Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Dusk' (Part #209)

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I took my time eating calamari and chatting with people. I come out to find the dusk already setting in. The days are quite short and that simple fact slipped my mind. I mount the bike and ride northeast through the town. The evening is chilling and I might regret not minding time. But, be as it may be - let's ride.

Dusk is a very special time of day. The short hour between the sunset and night. People in visual media call it 'magic hour'. Magic hour is the best time for filming certain film scenes and filmmakers often leave those to be shot for when the sun sets. The greatest problem is that it doesn't last very long and you can take at the most 2-3 film shots if you're lucky.

It is a very different story in Alaska, where I shot a documentary several years back. As it is so far north, the real night is so short and magic hour is almost endless. This is a photo of the sunrise, I took on a fishing ship, somewhere in Pacific ocean just before a school of orcas showed up to greet us.

On my way to the exit of the town, I meet a local guy who is chopping firewood. I want to know what are those silos-looking towers in the prison yard. He answers that those are parts of a carpentry workshop that the prison is providing for inmates who choose to work, instead of sleeping through their days.

I ask if they can choose to work or not work because no system is allowed to make someone work against their will. He laughs and answers 'Yes, of course! No forced labour here. They are also paid if they choose to work. Not much, but still. Don't forget that the society pays for all of their basic needs.' I knew the answer but asked anyway, just to put my mind at ease. :-)

The chat took some more time from the magic hour and it is obvious that a long cold night ride is inevitable. I don't mind, really. One needs to find pleasure in everything that comes along. As my grandmother used to say: 'If it has to be done, it must not be hard to do it.' So much wisdom in those words.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Really wonderfull :D

Great post indeed @velimir. I guess this was the last part of your prison adventure :) you sure had a long chat with people around. A lot you learnt about what happens to inmates and ofcourse the prison itself.

This reminds me of the movie "Dusk till dawn " although what happened in the movie is a direct opposite of what to expect at dusk. The movie was a vampire and horror related movie, but i dont see any horror when dusk is approaching. All i see from those pics above is the beauty and best time of the day.
Awesome dusk pics there i must confess. The light of the setting sun casts the world in a gentle, warm orange glow.
For the imaginative, that picture of the sunset (that looked like the sun kissing the water), the shadows themselves come alive; the promise of a mysterious night lingers in the air. We can dare look directly, if only for a moment, at the fiery sun god :) just imaginations haha. Nocturnal creatures also warm up for their nightly symphonies.
I love sunrise too but not as much as sunsets. Always different, they range from wonderful to magical like you said, and mind-boggling. It sure is a great time to shoot some clips of romance, meditation and the weather is cool at that time. It
For me its a time for meditation with the appreciation of natural beauty. I normally like to go to the rear end of my house to enjoy the short time.
I loved your grandma's wise saying. When there’s an obstacle or work to be done, don’t go around it. Don’t run from it. Go into it. Work with it. Explore it. Learn how to be with it and deal with it, and you’ll have a skill for life. Thanks for the ride.

I am overwhelmed every single time I read your comments. :) Thank you so much for following my blog!

Those are pretty photos :) I especially like the photo before the last where you can see a pretty clear edge between day and night - not sure I ever noticed such moments during the dusk here in Israel :)

This thought that there are inevitable things that has to be done is easy to understand but hard to implement- I remember my time at the army - I carried a damn heavy sub machine gun and it caused me constant pain in my legs and back, at the beginning I used to complain a lot and the pain just didn't let me be - with time I understood it is my responsibly, I'm the one fitting the most for that and I just sort of accepted it and flowed with the pain - he was still there but I learned to ignore it. This is kinda like the photo I mentioned - sometimes you have to let the dark side be, he is there and he is intimidating, but you restrict it and live along it, keeping the good, lightened part the center of attention.
Kind of funny what i said has to do with limiting/imprisoning the darker sides when we are after the prison post - the work of the subconscious eh?

HAhahaha.. oh man :)
I know that service is mandatory for everyone where you live... subconsciousness is where it all happens, really ;)

Of course you've done it again! Another terrific post in a terrific series. You are really good at this...

Two things: One of my best friends (a HD rider) is the fire captain for a 'hotshot' crew, the crews that actually work at putting out wildfires. His crew is from the local minimum security prison. They are paid practically nothing, but still is very prestigious to get out of the prison to fight fire.

I used to hate riding at night, but as motorcycle lights have gotten better and better I now merely dislike it :)

Thanks velimir for all of this. The quality and enjoyment you provide is almost unbelievable.

Yes, this is manpower put to good use! If guys want to work, it is their right to work! :)

Twilight photos are something unusual from you. For the first time I learned for myself that the "magic hour" is for twilight directors - it's interesting.
Your grandmother said really wise words - you need to get pleasure from the process. This is the most relevant phrase for all occasions.
I wish you a good day and a good journey

Yes they are, you re right. Must make sure I do some more! Thank you!

Astonishing photography indeed. I love the short hour too and yes you are right this time is so amazing for shooting some special scenes. I never noticed about this time in movies before but now I take a look and I realized that this is wonderful time for capturing any scene. (Thanks for giving me this precious information @velimir).

I love the saying of you grandmother:

'If it has to be done, it must not be hard to do it.' So much wisdom in those words. No doubt.
Thanks @velimir for your excellent travel stories. I love the way you present. Sometime it seems that I'm there at that point of story. Keep posting and stay blessed!

