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Red Fort is also known as “Lal Quila” is a very famous fort in India. The Fort is in the center of Delhi which is the capital of India. The Red Fort is the largest monument in Delhi. It was named “Red Fort” because most of the construction was done by using the red sandstones. This site comes under “UNESCO World Heritage Site” and is taken care by “ASI,” archaeological survey of India.


History of Red Fort:

This fort was constructed by the 5th Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The fort lies along Yamuna river. The Emperor wanted to move his capital from Agra to Delhi. Shah Jahan built this palace for the royal stay. The construction of the fort started in the sacred month of Muharram in 1639, and it took almost ten years to complete it. The fort has seen various important historical events including multiple times invasion of the fort by other Mughal Emperors, British rule. The fort also came under a treaty signed between the Mughals and the Marathas in 1752. Jewels, artwork and other precious stones were used in this palace but looted when Nadir Shah invaded the Fort in 1747.

Once India got freedom, this fort was a military cantonment. The control of the Fort handed over to Archaeological Survey of India on December 22, 2003.

Indian Politics:

Red Fort is an integral part of Indian politics. The prime minister of India hoists the national flag at the Red Fort on Independence Day (August, 15) and shares his thoughts with the Nation. This speech also broadcasts on national television and all other significant channels in India. The Red Fort even got an honor to print on India currency of Rs 500 note.

Structure and Architecture:

The Red Fort is enormous and spread across 250 acres of land. This fort has a massive structure and has:

Lahori Gate and Defense:

Lahori Gate is the main entrance gate to the Fort and named before the direction of the gate towards the Lahore City. The gate along with the Fort’s walls is gigantic and provided the defense to the fort. A wall 2.4 Kms in length surrounds the Fort. There is a vacant space just before the main Fort wall. That area used to fill up with water and hungry crocodiles were there so that no enemy could try to climb the wall. It added to the defense of the fort.




Naubat Khana

The site was a multi-story building for entertainment. Drums and music were the primary sources of the entertainment at that time. A courtyard is also there in front of the “Naubat Khana.”




In Urdu, “aam” means general and we use this word for ordinary people, meaning those who do not belong to royal families. As the name suggests, this was the place for ordinary civilians of that time. Here, the trial of different cases used to happen. Shah Jahan along with a group of superior people who used to hear those and then give a verdict. This place has a big Emperor throne decorated with precious stones. Arcaded departments, where chief people used to stay are all around this building.




In Urdu “Khas” means “special”. So, it was a place for royal people. This site has a significant arcade-like structure which was all covered by white marble and with fabulous artwork. This area inlaid with the precious stones. One can see the artwork now as well. This site also has a significant garden in front of this building which now has a big sitting arrangement. People can sit here, take rest and can enjoy the view of different structures within the Red Fort.

Diwan-i-Khass also had a Hammam, a place to take a bath and a Masjid named “Moti Masjid.”





Rang Darbar means place of “colors.” This building had multiple colors and divided into six compartments.

In front of Rang Darbar there is a fountain where a musical fountain show runs. This musical play depicts stories about great Mughal emperor.

Red Fort place also had some other beautiful buildings and many small and significant gardens.

This entrance of this place also has a market to buy accessories stuff, monuments and books related to “Red Fort” and other famous areas in India.





What Else Is There To Do?

Red Fort is in the center of Delhi, which is just in front of one of India’s biggest retail market in many segments including publication houses, electronic market and others. The name of this place is Chandni Chowk, and which has a presence in many Bollywood movies.

Fried Paranthas:

Chandni Chowk has many places which are there for centuries now and are famous for fried paranthas (a type of bread). Big celebrities including the Prime Minister of India have also visited these places.

Natraj Chat:

This place is also good for munching some fast food.

Shish Mahal:

It’s a gurudwara (a place where Sikh worships). One can visit this beautiful site as well if that person attends here.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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It is a very cool place. I like pink color and this place are full of pink. It is nice!

Amazing photos ..
I hope you enjoyed your trip. These places increase the passion for life and inspiration
Thanks for sharing

As a residential security expert and physical security professional, I love old fortifications like these. There is a lot involved and generations of knowledge used to build them. Attack angles, lines of fire, and number of fighting positions are just the beginning.

They naturally wanted them to be both beautiful and efficient. By efficient I mean defense capability. In my line of work, the primary objective is layered defense. The more layers, the more time. No fortification was impenetrable. The better ones just gave the defenders more time.

This one is a very good example to study. They have tons of firing positions and very few blind spots. I wonder why they drained the moat though. That would be an interesting thing to discover. Perhaps the maintenance costs were too high to keep it filled in with water.

