Call to action: spread the word about Steemit on Twitter and other social media!

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Hi everyone!

Today, I am coming with a little call to action. I have been recently seeing more and more Steemians promoting our beloved platform on other social media and I would like to inspire other users to join them. I am sure that promoting Steemit on other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook could make for a massive boost in the growth and development of the platform.

Now let me be a bit more specific and introduce you to an amazing Steemian @stephenkendal and his new project #steemtalent. Stephen has been very active on Twitter too where he has about 6,600 followers and he has been promoting Steemit to them.

Through his new project #steemtalent, Stephen has been trying to attract all kinds of creative people to Steemit, such as photographers, travelers, bloggers, musicians, artists, analysts etc. Stephen has been doing an amazing job but to raise the awareness about Steemit among millions or hundreds of millions, we need more people like him.

I joined Stephen´s inspirational efforts as I started to promote Steemit to photographers. As you probably know, I run two daily photo contests where it is quite easy for creative photographers to make some extra money and I would really love to see more and more new photographers coming to Steemit to compete in these contests.

It is important to remember that bringing new, talented people who are able to create interesting and original content, is absolutely crucial for the healthy growth and success of Steemit. Keep in mind that the content created by us, Steemians, is the driving force behind the platform and one of the key factors that determine the price of Steem so we should all do our hardest to produce the best content and to spread the word about Steemit among other people who have the abilities to contribute to the growth of the platform.

Also, if some of your friends are already promoting Steemit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other media, make sure to support their effort through likes, retweets and comments. In unity there is strength :)

To motivate you in your promoting activities, I decided to reward those who spread the word about Steemit on other social media. Just submit a printscreen of your status from other social networks where you promote Steemit in the comments below as well as on my daily upcoming posts and I will give those comments a little upvote ;)

Below is just a little Twitter feed from few days back to show you how things work in reality:

Feel free to get inspiration from another dedicated Steemian and a regular contributor to my photo contests @jpphotography. He regularly takes part in my contests where he posts his entries on his personal blog which he then shares on his Twitter account. We definitely need more of you to do what he does.


Thank you for your cooperation. Have a great day and Steem on!

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It will be great, and yes @stephenkendal is doing an amazing job, he now invited more than 50 people which have thousands of thousands of followers, so his message has reached to millions of people on twitter and I'm supporting him by retweeting his invitation post so that it reaches to more and more people, and also I'm welcome each and every invitation from @stephenkendal as well as on the behalf of my beloved steemit family.
steemon @czechglobalhosts.

@czechglobalhosts Just created an article about this in the Prague Guide, and of course Tweeted about it as well! The article can be found at:
And here comes a little shot of the article in itself!

It is also out on Facebook and has gotten quite some likes already... The profile can be seen here:

I shared another post on Twitter! Let's spread the word!

Good idea! Here's my twitter promotion:


Excellent! I love to see that. Let me head to your Twitter profile as well.

Here's another post I shared on twitter! I'll be doing this on a daily basis to spread the word. The more steemians we gather, the better! ;)

This is my tweet. Now I will send all my steemit posts to Twitter.


Excellent, great to hear that! Also liking, commenting and retweeting other's people posts is a great help. Thank you! Tomas

Example Tweets.jpg
Example Tweets 2.jpg


Excellent! We need more people like you to collaborate all together on Twitter!

Awesome initiative and thanks for mentioning me!
I have set up an automation on that automatically shares links to my Steemit posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr. I wish itself had an RSS-Feed for profile pages, ideally including the text and a featured image.

It shouldn't be to hard to write a script that make an RSS Feed out of a Steem profile, but I currently don't know of any service, this is why I have to go through a third party service that generates an RSS-Feed from the HTML page, but only once in 24 hours, so the posts are shared with a delay and it also includes resteems. If Steemit had an easy way of automatically sharing Steem posts to other social networks, this would mean a lot of publicity for Steem and Steemit.

Another post we @travelingstories shared on Twitter!

Another post, another share on twitter!

This time, I also decided to write a post here on steemit to spread the word: Make Steemit Great At Once!!! :)


I love the hat graphic! :) Good work.

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I'll spread the word about steem ... but not steemit... that interface isn't new user friendly.


I am closely watching your project and wishing you the best of luck with that.... If only Steemit Inc. was more proactive in that way!

Hey Tomas - Great work I love this idea and will share with you my tweets as a screenshot. Please can you correct the tag as #promo-steem tag? If you get three upvotes from community approved Steem Ambassadors and use the promo-steem tag you can an upvote from the @steem-ambassador account created by @starkerz and @anarcotech which has nearly 50,000 Steem Power. Steem-Ambassadors curate for high quality posts about promoting STEEM and Steemit. Thanks @cryptocurator


Oh, I just did, good call!

I like to promote Steemit using the story feature on Instagram.


Hahah and here i am, tom_digibyte! Thats me in the tweets that you shared.

Today my account got finally verified finally at steem! Yuuuupii !!

Thats quiet funny too, to see my tweet showing up in some page here! I was looking around myself to this page to find myself on this page.

But anyways i still got a lot to learn here. I will be reading a lot what this community has to offer and i will be entering in your challenges soon !


Welcome onboard! I am very happy you have made it and looking forward to your entries to my contests.

Thats awesome! I can definitely say your contests as well are really driving people to steemit! My girlfriend @josefinemk is always playing with pictures and thinking about your contests! I need to get my Drone back and start entering more as well.

Awesome initiative from Stephen especially with the crypto sphere growing if people can get in for free in a cool way like Steemit then why not!

AS we all know twitter is one of the biggest social media and it's the best place to spread our voice for steemit <3 @stephenkendal is doing amazing job and now you have joined him. it's even great!

Is steemit still looking for more redfish when the ones here are yet to find their way? Maybe such Twitter and fb publicity may attract more investors. But if it is to attract other redfish, it will be difficult for them to stay. I read some one's blog today saying about 90% of new steemit users give up and I was wondering the measures being put in place to make it more attractive and encouraging to new members. Though, nothing good comes easy in life, so it's only those that know why they are here that will strive to make it.

Looking forward to promote steemit on all social media sites including

I will be making posts on all social media sites regarding steemit and the way it has grown up over the few years. This might encourage lots of people to join the community and take it to a further level.

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I always link my blogs to my twitter account though i unfortunately have very few followers so their impact is minimal...

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I agreed, this is a good idea in orden to know people about steemit. i am going to my twitter and follow there.

I like to promote Steemit using the story feature on Instagram and Facebook