You’ve got some amazing travels :)

And good photography too 😊


Nice photos
Traveling is a work on its own

Always a joy to read of your travels, I do like the first photo of your motorbike in the dusk. The sunset on the Alaskan sea is amazing, that must have been a wonderful trip. It's good to know the prison takes the effort to let the prisoners work to pass their time if they wish.

The "magic hour"is magic for real.I love the dusk, I love the sunset, I love the sunrise, sunrise may be the perfect time to get all energy you need for that day, and for sure, you will make your day better.
Now, to end the day, you may watch the dusk, and you must do it :)
I love heaven when the sun rises and sets, because makes the paradise comes down.

I finished my motorcycle license in November. Your Blog makes it even harder now for me during winter :(

Anyway this was the frst post I read and I think you've got yourself a new reader.

Easy now, the first year is the most dangerous!

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable content and travel is my best passion.
You already done your part 209 about motorcycle travel...Carry on your activity and focus your creativity in steemit.
I will wait your next part..Thanks 😊😊😊😊

Very cool post @velimir, I especially like your motorcycle​ logo

Thank you @velimir again for an amazing post.

Kind regards from a fellow photographer developing on steem!

I like to watch your daily journey. Motorcycle and road - bring true pleasure and freedom.
You enjoy life in real life and show us how other people live.
Twilight is really a magical time in which you can see many charming things. You help us to see them.
Happy to you road and as your grandmother said - enjoy what you say :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Amazing stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation about the prison. Thank you for the post :) I just posted myself about a motorcycle rally in Florida, check it out! I think you'll like it!


The greatest gift you can give to a man is the gift of freedom and you've this. You explore your creativity anywhere and anytime you deem fit. I'm an ardent admirer of your work and also a bike lover like you're.

great advice

If it has to be done, it must not be hard to do it !

Go ahead..

Great men
I'm looking forward to our next post

great photography @velimir,I was waiting for your post.I have heard magic hour for the first time in my life.yes Dusk is really a good time,I have also travel many times and really feel good.Upvoted and resteemed.

A really nice article made a good choice my dear friend

seems very adventureous and joyful..and great shots taken of the magic hour..kind of motivated me to wake up earlier so i can experiance that magic moments too !!

Enjoy the travel so much @velimir with great photography

Awesome travelling experience shared and very nice pics. Appreciated.

I like your honesty, and it is sad to see how the areas are abandoned and deterred by the simple carelessness of the authorities or the unconsciousness of people with the environment that surrounds them, in the same way that happens in your photos is reflected in nature.

Next time you send a bot comment that has nothing to do with the post I'll downvote you.

Breathtaking views, I love them

I really like your travels, i want to do the same, take a car, a bike or a motorcycle as you do and moving so fast at the highway and take a lot of photos, great post congratulations. @velimir

This is a short trip, but in a very short time we can work with our intelligence in using it, you are one of the few who can use that short time, continue your friend until you find the climactic point of each of your trips. .

thats say that you got very nice and amazing ones travels

ohh wow thats a beautiful seen created by your photography thats a nice way to explain

Traveling is my big passion!

Good photo @velimir. I like for all

Great photography.Much obliged for sharing it..
Upvoted and resteemed done

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog to enjoy our content and vote us back! :)

very beautiful post with amazing photo shots. @velimir

Your photo is amazing and i think you are bike lover

Was relieved with this response "No forced labour here. They are also paid if they choose to work". By the way, you seem to enjoy the chat in the magic hour.

'If it has to be done, it must not be hard to do it.' So much wisdom in those words." I agree to this quote

A really nice article made a good choice my dear friend

Yo siempre dicho: Si todo el mundo hace lo fácil, ¿Quién hará lo dificil?

very beautiful post with amazing photo

That's freedom! 🤟🏽

Great photography

I wish you best of luck in your travel, have fun and live free:)

postingan yang sangat bagus
photografy luar biasa saya suka sekali
good luck brader salam kenal dari saya

Good story, @velimir! 😃 Keep riding!🏍️


Wow travel in many places my dream i hope i will soon i follow u also

and text published in this post are my original work

interesting post.


thanks for good job and beautiful photos


your photo is very interesting. I see you imagine you are not sleeping overnight. It must be a tiring journey.

I have vote you

Nice blog . Marketing is my profession and love photography . I am from Pakistan have you ever visited Pakistan . Here is alot of things of your interest , numbers of historical places and beautiful landscapes do come here . Upvote and followed . Regards

This time I damn well like the photo of yours,
views are mixed with beautiful light.
borrow to me you big motor. kwkwkwkq

I love this Motorcycle Travel Series...keep it up ___

hello Mr. velimir.

I am but only the ones who actually comment something meaningful :D

Always come with the best @velimir thanks
Is it possible to share one of my publications on your page?🙏🙏🙏

a very good post I am interested you are indeed a propesional whether I can be friends with you I am very interested but I am not smart as you postingkan I am interested in you.

Dusk shots, I'll say. Beautiful and inspiring. Ride on, bro.

wall this is awesome .. i am lovinf each and every part of it .. keep it up

Motorcycle in my country is almost a must sometimes coz it save us from thr
E traffic jam. Do you know that we even have verycommonly the motorcycle TAXI in here? Bangkok.. Thailand

Perjalanan yang seru kawan

great work, you mean that in Alaska the Dusk time lasts for hours ?? That would be great , you are so lucky , i must visit Alaska soon. Thanks velimir

Great pictures Velimir

travel is altime enjoyle.but if it is motorcycle its much enjoyble.i
i hopu you enjoy it.
thanks for sharing

Enjoy the travel so much @velimir The pictures are amazing I love it the sunset, Have an Amazing day

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment