Riding motorbikes through North Vietnam Day 7 Riding. The Last day

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My brother (@fronttowardenemy) and I went to Vietnam recently. Join us on our ride through the mountains.

After missing our turn the day before, we got on the right road and were off. Luckily we didn't lose too much time and the trip back to Ha Giang wasn't going to be too long.


We had left on this morning without getting properly powered up with coffee. So when we say a shop adverting coffee in a small town, It was time for a pit stop. The owner opened the shop for us and we got to chatting. He was one of the nicest folks we met and invited us to his house for lunch. Unfortunately we had to keep riding because we had a 6 hour bus ride back to Hanoi after we returned our bikes.

He taught himself English with google translate! Wow!

We made it back to Ha Giang with no difficulty and returned our bikes. The nice folks at QT Bikes called for a VIP van that would pick us up in two hours so we waited across the street at a nice little place and had some beer.


A word of Advice: Avoid the sleeper bus at all costs. The 7 seat VIP bus was well worth the few extra dollars and was an hour faster. Never again will I ride a sleeper bus if I have the choice :)

Here is the video for day 7.

Back in Hanoi!
@fronttowardenemy hauling pineapples.

We spent four more days in Hanoi and attended a steemit meet-up which was great fun.
Thank you all for following along as we rode through Vietnam.

and as always...

Keep being Cool Steemit!



That seems like you had an awesome trip.

did not read all your posts but will look them up later.

Yea. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
The people of Vietnam are awesome.
It was cool to go on a trip with my brother as well.
Two thumbs up!

The last photo. Lol.

Hehe! He looks good!

it is a wonderful experience that will never be forgotten @doctorcrypto...

Yes! I hope to be able to go again some day. :)


it will surely happen maybe you want other country?

Really enjoying your Vietnam trip, almost influencing me in heading there in the not too distant future.
Thank for sharing

I would highly recommend visiting.

this is really amazing, wonderful experience. hope you enjoyed.

Great trip, I'm curious to know you have traveled through many provinces of Vietnam.

Nice travel.

Twas very nice indeed!

U Enjoyed the journey i think...

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useful videos, and great views of friends.

Good luck my friend @doctorcrypto 👍👍😉

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