Prague´s famous Babies sculptures will be replaced with copies

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Hi everyone!

I have already dedicated a few posts to the Babies, some of the most famous but also controversial modern statues created by the prominent Czech artist David Cerny and today, I am coming with another post about them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Most of the babies from this series used to be found attached to the Zizkov Lookout Tower but a couple of months ago, they were taken down for maintenance and it was not known when they would be put back on the tower.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

However, it was now decided that the sculptures will be actually replaced with copies made from different material that will make them easier to attach to the tower and maintain. The size and overall appearance of the copies should be identical to the original pieces though so that visitors of the city should not even notice any difference.

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Haha seems these bar-code-faced babies are gonna become permanent residents of Prague! ;pp there must be something REALLY special about these (creepy) babies... or maybe the more controversial they are, the more tourists they’ll attract!


You would be surprised but we do have many controversial sculptures around the country.... Actually, in my opinion quite a significant number for a country that was ruled by communism for many years.....And, yes, the tourism is only booming:):)....


Haha you’re right...! And wish Czech’s tourism continue to thrive!! I’ll definitely visit these babies when I go to Prague! :)))

Better copies than nothing. On Charles Bridge, too, most are just copies ...


Absolutely agreed!

No one should break these sculptures because they tell us about the whole history but in some places they don't follow these kind of instructions. Amazing sculptures ! Really got surprised !!!!!! 😃😃👧👧

They look so real they make me what to go over walls😰😰😰😰😰,get it

Interesting @czechglobalhosts. What could be the story behind these Babies?...

Thank you so much for the news and to be very honest these babies look really cute and sweet. If the authorities put the copies of these original babies on the tower, this will not make any difference and it surely will send a positive message of the country all over.

Greetings friend @czechglobalhosts the good thing is that they will take into consideration the size and shape of the babies, so that people do not notice the replacement ..

I love Prague, and Czech beer, and knedliky s pivnim gulasem, but I don't like this creepy babies