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Hello steemians,

Welcome to my Wednesday photo challenge where I ask fellow steemians to share their pictures from their travels throughout the Czech Republic, whether from the capital city Prague or anywhere else in the country. I am sure you will have some nice captures to share with me and the rest of the users. Feel free to add them in the comment section below with a short description or story and I will be happy to make some upvotes for you. Bring it on:).....


Image source: Shutterstock
Author: Jan Prokopius
Beautiful day in Brno, Czech Republic

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Wild camping in the fields of Czech republic
Cheers for this amazing country!


what a beautiful image of the sun! Great shot my friend, thanks ever so much for that!

Charles Bridge in the sunny day. I woke up early this morning to avoid the crowd. I love the Charles Bridge in the peaceful morning. Though it was chilling in November, I enjoyed the moment so much.


Charles Bridge is probably the most crowdy place in Prague and I am not very fond of crowds...... But! I just love it, I love Charles Bridge! Early morning or late night over it is just spectacular..... Once you step on it you can really breathe the history and there is no better place for that... Thanks ever so much for sharing..

A little Jirak action for your Wednesday


Nice one! :)


Looks amazing! Thanks ever so much for sharing! Tomas

We are sending love from Prague :)



Fantabulous! Share the love with all of us:)......

Ruthards street in Kutná Hora leading to St. James of the often neglected places in this beautiful city ...and you can find there also great restaurant to have a dinner!

Photo made by: František Renza



The same do I:-)



my PAkistan <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Wow looks surreal!😍😍😍😍😭👌🏻

wow <3 beautifull <3 u always share blessings of nature :)

Truly outstanding to see this :)

Czech Republic is really amazing. Can't wait to see it

But where to share the photos/Pictures?

beautiful picture

Your country is stunningly beautiful - I only wish I had photos of this country to share!

Very nice ! 😍 I want to go there ! 😊😀