The Simple Getaway: Spring Camping at Inks Lake State Park, Texas 🏕 🌼🌳

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After a week of torrential rain and storm in Dallas, it's a bright Sunday today, filled with sunshine and great weather that we'd been longing for so long. Also, I've been home for about a month now because of an injury. Now that I've recovered and it almost feels like Spring, I can't wait to get out, and go hiking & camping - my favorite springtime activity! Last spring, I went on the most amazing weekend camping trip in the Texas Hill Country and I loved it so much that I booked it again for this spring. So it's going to be Texas Spring Camping 2.0! 😀

Today, I'm going to share with you my spring camping experience from last year and once I'm back from this year's camping, I'll update you with what was new and different.

Spring Camping at Inks Lake State Park Texas-steemit.png

One spring weekend I decided to treat myself to a digital detox. We got lucky enough to grab a spot for two for a weekend camping trip organized by Random Events Dallas, a volunteer run group on

Prior to this trip, I found myself burdened by a busy work life and other commitments. So when camping happened, I was super thrilled.

My man and I drove out to Inks Lake State Park near Burnet in the Texas Hill Country. We reached our camp late in the night and were welcomed by our fellow campers. The campfire was already up. After the introductions, we unpacked and set up our tent. We grabbed our dinner which we’d picked on our way and sat beside the cozy fire, chit chatting the night away. We then retired for the night in our tent which we had managed to make pretty comfy with an air mattress, comforter, cushions et al.

The morning after, we woke up to this. 😍


The moment we saw this, we knew we were going to have a great day. After all, how often does one wake up to a lake. The previous night, we had no idea our campsite was so close to the lake. Surprise! Surprise!

I wasn't always big on camping and the outdoors but in the past few years, I've realized I'm the happiest when surrounded by nature. Coming out to camp this past weekend, instantly lifted my mood. I was extremely happy the first night I was at the campsite and my mood got even better the next morning.

Soon, breakfast was being prepped.


Post breakfast and the morning rituals (this did not include bathing; yes, this is part of my 10 commandments for camping, which I’ll share with you in another post), we set out to do a small hike to the Devil’s Waterhole. The weather was perfect – spring seems to be the best time to venture outdoors in Texas since there is a nice sunshine along with a cool breeze.



It was a beautiful hike with lots of wildflowers on the way.



Everyone relaxed and cooled down for a bit here.


We hiked back to our campsite which by noon was a maddening green.


@kwlvarun decided to be adventurous and try his raft for the first time. I needed to stay back to chronicle his success. 😀




I won’t be lying if I say I was relieved to have him back. 😃

The rest of the day was spent relaxing by our tent, admiring the beauty of the lake.


And this brave lil’ dog.


We had visitors who made us completely lose track of time.



They took a special liking to @kwlvarun.


Before we even realized, it was time for lunch. We drove out to Burnet and ate a hearty Chinese meal at a small home style restaurant called Mei Yuan.

On our way back to the camp, we saw these beauties.



We were to go for a hike on the Enchanted Rock with the others but somehow that couldn’t happen since the place was closed for any more visitors for the day. Well, another reason to make a second trip down here.

Since we found ourselves with lot of time on hand for the rest of the afternoon, we decided to engage in a little work out of sorts. 🚣‍♀️


It turned out to be a good upper body workout since it got super windy and was a lot of work to kayak back from where we started. But we had a blast!

Back at the camp, all of us played some UNO, took walks, and generally reveled in the beauty of the park. Some of us headed out for dinner to Burnet. We ate at this popular place called Bill’s Burgers Wings & Things. The place is famous for it’s Double “D” Burger and beautiful patio seating.


Back at the camp, it was time for campfire and toasted marshmallows.



I have to say, I could really get used to life without technology.

Overall, we had a great time. It was a weekend made up of great sunrises, sunsets, and a few fine folks in between (I find camping with a group is such a great way to make new friends). The water was cool and calm, the campgrounds at the park were clean and everyone respected fellow campers. It was a great spring camping trip in the Texas Hill Country and I can’t wait to go again!

I can easily say that Inks Lake State Park is one of my exciting 2017 discoveries. It is definitely one of the best state parks in Texas and almost all the campsites are by the water and offer a beautiful view. You can never run out of things to see and do here. It’s a must have experience for all camping and nature lovers. If you're in Texas, you should plan a trip here soon! It’s highly possible that you’ll run into me during your visit. 🙂

The next morning we set out to what now seems to be becoming our annual spring ritual – looking out for the pretty bluebonnets.

