Prague/Czech Republic - Monday photo challenge - share your personal pictures from your visit to the Czech Republic!

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I hope you are all having a great day! :) As usually, I am here with my daily photo challenge where you can submit your personal images from your travels to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic in the comment section below.

The best 15 entries of the day will get my upvote. I will then pick the absolute winner of the day from these 15 photos. The winning photo will be awarded with a bigger upvote and it will also be featured as the cover image for the challenge post the next day to give the author of the winning shot some more exposure and publicity.

Don’t forget to add a short background story for your entry with at least 30 words and let me just remind you one more time that only personal images will be accepted in the challenge.

There were many great entries submitted in the yesterday Prague/Czech Republic photo challenge and I had a hard time picking the best one. After a deliberate consideration, however, I decided to choose the following entry by @rockmen:

I feel like I should save these photos for Halloween. This is one of the most interesting places I visited on my trip. The Sedlec Ossuary, just outside of Kutna Hura. There are more than 40,000 bones artistically arranged for your viewing pleasure. The bones date back to the era of the Hussite Wars and plague in the 14th century. Incredible!💀

Click on the image for a large view

I rewarded @rockmen winning entry with some extra upvote. Feel free to visit his blog and check out some of his other entries.

Thank you for your submissions. Have a great day and keep on Steeming!

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I wish I knew the story behind this work of art. It appears to be a boy holding up either a big beach ball or a figurative planet. It hangs by wires from Dolni Vitkovice in the city of Ostrava, an old steel plant that is now used as an events venue. There are works of art here and there, sometimes hidden in plain site. I was attending a party here. It is a really cool venue.


Not really my favorite part of the country but it does play an important part in Czech history. It is actually interesting how they are utilizing some parts of the Vitkovice Steel Plant and turning in into venues that serve completely different purposes. That piece of art is just speaking for itself. Thank you and have a great day. Tomas

Side view of the Krnov Chateau, a beautiful Classicist chateau built on a site of former medieval castle in the historic center of Krnov. Located at the foothills of the Jeseniky Mountains in the Moravian - Silesian Region of the Czech Republic, the town of Krnov is home to about 24,000 people and it boasts numerous impressive pieces of architecture.



In any city there are a lot of squares. But one square, as a rule, the historical center of the city, is the most beloved among both city dwellers and tourists. In Prague, this is the Old Town Square (or Staroměstské náměstí).
In its importance and attendance, the Old Town Square is not inferior to the fortress of Prague Castle or the famous Charles Bridge.
It is most convenient to get there by metro. You need to quit at any of the stations: Mustek, Namnesti or Staromestsk. Or on 17.18 trams to the stop of Staroměstská.
A few steps - and you are in the square.

St. Barbara's Cathedral
The most famous architectural monument of Kutna Hora, the second largest and most significant gothic temple in the Czech Republic, built in the late Gothic style. Refers to the most unusual gothic structures of this type in Central Europe. The cathedral was rebuilt many times and is now a textbook on architecture and architecture throughout the Czech Republic, as it absorbed a variety of styles and directions in its interior and exterior.

Panorama of Prague from Štefánik´s Bridge
In the foreground the Sv.Čech´s Bridge. From left to right: Temple of St. Nicholas, Strahov Monastery, Prague Castle ...
I like to take photos from the bridge. There are no trees in it. And I can use the railing as a tripod ...


St. Thomas church near Vítkův hrádek

Last year a business partner who lives in Austria next to the Czech border showed me some lost places near his home. During this excursion we also visited this lovely wooden church and the castle ruin not far from it.

The church of San Nicolás is in Mala Strana. It is considered the most important church of the high baroque of Prague. It has one of the largest frescoes on the roof in Europe. Also noteworthy inside, a copper sculpture bathed in gold of San Nicolás surrounded by cherubs.

Cesky Krumlov is a beautiful little city, with cobblestone alleys and streets, beautiful buildings and of course the castle on the hill. The square itself is small, but is a must see.
Interesting ancient town, very tourist orientated but never the less worth a visit should you be in this neck of the woods. Watch out for uneven cobbles can be quite treacherous under foot.

Wallenstein Palace Gardens
We enjoyed wandering through such beautiful gardens and admiring the statues and large water feature. An absolute must to visit when in Prague. Beautiful view of the gardens and interesting statues. A must see in Prague. So many wonderful historical buildings.

Cesky Krumlov
The whole town is a photographer’s dream. Everywhere you look there are beautiful little nooks, crannies, alleyways and alcoves. There is a real old world charm despite the hordes of tourist and the threat of the tourist trade to the character of the town. Somehow there is so much here that is quaint and pretty that nothing save for Disneyworld actually coming here, could change its unique beauty.

This amazing petrin tower is easily accessible by means of a venhicular railway. It is set in very large, amazing gardens. I was pleased to see that hte top of the tower was accessed by means of a lift with the option of using the lift to descend or the stairs. For a photographer the steps are the best option as each level offers something new.

David Cerny is a politically comedic genius artist and this sculpture is a perfect example: two men piss on a Czech shaped pool. And there is a phone number you can text to instruct them to "spell out" a personal message if you should so desire. Definitely worth a trip from anywhere.

Adrspach-Teplice Rocks
Great location and unique rock formations. You stand on top if you are not afraid of peaks. Approximately 2 hours walk between huge rocks that make you feel like you are in Game of Thrones :)

The knee bone's connected to the leg bone. The leg bones connected to the ankle bone... 🎶🎵. Okay maybe it's not perfect anatomy, but I don't think Mr. Rint, who assembled all these bones in 1870 was too worried about it either. 😁

I took this photo from under the dust tower or the famous Prašná brána. Built in the eleventh century it was one of the thirteen doors that bordered the old city of Prague. In this image I take a particular view from under the arch.


Cloudy day in Prague
Malá Strana, one of the most historic Prague districts, is dominated by St. Nicholas Church (Kostel svatého Mikuláše), a church built in Baroque style during the 18th century. Its Baroque organ was played by Mozart in 1787.


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