Travels With Connie The Climb Begins

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Sometimes I know exactly where I am going. In that case it’s easy, pick a route and go.

More often I have an idea where I’d like to end up, and generally speaking a direction to go.

Once in a while I just follow the front wheel and see where it takes me.

Western Stream.JPG!

We have just noticably started up and this stream appeared beside the road. It's just exactly what high country streams are supposed to look like. Pure and clean and perfectly clear.


You can see by the riffles in the water that there is a significant drop to the stream, which can only mean the highway is rising. It's heavily forested and the tress really prevent you from seeing exactly where you are headed.

Glacier Peak.JPG

When you go round the corner and see this, you know why you came this way. It's really the first good look at any sort of peak.

First Timberline.JPG

I stopped to get a better look at the stream and saw the timberline for the first time. It's really quite clear in this photo, there is an elevation that trees just don't grow above.


If it's possible, the stream is even more beautiful and then the next bend in the road brings you face to face with the parks namesake.


Glaciers. We have spotted Glaciers. It's really breath taking.

I'm sure we aren't done climbing or seeing. Thanks for coming along for the ride

All words and photographs in this post are mine. For better or worse

You want some real motorcycle travel? Check out Velimir. That’s some kind of motorcycle writing.

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Hey dear sir, Good evening from India. Finally your journey started to the high ,altitude its adventures, beautiful heartbeat increasing and could be mind-blowing experience out there so please take care yourself and enjoy every moment of your journey. Take care dear, sir, enjoy it feel it and most notably share it with the world.
Take care.

Good luck.

Thank you. It's obviously fun to be in the adventure, but I also really like the sharing of it.

Best Wishes dear sir, we are eagerly waiting for your precious snaps and experiences.

Clear mountain springs and streams, I remember back when I was kid going to visit relatives in Pennsylvania and drinking the water out of the mountain streams, clean and cold even in the summer time.
Those are some great shots and from the looks of all the cars in that one, it must be a pretty popular spot.

It's a very popular spot. This was kind of a non descript Monday and there were LOTS of people there. I must have driven right by the last time I was there, I'm sure I'd have remembered it. I was really into film then and I'd have probably spent a whole day right there. Incredibly photogenic place. With or without the T .

Thank you!

T is just glorified water, HE will even tell you so.

Hey, that was a nice short trip. I'm finding that less is sometimes more, myself, so I'm writing shorter articles. This way I can leave something to the imagination. Well, at least that is what you did for me.

One thing I did miss though: where were you? Which park is that?

Glacier. It's a glorious place.

I find that I have the most success by writing a little, showing a lot, and saving some for next time :)

So many pine trees , I bet it was refreshing.

It smelled heavenly! And such a beautiful forest with just enough Aspen thrown in for more interest.

wow😍 that looks beautiful🏕🏞🛣🏜

Thank You!

Nice view this is a lack?

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Thank you.

Wellcome sir .

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Nice post👍 I like the pictures, they are great🤗

You certainly know. Sometimes pictures have to be worked for. They were incredibly easy here. Just point and shoot.

Thank you.

You always come with so nice photos and beautiful scenery that my heart begin to go and visit these places. What else I can say?

I'm certainly glad that you are along. I REALLY like to share my sights. They are all like little treasures to me.

Thank you!

Wow, that stream is so blue and clear I want to drink from it!

Glaciers! That is exciting. The adventure continues...

I'm telling you, that stream looks so drinkable. I honestly just wanted to go stick my head in it (I didn't). The adventure does continue.

These are the best pics I have seen from you yet. Nature looks absolutely amazing, wow!!! I am sure this one was one of your better trips and that you enjoyed it really much.

I'm home a month, and just choosing photos has me vibrating with excitement. It was really a magical place. And as I said earlier, the photos came really easy. Sometimes it all works that way.

That shot with the snow on the mountain is just perfect. This is just the kind of sights we love to see on our trips. I can’t wait till you get a chance to see the Cape Breton Highlands when you make it to the maritimes.

I know! I KNEW in that instant why I'd come this way. And it keeps getting closer and closer, it's such a cool road. I'm really looking forward to the Maritimes. Really.

Haha "Sometimes " you know where you are going😂. Sounds alot like me sometimes. I don't think we always need a destination. Best adventures starts with a full gas tank, some snacks and water lol. Its always fun. Those pictures certainly look a little like the West coast to me..🤗🤗

I am fairly legendary in the motorcycle touring community for ending up at interesting places, simply because I never do 'hard routing'. If I see something of interest I'm on it. Late in the trip I was scheduled in Las Vegas. I pointed west and started out, knowing about how long it would take. 5 minutes into the day I saw a sign for a road I had always meant to ride. I did. I was late to Vegas but was it ever worth it.

Time is ours, to instinctually do as we please with it. I can never ever support anything other than exercising free will🤗. It has too many benefits to the upside vs the other option.. Cruise on my friend!! 😁😎

Hello bigtom13!

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Wow! How clear was that water, amazing! I would have had to sip a little just to see how good it tasted lol Probably not a good idea, but then again, that is me all over! haha Gorgeous pictures :)

I didn't go down and drink any, but I certainly would not have been afraid to. It's a glorious stream..

Thanks for stopping by.

Sometimes I wish I were a fly catching a ride alongside you and... Connie, Tom. Spectacular indeed!

I'm glad you like it! Good to see you Adrian. Thanks for coming along!

That's some incredible views @bigtom13. Snow-capped mountains and forests...

I'm telling you, that's a spectacular place. Every bend in the road (and there are LOTS) brings a new view. Thanks for stopping by.

Crazy, must be hard to keep your eyes on the road?

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