How to Upgrade your Community/Business/Team/Project/Cause to the Next Level with Decentralized Autonomous Organizational Protocols, Systems and Technologies.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs for short) combine the best elements of Business, Community, Nonprofit and Traditional Native Council governance systems together with advanced distributed technologies and (crypto)currencies to create a new kind of organizational structure that is far more effective, efficient, and adaptive then any pre-existing model.

Like a business, DAOs are designed to intelligently allocate and distribute time and resources for the purpose of efficiently creating a resource/product/service.

Like a living/thriving community, DAOs are designed to adapt functioning policies from feedback from the DAO “community members” or “customers”.

Like traditional Native Councils or modern nonprofits, all critical decisions are made by councils instead of individuals. By decentralizing critical thought functions to numerous qualified professionals; the risk of potential catastrophic failure and corruption is mitigated.

By involving DAO community members or customers in DAO businesses, the DAO ensures a loyal and ever growing customer base to fuel the expansion of the business.

By using distributed blockchain and holochain based technologies to power DAO data-collection, decision making, and resource distribution we eliminate the risk of data-corruption while protecting the DAO from corporate or government level entities that wish to impose unreasonable regulations.

By creating a cryptocurrency that is backed by products/services/resources from DAO businesses, and the time/buying power/networks of the DAO Community; It empowers the DAO to create USD/BTC/ETH exchangeable cash-liquidatable value to kick start new businesses, community projects and to hire/compensate/reward community members and business employees.


The Earth Nation is a Planetary Alliance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. We believe that by implementing DAOs world-wide we will drastically reduce political and corporate corruption while simultaneously empowering a planetary culture and governance/resource distribution models that treat humans with care and respect; as empowered leaders and inspired co-creators; rather than downtrodden work-slaves.

Watch this video for an example of one DAO system, called wings. This particular DAO video focuses on the technology the powers DAO Community/Culture/Business.

Are you interested in upgrading your group into more of a DAO?
We are here to help you with this. Please explore this manual for more information.

How to Create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization; The Super Simple Manual.

The Foundation of the DAO

  1. Identify the shared vision and purpose of the DAO community and business.
  2. Create a multi-phase plan to embody the purpose and vision of the DAO that clearly details the requisites of each phase and what marks each phase as “successfully completed”.
  3. Decide on how the first and main council of your DAO will operate.
    3.1 How does a person obtain a vote? Can a person hold more than one vote?
    3.2 Are votes kept forever? Are there requirements to retain one’s vote?
    3.3 What “categories” of decisions does your main council make?
    3.4 What are the consensus thresholds for proposals in each category to pass?
    3.5 How long is a voting sequence? How many rounds?
    3.6 Does your system include Delegation? How does that work?

The Lifeforce of the DAO

  1. Create a Currency.
  2. Back the Value of your Currency.
  3. Vote upon priorities for objectives to complete the current phase of development.
  4. Assign payout rates for the completion of these objectives/action points.

Fractalization of the DAO

  1. Vote in the creation of New Councils with their own voting structure and domain(s) of responsibility. Issue payments to these councils for redistribution to team members for accomplishing approved objectives assigned by the main council.
  2. Connect with other DAOs and make trade alliances.
  3. Connect with DAO Networks to create and join Conglomerate DAO Alliances.

Free Tools for the DAO

  1. Loomio. Excellent group voting system.
  2. Basecamp Best modular/simplistic team/project management system we’ve found.
  3. Google forms, docs, spreadsheets and slides Fantastic tools for consolidating information from an unlimited number of teams and projects. Building a DAO ledger (like the earth nations) is CRITICAL to organizational structure.
  4. Teachable Academies are CRITICAL for your DAO to be adopted by the community.
  5. Chatbots. Automated customer support is HUGE. We recommend Chatfuel.
  6. Mycred Wordpress plugin to generate your currency. (until you’re ready for a cryptocurrency)
  7. Zoom Great multi-person video conference tool
  8. Google Calendar Great for Scheduling Meetings
  9. Mailchimp/Email Capture. Mass-scale email automation correspondence system
  10. Slack/Discord. Great for announcements and large group chats
  11. Facebook Chatrooms. Has the highest % engagement and retention of all platforms.

The way we use these tools in the Earth Nation is like this;

  1. New subscriber/customers attracted go through our custom tutorial experience, talk with chatbots and customer support agents while interacting with custom landing pages to learn how to become a community member.
  2. We socially connect and engage in facebook chatrooms.
  3. We make announcements and focused group discussions in Slack/Discord and Basecamp.
  4. We make proposals/decisions in Loomio. When passed we create
  5. Teams and projects in basecamp to manage the project. In Basecamp we place
  6. Google docs and forms that auto feed into spreadsheets. So we can track everything and
  7. Put it into our Ledger. So any DAO member can clearly see everything happening throughout the DAO.

Advanced DAO Tools.

Linked to each item is an example of the Earth Nation instance of this technology. We specalize in creating instances of our technologies for other organizations.

  1. Freelancer Directory linked to currency. This makes it really easy for teams to hire DAO members for approved projects. It also adds inherent value to your currency.
  2. Amazon-Style Marketplace Directory linked to currency. This makes it easy to back the value of your currency with products.
  3. Mapping system linked to currency. This makes it easy for users to see and engage with locations that are backing your currency.
  4. Homecenter A place to centralize the user experience and all information relevant to your DAO.
  5. Ambassador Suite Convert the social media accounts, pages, and groups of your community into free automated advertising across the internet.
  6. Steemit Guild. Monetize your DAO on Steem. Our Guild system combines group up-voting, manual and automatic curation, super-smart bot bidding and group resteeming functions to maximize engagement, quality, and gains from Steem.
  7. Church Legal Shells. The best method to hold assets for your DAO. We recommend purchasing bank accounts owned by your church in specific “safe” countries.
  8. Multi-signature Wallets. Keep your DAO’s Main Cryptofunds secure with 15+ signature wallets. Our custom voting system will link to multi-signature wallets so when users approve a proposal, they are also approving the proposed payment transfer with their private signature.
  9. Landing Pages for Each Council/Team.
  10. Custom On-screen Tutorial Sequence that links to Teachable Academies and Videos.
  11. Locked Pages and Tabs. Restrict sections of your site suite based on user history.
  12. Custom Animated Videos with Live actors and special effects to dramatically increase user engagement.

We are building our custom versions of the free DAO tools (mentioned above) that are linked to a trainable software intelligence system and interoperability functionality to enable all instances to automatically share relevant information and make an easy one login user experience with all of the sites and site information being stored on one server per instance.

Once our custom suite is complete, we will be upgrading it to run 100% on holochain, the third generation of blockchain.

For help setting up your DAO, you can make a proposal for the EN for kick-start funding, or you can simply hire the EN as an agency. We are giving out 10 free software licenses for those that cannot afford our services. Fill out this form to apply

The Earth Nation community experience is still in Pre-Beta. Our Beta launches next month!

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This is a very good guide on how to start your own DAO! This post should be bookmarked and resteemed.


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Love this vision and resource for tools! Here's to a more decentralized world, unfolding more each day. Onward and upward!


Very informative and it seems like a lot of work lol. But this is the future man


We like to think this way of being creates the least amount of work to accomplish the most of what we collectivley wish to experience.

I didn't know most of that actually :D but as said it's the future .. waiting for the beta

Decentralization is the future if we want to save humanity.


Humanity has alot of problems that need to be solved to save itself and decentralization is definitely one. I'm interested in seeing how DAO will help shape the entire landscape.

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