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Today's post highlight is the beautiful Elbe Valley in the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland region.

But before we start the day I first propose to have a good coffee at a Starbucks nearby and just enjoy the view for a moment.

My first ever flat white in Dresden

I was lucky enough to find a room last night at an Ibis Budget hotel perfectly located in the city centre, a 5 min walk to all the city landmarks. It’s a modern hotel opened in 2012 with an excellent price-comfort-location ratio. I left the bike at the hotel and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Here is what I found:

Cool motorised calash

Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

Brühl's Terrace, renaissance terrace nicknamed the "balcony of Europe"

Dresden Armory

It's almost noon, we saw a bit of Dresden old town and to be honest I would have preferred to stay here one full day and visit more of this beautiful city but I already have the plane ticket booked for tomorrow. Yes, today is the last day of our one week bike tour for's true how fast time flies when you enjoy it. A bit on a tight schedule this year, but still very grateful for being here.

So...are you as enthusiast as I am for this last day on EuroVelo 7? You better be cause its going to be one to remember!

Day 6 - 96 km

We are going to cycle through the beautiful Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland region. It is a national park both in Germany and Czech Republic being a popular tourist destination for hiking and climbing.

A boat trip can also be a good idea to see The Dresden Elbe Valley, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005

A marvellous 1968 Mercedes Benz 250 SL Pagoda, could be a second option to enjoy the region if you don't have a bike :)

Here I took a swim break

After following a river for some time I eventually get connected to it and feel the need to take a swim, to get immersed and somehow lock those memories forever. So far I've tested the waters of Danube, Rhine, Saône, Doubs, Loire and Vltava :).

Saxon Switzerland in Germany

Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Some quality family time for these people

Just cruising...

Crossing the border into Czech Republic

Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic

Town of Děčín in Czech Republic

Getting closer to Ústí nad Labem our final destination this year

I managed to get to Ústí nad Labem around 20:30 with the last rays of light and just in time to make my train reservation for the next day back to Berlin. I even remembered the lady who did the same reservation for me last year. To conclude, this year bike tour was in total 430 km from Berlin to Ústí nad Labem for a total of 6 days on the road plus two on transit. Altho bike touring is a physical intense activity it is in the same time a mentally relaxing activity, at least for me. One week of bike touring gives me enough energy to run for another year, so I declare my batteries fully charged.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

©Discover EuroVelo

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Congratulations on finishing Dan! It was a great tour and I'm glad that you took us with you. I enjoyed every post that you've done so far.

I can imagine it's very good for mental health. Your head must be cleared out completely after such a long tour.

A friend of mine is originally from Decin, but I've never managed to go there. I assume it is a beautiful city. Those small towns/cities in CR are so pretty!

I can't wait to see where you will head in 2019 :)

Thank you for your support Martina, hope you're curious to see EuroVelo 7 beyond Usti nad Labem, which I'm working on next. I have thousands of kilometers of EuroVelo to show you, hope I can make it here as I did out there :)

Of course I am curious to see EuroVelo 7. I told you already to post more Dan! You don't give me a chance to feature you in the contest by posting just once a week :) I hope you can make it too as your tours are always such a pleasure to see. I wish I had better stamina to do something similar. But I even have some limitations (which I was born with) that prevent me from doing too much physical activities.. so I can only enjoy it through your eyes :)

Well, what can I say now...I should better find those pictures from last year and start typing :)

Hello Friend @discovereurovelo! I am very pleased that you visit my blog! I watch with enthusiasm for your travels! Maybe some day your way will go through Lviv, which is something like Dresden and we drink coffee with you :)


Thank you for the invitation, look forward for that coffee in Lviv with you :)

Stunning photos my friend! You have just seen one of the most beautiful parts of my homeland :) How was your swim in the river? (btw it was Labe (or Elbe in German), not Vltava ;)

Thank you! It was refreshing, was really hot outside that day. I also took a swim in Vltava last year, will eventually get there later.

Ah, that´s why! Makes sense now, sorry :) Oh yeah, the weather has been very unusual here these days - incredibly hot and sunny for mid October.

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Wow.. great shots dear discovereurovelo

have you heard of the #travelfeed tag?

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