Even the way the fortifications were laid out was important. The objective was to route attackers into kill cages, open ground, or where your defenses were the strongest. The images above will give you a good example of how they were working towards that objective.

This fort was designed well, and the architects were masters of their craft!


My goodness. The best comment I've seen on Steemit all day. You really seem to know what you're talking about @finnian. I never saw forts from a security point of view before and come to think of it now, everything you're saying makes complete sense to me.


Thank you for the compliment!

I'm a residential security expert and student of physical security in general. Studying old fortifications can teach a person a lot about how to secure a modern building or home. Residential security specifically is seriously lacking in most areas, and I'm planning to correct that problem.

Physical security is my passion, but I don't plan to do what most others do. They usually do the corporate work since it pays so much, but I will help the individual home owner instead! I'm currently working towards my Physical Security Professional board certification through ASIS, and I'm also a Private Investigator in Virginia.

If you have the time, check out some of my old posts about residential lighting, barriers, etc. I'll post more in the future too.


Such a cool profile you got. I am definitely following you and checking out your other posts.


Thank you! I'm following you and Tech Trends too now. :)


Interesting thoughts; enjoyed reading


Love your insight!

They don't build structures like this anymore.


Thank you! A home can be built with physical security in mind and still be your castle, but it won't exactly look like one of these. :)


For real!

Mosts modern buildings are eye sores.


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how to get that


Very well explained :)


Thank you! I'd love to be there in person. It is a beautiful site.


I hope, you visit here soon :)

· might not be there after a while.
And even if it is, it would be modified for maintenance...😥


Regarding the moat, dengue's been a prevalent disease in Delhi for quite some time now. Maybe to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, they drained the otherwise stagnant water?
Fun fact: You'll notice a small platform in front of the Emperor's throne in Diwane-i-Am. That's where the minister would stand to read out all the cases.
Source: The audio tour I took at the Red Fort recently. It's worth the price.


Yes! This makes perfect sense. Thanks. :)


Thank you for taking interest in the Red Fort :)


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I would like to also visit Red Fort


Agreed Architects were the master of their art and nice detailed comment.


Red fort is beautiful and it is the artichtecture of old mughals who ruled over 1000 years on indo pak. Many of mughal empire beautiful structures and building are still there.
including Red fort, Taj mahal, Badhi mosque in lahore.
thanks for sharing nice post.
lets get connected.


i visited here and this place is really amazing come and visit all.


Hey @finnian,

It is totally like Shahhi Qila which is located in Lahore Pakistan. Amazing post:)


I'll have to look that place up too. Thanks!


That's an amazing place too. I was just looking at images from it. These fortifications are like many religious buildings though, and I have to wonder if the people laboring to make them were forced or not or heavily taxed to pay for them. Supposedly a lot of European fortifications were built by paid builders. Even then though, the rulers had to get that money through taxes. The price of security perhaps?

How is the weather in Delhi.

Going to travel in India for at least 4 months after my studies.🌏


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I would like to travel in India too next year. This year I am planning to see 30% of Europe Countries and United States!


wow you're ambitious! Have fun in your travels!


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This is amazing, will love to go to India too, thank you so much for this wonderful teaching and enlightenment


That will be really great! India is known for diversity in nature, languages and calamitic conditions. You will enjoy your travel for sure!

Great to see these pictures and read about India again. Awesome memories coming up :)


India ;the country of different religion ruller among the biggest battle history and their alive arctitecture buildings that makes their glory alive.

red fort is really a great and beautifull fort and look like all the great and natural beauty not look like the art of man the incredible beauty of fort is attracting to go there and live and feel the joys in the cool and relax in this fort and also good that you make a tour here
really a man dont describe the beauty and greatings of this fort in words and these photos are showing and prove this,,,the whole walla in red colors and the old style and from the linside beautifull mar mar is make it more more beautifull and the attractive place thanx for share it like your always

all shots u took are best from all best angles which shows us everything of whole town like as we are there

i like your all tours like these some speciall your cave tomb and this fort is really a good work to share with us and shows us the world best beauty @adsactly ..
i appriciate you to for your best journy


Thanks a ton for such an appreciation. We hope to you will also like our future travel experiences as well.

I have an Indian friend who was born and raised in America. She learned a bit of Hindi from her mother. They also have pilgrimage in their own religions. You go in and out of the Ganges River, which is pictured above. The river is sacred. Allahabad is the name of the city where the pilgrimage is made.

Anyway, for the first time in my friend's life, he went to India. The pilgrims coincided with the time of the pilgrimage. When he returned he was telling about his adventures. He did not go there until he went there. Because he left his deaths to the north. Disgusted, uninjured.

