7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – South American Saturday week #36 – winner announcement!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

It is my great pleasure to announce the winner of 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday. I would like to say huge thank you to all the participants for their great entries. The number of entries yesterday was very good with many high-quality images so it was extremely hard to decide on the winning one. I encourage you to check the entries as they really were all stunning.

You can see all entries and participants in this post: 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday week #36 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

Please give a huge shout out to the best ten competitors for taking part in the challenge and sharing their photos and experience with all of us here on Steemit:

@joythewanderer @itchyfeetdonica @martinphoto @jman27 @unataldani @apples96 @bermudezloida @maxili63 @nenio @lcdoreyes

It would be great if you can visit their blogs and appreciate their awesome photography skills with some upvotes.

However, the winner is only one and that is for me picture posted by @itchyfeetdonica with the following entry:

Unlike most travelers who reached Torres del Paine National Park by land transportation from Puerto Natales of Chile, I arrived there through Rio Serrano by a ship and a small boat, and after a short hike upon landing, I captured this amazing view:

Click on the image for a large view

What a great contribution from @itchyfeetdonica to the photo challenge! I have visited @itchyfeetdonica blog and upvoted her post called: #101 Follow Me to a Typical Miao Village in Southwest China(1) - First Impression 苗寨印象. @itchyfeetdonica amazing entry from Chile is qualifying for the weekly challenge where it will be competing against the previous and upcoming winners of the week:

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #36 - winner announcement!

@amyalfatasya Asian Sunday entry:

Tourist destination beach lhok seudu "Aceh Besar, Indonesia" no doubt about the beauty and feel of the beach. The beach is about 30 kilometers from the city of "Banda Aceh" is one of the most visited tourist attractions of local and Asian tourists. The beach is only 10 kilometers from the highway is very beautiful when the sun sets. Even some time ago there was a sailing ship belonging to foreign citizens who are enjoying the beauty of this Lhokseudu beach.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #36 - winner announcement!

@jayclar30 Australian Monday entry:

This is Natural Bridge but is sometimes called Natural Arch. It is a stunning waterfall found in Springbrook National Park in Queensland, Australia. I was blessed the day we visited, we had been there for a little while and I had already taken a heap of photos but then the sun found an area through the trees to shine through making my photos all the better. The reflection from the sun on the water was reflecting up onto the roof of the cave highlighting it's fabulous textures and colours.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans week #36 - winner announcement!

@axeman Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans entry:

Next frame from "Endangered Species" series. Pretty long exposure shot of a beautiful sunset at the Baltic Sea coast, nearby the gates to the port of Klaipeda. Pretty stormy skies, but still with touch of colors from the dawning sun at the horizon. A long piece of wood as a perfect foreground leading the eye to the endless sea. Enjoy the scenery!

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - African Wednesday week #36 - winner announcement!

@timspawls African Wednesday entry:

The afternoon sun strikes the Chyulu Hills in Tsavo West, Kenya. A land scape that is usually dry and grey has once again been transformed into lush green by the arrival of the rains.

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - European Thursday week #36 - winner announcement!

@martinphoto European Thursday entry:

A marvelous feat of engineering and a photographers delight. This is Puente Nuevo and its surrounding area. A majestic 200+-year-old structure with beautiful views on both sides from the top of the structure, begging to be photographed. A must see if you're in the area around Ronda, in Andalusia (Spain).

Click on the image for a large view

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #36 - winner announcement!

@crazy-andy North American Friday entry:

On the photo below you can see one of many amazing USA State Parks. This one is located in Utah and I have visited it on my first trip to USA in 2014. There is a funny anecdote from this year’s Utah visit, when we also planned to visit it, but then we realized just few miles before the park, that we don’t have enough fuel and turn around. We came back to Moab’s gas station with fuel for only 4 miles left. So it was a smart decision at the end.

Click on the image for a large view

The winner of the weekly challenge will be selected by you based on the dollar value of this post and then entered to a monthly and possibly yearly challenge on the way to win the price of 200 SBD in total. You can give @itchyfeetdonica your support by upvoting this winner announcement post.

My next challenge is coming shortly: Asian Sunday. Get your pictures ready! :)

For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines – 09/05 update

Please feel free to check out some of my other recent posts.

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simply prolific photography. mind blowing capture. looks just the perfect view of a desert

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WoW, @czechglobalhosts your photography is simply amazing..i like you photography contest..and..photofeed.thanks for sharing..
Post resteemed


This isn't your photograph. This was taken in South Dakota on Nov. 19, 2016 by a photographer that goes by the user name PixelPieStudio. Just because you put your watermark on it does not make it yours. You can find a link to this photographers portfolio here:



your are right,This photo is not mine, I took it from pixabay.

The pictures are looking imaginary wow so beautiful, it made my day

beautiful selection!

Amazing photos! Good job, @czechglobalhosts, for finding them and giving shoutout and prize pool!

very nice post .... very beautiful photography of the landscape .... amazingly nice ....

simply prolific photography. mind blowing capture. looks just the perfect view of a desert

wow! beautiful pictures! congratulation for the winner and participants!

Woohoo~ Thank you Tomas and everyone who voted and commented! Your support is much appreciated! =)

congrats @jayclar30 and @itchyfeetdonica. Donica this is one of the first pictures in which I interacted with you. Wonderful picture!


Thanks Sara! Yes I remember the nature contest, seems it's stopped right now? I guess the hostess is pretty busy...


Yes I haven't seen anything in a long time. Good luck to you.

Thanks Tom, for the nomination, to share and for the opportunity to compete in this contest, I love it, all the photos were beautiful and the winner was spectacular