Prague named the sixth greenest city in the world!

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Hi everyone,

After bringing you the great news about Steem, I am coming with another exciting piece of information that was published today. This time around, however, it is related to my beautiful homeland, the Czech Republic as Prague, its capital, was just named one of the greenest cities in the world!

TravelBird, a renowned Dutch travel and tourism website, just released their ranking of the world´s greenest cities and I was happy to find out that Prague claimed the sixth spot in the survey!

Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

The ranking was based on several factors with the most important one being the overall green space area per person. In Prague, each inhabitant can enjoy as much as 220.54 sq m (2,374 sq ft) of green space, which is a truly impressive number, considering how huge and bustling the city appears.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Those five cities with even more greenery are Sydney (Australia), Gothenburg (Sweden), Bratislava (Slovakia), Auckland (New Zealand) and the winner Reykjavik (Iceland).

You can check the full ranking here.

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Good stuff and nice pictures. Usually TravelBird knows their stuff :-)

You must be kidding... Jen v české republice je zelenějších měst než je Praha mnohem víc...

Yes, for example Brno. :-)

Aby jsi si nepřisadil :-)

Any facts for that?

The study takes into account large cities globally not including smaller cities or towns.

I thought so, because of cities you named... all of them were major cities.

I am not surprised to hear Prague achieved this milestone. I just took this picture from where i am right now. It is Lednice, a small town in the South Marovia. Incredible green environment to make the spring and incoming summer awesome.
Congratulations to Prague for such as honour

What a lovely place Lednice is! I just got back home after three weeks of traveling and it is great to see everything is green. I just love Spring!

Yes . Lednice is really a small town but a lot to appreciate from. The Minaret, castle and its green environ

Everyone should travel at least 1 time a year......When you travel, the mind is fresh...yeah you are abslutely right Prague is a sixth greenest city in the world....I always like the city of greenery. I think only I do not like that many people are green...........Your photos are beautiful and very beautiful.........

Once a year is a good start but definitely not enough since there are too many wonderful places around the globe to see:)

You are talking about my mind, I too agree with you that the peace of mind will not come until you see the whole world as your own......In the above comment I say that only those who are busy all year, they can travel once.......I want to see the whole world once in a while.........

Whenever you upload photos from Prague, I sometimes wonder if Prague was heaven on earth. Such a beautiful city

Oh, it sure is:)

Wow, this is so so wonderful news that Prague has been listed among the top Six green cities of the world. You always share information about your country to let us know how beautiful is the culture of your place is, i was already convinced that Prague is the most healthiest place to live due to it's greenery <3

You are so blessed and very Lucky to have such clean environment to enjoy your life Tomas :):)

This is the first time I have known czech republic as one of the greeniest city in the world. It implies how people lived your lives their and pretty sure you guys are very keen in protecting and preserving your good and green environment.

Anybody would say that they love to live in a place like this and I'm one of them. That's why I love to stay at the province because at least I can still see greens.

Green environment affects our personality in a positive way, that's why everytime I see somebody showing how green their community is, it makes me jealous.

You have such a nice place.

Beeing surrounded by greenery definitely makes a difference.

And it's a huge difference that creates a huge advantage compared to those who are not.

It s the fruit of the Czech government effort which devised a Strategy for Sustainable Development in 2004 to ensure a higher standard of living for its citizens and for the environment.

An incredible news that brings a life force with great luck.
Steem which is now a conversation of all the global market becomes a very valuable thing for the Cryptoccurency market today. I see the international market is currently preparing the right steps to be able to master the future market with steam.
The very interesting thing I also read that the birthplace @czechglobalhosts Prague was named the sixth green city in the world!
I am also Happy Happy Hearing, Congratulations on the success that sangt this means. Ranking is based on several factors with the most important being the overall area of ​​green space per person. In Prague, every citizen can enjoy a green space of 220.54 m², which is a very impressive amount, considering how big and crowded the city appears.
Hopefully this post inspires all people around the world to keep and maintain the green space in their place.

It is an honor for you and the people of Prague that your city is delcared as 6th greenest city in the world. Such a nice to hear. Europe is an amazing place. Out of top 6 position 4 attained by European city.
You have a beautiful city. your government and local administration is doing a great work to make the city and country more attractive. Providing a green space to each inhabitant as much as 220.54 sq m is a great effort. Their work is laudable. Congratulations again. All the best @czechglobalhosts


the Czech Republic as Prague, its capital, was just named one of the greenest cities in the world!

I wan't wonder with above news coz I know Prague wanna amazing and most ever-green location around the world. You have problem. How I know like that? I'm a big fan of Thomas's travel tip guidance. So I see already this. It's celebration news to you.Prague has most attraction of tourists around the world. It has great architectural technology. Everyone stunning with Prague's scenery. With your tips I'll hope more tourists come to Prague.

Looks amazing!

Greenery is known as freshness, it indicates how fresh the air will be of Prague, one of my favorite place in the world!
can't wait to visit it :/
let me some bucks from steemit first :/

Congrats! I was just telling my partner the other day of a dream of mine to convert more of our area to greener space and renewable living. We have hundreds of miles of untapped biking potential here. Thanks for posting and the inspiration!!

It is an achievement and honor for your country. Your administration should be really doing well for its well being. They deserve a lot of appreciation for their work! Greenery is essential for our lives and puts great impact on the environment too!

I visited Prague some time ago and I fell in love with this city. I really hope I will visit again.

If it's the sixth, then how much more is the 5th until the 1st?

Nature always carries the colors of the spirit. Nature is not a luxury, but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital as water or good bread.

Congrats, Sir! Prague was voted one of the greenest cities in the world. Really Prague is an amazing and very fantastic city.

I love Prague!