The sculptures also told about the events that happened to the temples he went to for his sake:
In the temple, the sculpture stands behind a curtain. If you give money to the task, it opens the curtain for a while, closing the sculpture once again. The more you pay, the longer it keeps open. Opening the curtain ...

I think it would be enough to visit India to understand how religion in Islam is at a higher level. @adsactly

This building looks very familiar. I love Indian movies, must have seen it in an Indian movie but not sure of which. It is obvious it is deeply rooted in the history of India.

250 acres of land?!?! That is massive! Had no idea on much of the history in India so thank you for posting your experience. Very cool!

this pictures are really good!

I was always fascinated by India, I hope one day to be able to visit it, but traveling costs a lot :(


Try to go for the public commute while traveling. It will save you huge amount of bucks

Great travel story and amazing snaps! Stunning! You should add it to the SteemitWorldMap and join the contest I did to encourage users to contribute to the map.
Check it out Steemit World Map Challenge #2 Everyone wins!

The Red Fort! Never heard of it. Thanks @adsactly for this informative and educative post. I believe this community will definitely grow into a space of huge reservoir of useful knowledge and information. Thanks for this.

Pleasant place to visit for those that are into history . continue posting intriguing things ..

India is a great place to visit with great historical knowledge

nice post

red fort in india .. happy to see because i know an another red fort that is in muzaffarabad azad kashmir
nice post @adsactly
resteemed followed


I hope to see a post on that Red Fort sooner. :)


ok .... why not, i do start work on that @qagiri

I feel like I've been there in a past life.


Wow!!! @serenoblues
Sounds fascinating. Share your past life experiences then ;)


I was a warrior...nah I'm joking. But seeing this I had a slight dejavu, like I've been there in a dream or something. 😂
This has happened to me troughout my life, and actually it turns out, those are places I end up visiting.

It has the ultimate essence of literature and history by your writing.

Good place to see Mughal architecture. The fort looks comletely red as it is fully made up of red marble. There is a museum inside the fort where we saw many old clothes, guns, painting and other items.


Good comment!

Amazing place @adsactly! I always wish to visit this place. :)


I hope you visit the place sooner :)

I would have never thought there would be these kinds of structures in India. I need to go to India to check it out for myself. Thanks for sharing your trip.


hello, @adsactly
Upvote & Re-steem


There is so much to learn and discover; I never had this topic in my history classes. But what a good lesson and detailed background information.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing! God Bless

Happy Independence Day : ''Red Castle'' @adsactly


red marble - this is what gives this knowledge a certain charm and makes them special. Beautiful architectural structures, with their extraordinary history that attract attention. I really liked the post, I dream to visit this place, thanks

Your such Great posts I wish your support me Steemit I'm grow up thank you @adsactly

very nice and very informative captured very nicely it.the pics shows the beauty of the place.i followed u because u always share valuable content.very nice and very informative post.keep sharing such posts,Thanks

its a good place to visit . i want to go there.
verry nice post !


really wonderful shots you brought up the glory of the old indian love those shots

India looks absolutely amazing. So much to see, so much culture. I'm ready to pack my bags and head over after seeing these pics.


Yes, you are right! Visit India someday. You won't be disappointed :)

so schöne Fotos

Wow great piece of information, really enjoyed. Keep posting I have followed you and keep upvoting your best posts. Please follow me too for best posts.

wow the India seems to me a beautiful place to visit, I hope to go in some not too distant future. I invite you to visit my last post

this is beautful and full of hstory and i have added this to my taval list

good post thank you

One of the countries I want to travel in India. If there is a future in the future, I will definitely go to Asian countries @adsactly

Talking about the Mughal's Architecture ?
i'm Mughal by cast :p
Mughals have done great work in art,
Thanks for sharing and admiring their work..
up voing and followoing brother @adsactly

India is a great country with a population that occupies the lead after China, its wonderful films and its very distinctive monuments. I wish I would visit your country and discover its culture and enjoy its heritage and the effects of your civilization .. Thank you

Amazing click friend <3

very nice

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İndia most amazing world

Its location takes 256 hectares of land, it is not broad imagination 😎😎😎

I will live in India next year for a short time. Can't wait for that...


The Red Fort as we know it, was actually called Qila-e-Mubarak or the blessed fort. The monument was constructed when Mughal emperor Shah Jahan decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi.
The Lahori Gate is the main entrance to the Red Fort in Delhi. A VERY GREAT AND AWESOME PLACE DURING MY VISIT

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Followed you...kindly follow back

Beautiful edifice ...hoping to see it someday

Absolutely stunning. I marvel how these structures stand the test of time.