For those interested:

Inflatable boat – Same

Tent – Same

Do you like camping? Would love to hear about your camping experiences in the comments below!

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Thank you so much!

Such a fresh and chill place! I can see myself camping there and spending some days recharging my batteries :) that camping fire made me want to go to a wild place so badly.. :)

It's my favorite camping location so far! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Have been to Inkes Lake many times. I know exactly where you were camping. Devil's hole is a great place. Thanks for the post.

Isn't it an amazing place, especially in the spring with all the bluebonnets blooming in that part of Texas?! I see you're my neighbor, almost! Following! :)

looks like a fun camping trip

It sure was! Can't wait to go again! Thanks for stopping by!

That's a realy big and beautiful park! But then everything in Texas is big :D Congrats on the successful rafting, you should also raft next time :)

Haha yes that's absolutely true! Big and beautiful!
Honestly, I was too scared to get on that inflatable raft fearing it might puncture or just go flat in the middle of the water. I'd go with the kayak! :)

It's a very good decision to do a digital detox and go camping! I Think more people should to this more often and the world would be a better place...

I absolutely love the red flowers! I basically love the winter but I'm looking forward to the next spring to seeing such beautiful flowers again...

Have a nice day!

Absolutely! Being in the midst of nature really changes your perspective of things. I'm the happiest when in natural surroundings. More people need to get out and experience this.
The red flower is called the Indian Paintbrush. It's one among the many wildflowers that grow in Texas during spring.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great week ahead! :)

Aw I love the sunset picture and the kayaking! I hope you get to see Enchanted rock this time! Lol Double D is a hilarious name for a burger. Good post! You def. took time to put out good content!

Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, I'm going to make sure I get to hike Enchanted Rock this time. I've heard the sunset from the summit is gorgeous.
That "Double D" was one amazing burger! :D

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You look having spent great time outdoor, having chance to socialize with new people, making some rafting, and enjoy what the nature offer. I really like the flowers and the sunset.

Yes, we had a great time camping here and can't wait to go again! Thanks for stopping by!

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Thank you! Appreciate it! :)

Woohoo fellow Texan!! Inks Lake is awesome, it's been WAY too long since we've been out there! You've definitely got to check out Enchanted Rock next time! We went there just a few weeks ago and posted about it here, and also made a video. We Texans are lucky to have so many awesome parks around :) Have you ever made it out to Wyoming or Utah's parks?

Oh hey! 😀 There's a trip happening during the first weekend of April, organized by Random Events Dallas. I camped with them last year and doing it this year as well. Let me know if you guys would be interested. You can ping me on Discord, and I'll share the details (same username). It was super fun! I'm definitely going to hike Enchanted Rock this time. You post and video are amazing! Makes me want to go NOW! :) Following you more more Texas fun!

Aaaah that's awesome!! I just pulled up their Meetups website and it looks like that camping weekend (starting April 6) is my best friend's wedding!! Haha, we'd LOVE to join in on something like that in the future though! Following you too, maybe we'll see you out on a trail sometime! :)

Oh, never mind. Maybe next time! It's your best friend's wedding and I know how great it must feel to be a part of it. You have fun at the wedding! :)

Nope, haven't ventured to Wyoming and Utah yet. Soon! :)

So nice and big post! ) And a good photostory! And if you would like to hear about my camping experience, so there were so many, so I even dont know what to tell here... Maybe about one epic - when I was stayng in northern tudra 20km to the nord from northern polar circle; few nights I was sleeping in single-place tent. That was the beginning of september, when snow starts to fall in the nightime.

Whoa! That's really sounds thrilling! This is what epic stories are made of. Thanks for sharing your story and for your appreciation! :)

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Looks like a great trip! I'm interested to hear your camping 10 commandments some time. I wonder if people swim in the Devils waterhole when it's hot. It looks like we have lots in common-I'm excited to follow you and see your travel stories!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
This was definitely one of my favorite getaways last year and I can't wait to go again in April. We did see some kids having fun in the water at Devil's Waterhole. We didn't go in the water since it was still springtime and the water was a bit chilly. Maybe this time! I'm happy to know you found my content interesting. Following you back! :)
PS: One of these days I'm going to share my 10 Camping Commandments. :)

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