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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Dresden to Ústí nad Labem 96 km

in #travel3 years ago

Congratulations on finishing Dan! It was a great tour and I'm glad that you took us with you. I enjoyed every post that you've done so far.

I can imagine it's very good for mental health. Your head must be cleared out completely after such a long tour.

A friend of mine is originally from Decin, but I've never managed to go there. I assume it is a beautiful city. Those small towns/cities in CR are so pretty!

I can't wait to see where you will head in 2019 :)


Thank you for your support Martina, hope you're curious to see EuroVelo 7 beyond Usti nad Labem, which I'm working on next. I have thousands of kilometers of EuroVelo to show you, hope I can make it here as I did out there :)

Of course I am curious to see EuroVelo 7. I told you already to post more Dan! You don't give me a chance to feature you in the contest by posting just once a week :) I hope you can make it too as your tours are always such a pleasure to see. I wish I had better stamina to do something similar. But I even have some limitations (which I was born with) that prevent me from doing too much physical activities.. so I can only enjoy it through your eyes :)

Well, what can I say now...I should better find those pictures from last year and start typing :)

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