Travel with me: Costa Rica, Pura Vida continued...

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Did you really think the pura vida adventure was over??? There was a lot more action and a lot more fun... Did you know that Costa Rica translates to "The Rich Coast," and indeed this country is full of riches, a tropical zone located near the equator average temperatures between 70-80, whats not to love? Our stay at the Los Suenos Resort in the central Costa Rica on the pacific coast was an experience I will never forget. Its a 2 hour bus ride from San Jose airport but its quite the view... If the possibility arises I would love to visit again.


The Resort grounds alone are reason enough to visit...

Did this thing come straight from the Tarzan movie???

It's funny how vacation nowadays aren't so much about relaxing as they are planning your next tour and spending the day doing it...but sometimes doing tours even when your exhausted is worth it later!
unspecified 24.jpeg

As you can see I had a lot of fun!
unspecified 50.jpeg

Can you imagine we were there during the "dry" season...we were told the rapids are 10x the size during the rain season. The gopro battery died about 5 minutes into the trip so we have no good footage unfortunately..
unspecified 20.jpeg

Look at the beauty of the hills and the river, its quite possible to spot monkeys at anytime, they are quite nomadic.
unspecified 22.jpeg

Look theres one now! hehe...

After that, which took up most of the day...we went to a restaurant on the top of some hills, and let me tell you...pura vida kicks in really fast!IMG_0719.jpg

Panoramic view, hopefully it displays properly.

Heres a great desktop wallpaper...

Later that evening I captured this photo of the moon...theres an old Romanian proverb that goes something like this...when the moons belly is down...the rain is not far behind...The Romanian translation sounds better...haha.

The next day was a breeze...relaxing at the beach eating amazing costa rican fruits...and hanging out with our iguana buddies!

I don't blame him, the pineapple was delicious!


Gonna go hide in the bushes now...Hope you'll join in on the next adventure!!!IMG_0558.jpg

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And live the "pura vida!"


Wow amazing, will go for the white water rafting and zip lining (again) the next time I visit Costa Rica. It doesn´t matter where you are in this country, everywhere are beautiful places to visit :-)
Pura Vida

Enjoyed the travel with you...soon will be on vacation as well. This crypto world is consuming me. But I love it. Happy to see your travels. The moon in crypto is amazing as for yours as well. Thank you

Thanks @johnskotts enjoy your vacation. Yeah crypto is consuming the world...thats y we need more vacations. and some crypto moons.

Your very welcome. Honey...have a beautiful week...and I hope your moons hit high and beyond. Take care.

I love it! Great job, my friend! 😉

Thanks @dewdrop the travel blog queen...been learning from my fav. whale 😉

Nah, just a dewdrop 😉. Have a nice weekend, my friend!

Thanks. you too. Glad we met!

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Hello, I invite you to join Travel/Adventure video blog contest if you are interested

I would like to do it, when is it over?

you have 1 more day including today. Contest ends then post is paid out.

couldn't get it in time...hopefully you will have more I will participate in the future.

Awesome travel blog! Costa Rica is an amazing country!

Thanks @romanian-abroad. It sure is. I'm surprised how many Romanians are on steemit...its awesome.

Good thing you can keep an iguana back with pineapple, if you had to use steak I think the experience would be very different.

Great pictures!

haha...I think they're so used to being fed they would probably eat steak too.

Damnn great post @alphasteem

Those action pictures are really nice and super clean! How did u manage to do that?

Thank you sir! Well the tour included the pictures during the white water I didn't actually shoot those but I use a good camera Cannon 70D with the right lenses and some practice. (wouldn't consider myself a professional photographer by any means).

Hey girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I love your photos and I love that dinosaur lizard dragon creature. Maybe I should go there. Going down a river seems scary and yet very exciting and I have yet to do that. I love forest and farm and animals and you are around very interesting things.

Hey there, Thanks...white water rafting is awesome you should try it. You won't regret it!

upvoted! nice pictures and lovely vacation... would you mind visiting my below posts? :)

appreciate any help you can give :) thank you. have a wonderful day.

Nice Adventure! @alphasteem :) really enjoy your posts!

Thanks @piratemonki when you gonna show us some pictures of your travels??? ;-)

Always welcome! :) I have but no one notice LOL @alphasteem

maybe i'll repost it and part 2 incoming and many more :)

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