India is one of those places one will want to get a first class ticket - if you know what I mean!

It's Winter time in South Asia.

Red fort is one of the historical place of india and behind construction of red fort there is a great history.

Perjalanan masih panjang. indah nya pelangi indah nyan bulan pokok nya saya suka foto benteng merah
Yg bertempat di India yg terkenal (lal Quila) izin kan
Saya mem follow anda

Excellent publication, a pleasure in reading and greeting you, follow me to be in constant communication I also hope that my posts can be of great help. success!

Excellent publication, a pleasure in reading and greeting you, follow me to be in constant communication I also hope that my posts can be of great help. success!

Nice place.and may be it is very historical place in india that is linked with the civilization.

wow ! completely different from Europe architecture ..

I think this is probably the UK government that was made by the Mughal kings

India is a place I want to see. I wondered more after watching feature films


This should also be classified among the ancient wonders of the world.
It is an amazing piece of architecture

wow,there are really alot to see in india hey,am adding this to my list.thank you @adsactly

its very nice photogrsphy..and i learn many thing from your post...i waiting for your next post

Lindo lugar, yo al contrario de los que quieren ir, con este relato me traslade me conecte mentalmente con ese sitio, la meditación me a permitido lograr eso y mas, claro estoy reuniendo dinero para conocer sitios como este, espero pronto lograrlo de veras que lugar mas encantador.

I did not know anything about this place, 250 acres, that is impressive!
For whatever reason India has not awaken my interest, yet. I traveled South Americas so far and have a few more countries on my list. Prefer it over Europe. After that I am curious about Asia, China mainly. I will be in North West Africa next week and eager to experience that world.
Question, what is ''authored by'' mean, I noticed that but is this someone elses post?

Anyhow, I posted about a pretty cool place I was fortunate to visit recently, Ephesus in Turkey. If you like history I am pretty sure you will enjoy my post, let me know what you think.

Cheers =)

Great! Getting an extra 5% raise will not be hard with this attitude of posting good articles. I like your post.

I have always loves Indians
If i werent a Nigerian, i would have loved to be an INDIAN💃
They have amazing structures.
They have good taste for beautiful bright colours!

And their dance steps? Intriguing
I will visit India this year💏

Really amazed to see it and after reading your article , just one thing to say Superb its just love awesome :)

India, in general, is a very “Khas” Country. Visited once 2 years ago and I will be back!

would love to visit india if they issue me a visa. hate politics :(

India has been on my bucket list for many years. I hope to tick it off this year through the help of steemit

Wow....... Magnificent, Awesome and Beautiful. Listed among the places I will love to visit.

great post, nice pictures thanks

Very cool. Have to add this to the bucket list.

very informative article ... Lal kila is really beautiful ... In delhi we have many other historical places too where you can visit

Beautiful place, someday I would like to go there. Thanks for sharing.

the enchanting city of the Indies, and we are progressing

So India’s problem turns out to be the world’s problem. What happened in India has happened in God’s name.

noce article, adsactly! visited it too a few years ago!

i would like to go in these kind of paces atleast one day in my life!

Hi @adsactly, I was in India for 2 weeks about a month ago and that was my 1st ever trip to India. My visit was mainly in Delhi, Punjab & Ahmedabad. Too bad we missed Red Fort while in Delhi 😣..

I enjoyed the cold winter season, the food and the cultures and would love to go back and discover other parts of India.

Can't wait to read more on travels from you!

Great shots India/Delhi are so high on my want to visit list!

Hola bienvenido a esta comunidad steemit te deseo suerte feliz año espero enero sea de muchos éxitos para ti .

Thanks to tell about our Red Fort
The market in front of the Red Fort is our shop.

Sieht sehr interesant aus

Beautiful city! Greatly shot photos!
Thank you very much @adsactly for sharing this!

This building is solid ..non of them modern building has a good structure

Im from Mumbai (Bombay) bro.. if u visit here, msg me.. ;) However my recent trip to USA and mexico was amazing, other then some racism i faced in USA. Its sad that alot of people still think that india has onlt poor people, when the most expensive residential place in the world and most expensive apartments in the world are in Mumbai.. And if you have time, go to "Thirupati Balaji Temple", the richest temple in the world, has more gold then "The Vatican". You will really love the temple, its in the south.

good reporting. I also love the search for antiquity. But I have mostly Russian antiquities

It looks like it is straight out of a movie! All of the photos you took look great too, thank you for sharing :).

Wow this is the best architectural man-made ever. The designs are very attrative in every edge of the buildings. Keep up the good work @adsactly! Done upvoted.