Prague will host another exciting battle reenactment

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Hi everyone!

Today, I am here to promote an interesting event that no history fan should miss out on. From Friday, September 21 to Sunday, September 23, a massive battle reenactment will take in Prague as hundreds of volunteers dressed up in old costumes and armed with period weapons will reenact the legendary Battle of the White Mountain.


Fought on November 8 in 1620, the Battle of the White Mountain was one of the most important battles in the early phase of the Thirty Years´ War. In the battle, an army of approximately 15,000 Bohemians and mercenaries were beaten by some 27,000 soldiers of the combined forces of Ferdinand II, the Holy Roman Emperor and the army of the German Catholic League.

The reenactment will take place at the Hvezda Enclosure and it comes with interesting additional program including sword performances, medieval jugglers and craftsmen, old markets, live music, concerts etc.

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This is the great news . Thanks for the share
shared on twitter sir.

This is the grest historical place.
shared on twitter dear

Looks interesting!
I am totally against the wars, But Glad to know in this event people wear war clothes and they will act like soldiers but They don't fight, that's the best thing in my point of view, My friend Who is visiting prague, Hopefully he will be able to attend the event. I will tell him about it.

Wow! this seems and amazing practice to portray the Battle of the White Mountain in modern days. I do believe Prague is the center of such wonderful and awesome activities. Are you there too ? If you go there please share the pictures with us too Bro Tomas :)

this looks incredible. Great tip

Wow that's really a cool reenactment. War and men battling with each other in this manner is quite unique compared to today's standards of war. Thanks for sharing @czechglobalhosts

Btw @czechglobalhosts just letting you know because of your Content Excellence you've secured a spot on
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This very great news,wonderful history,Shared on twitter sir,Screenshot_20180907-004342.png