a deposit to confirm your booking. You then have time to pay the balance later, and within one month of the rental date, you have to make a guarantee deposit of 2,000 euros by credit card or check.

Now, let's see what I liked and didn't like.

What I didn't like:

  • On the website, you can't contact owners to ask them questions without booking. This means that you have to know your exact dates for your trip and if you want to know which of the motorhomes include a coffee machine, you have to book 3 or 4 motorhomes just to ask the question, and cancel them afterward.
  • After you put your dates in, you can't change them and the owner can't either. WikiCampers support will do it for you, like they did it for me, but this could be made easier.
  • Between the time you book and ask your questions to the owner, the rental price can change. That's what's happened with my second booking, it was at 70 euros from the website, and then it showed 80 euros later on in the dashboard. That was frustrating and the reason I canceled it.

As you can see, these 3 points above are only about the functionality of the website and I do not have anything else to complain about. The service they provided was excellent.

What I liked:

  • A lot of choice at many different prices.
  • Very easy to book from start to finish.
  • Different levels of insurance and 24/7 road assistance with good documentation.
  • Ready contracts for the owner and renter.
  • Possibility to pay with PayPal, which I did for my second payment.
  • Great support by chat or email
  • Mobile app

All in all we were very satisfied with the whole process and our rental with WikiCamper. When we go back to France, we will certainly use a motorhome and rent again with WikiCamper.

Hopefully, we did not have any incident with the motorhome or accident, so I can't comment about WikiCamper's 24/7 road assistance.

A few photos now of the motorhome we had.

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

Renting a Motorhome with WikiCampers - Review

I hope that you liked this post and that my review is useful if you are looking at renting a motorhome from France for a trip in Europe.

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Very good featured. And good detail by you sir. That van in pic look so coooool.

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@mihirbarot, thank you for commenting!

Motor home not famous in my part of the world :)

I see on your profile that you are from Mars so I believe you @farhan.sidiqui!

We did a research on planet Earth and shared the findings in last comment :p

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