Translation and how we tackle it affects the future scenario of steeemit

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It is envisaged at the moment that a huge influx of Chinese-using users to Steemit is inevitable. Language will become an urgent issue to deal with for the development of this community (of course I acknowledge the fact that a lot of non-English languages have been active here and a lot more will come as well). What I think of right now is that I came across many high quality English posts from time to time but if there is no translation (into Chinese), it is expected that a big portion of the future Chinese users won’t be able to read or digest them to a certain degree, which is a great pity and hinders communication and sharing among different groups of people. There have been some translators’ efforts like @benjojo ‘s Translation Services List. But the problem is even if someone does the translation job, it gives rise to the problem of double rewarding (despite that fact that translation should also be rewarded accordingly) or potential plagiarism. It may be partly resolved by the private negotiation between the author and the translator on authorization and profit sharing. But I don’t think that’s a permanent or systematic way to solve this issue. So far I can only raise the question, but no proper solution is on my mind – maybe that’s what @dan and @ned should consider next. 




You have highlighted an extremely important issue. Thank you!

you are welcome! I think facebook also didn't tackle this issue - they just let different groups of people stay together without reaching out to see how versatile this world is.

How about removing your downvotes like you said?

BTW, very classy to upvote your own posts with all your other accounts!

A good technological solution to this problem could be revolutionary or very worthy innovation. We could have a translation arm to Steem, which automatically rewards 30-40% of the earnings of a translated post to the translator. The website or translation arm must have a way of judging and scoring translators.

yeah. i do think this is an issue not tackled by any existing community sites owing to the obvious fact that there is no reward system.

@deanliu languages are so cool indeed :)

I feel that it applies in another direction too. The non-chinese people might also be in fact interested in trending chinese content but they also have no way to read it, maybe other than machine translation tools which are often gibberish. To reach both sides of the world, maybe people who are bilingual can write in both languages as long you feel that the issue at hand is important?

我觉得老外同样会对那些火红的中文贴子有兴趣。 但是也没办法阅读。就得用google 了。所以我觉得可能那些双语能力都很强的人可以用双语写那些你认为想转播重要讯息的贴子

I find that something always gets lost in translation.

I agree, less gets lost in translation when someone who is multilingual translates it.

Main problem is: creating a single, bilingual post or two separate posts for each language (english and other)?
Other problem: if we write two different posts for each language, how to set up tags and category to avoid plagiarism accuse?
You addressed a fundamental issue here, let's see if Steemit developers will try a way to manage it!


最LOW的是,现在有人用 Google Translator,直接 Copy/Paste。

以現在系統似乎沒法直接跟作者快速聯繫? (只能reply,但也許很快會改)... Maybe in the future we can have a translation bidding function associated with each post?

I second that - a translation bidding function would be great - I have a lot of Chinese friends who haven't joined because of the language barrier - this could solve it

@deanliu 是不是很开心?你的第一个破 $1000 的帖子诞生了。 :)
你有什么别的联系方式吗?例如微信, QQ, Skype 或其他方式


@xiaohui 很驚訝... 我一天前看是破百, 沒想到變這樣... 但我沒看到你說的一度破千就是, 可惜了點(週末沒時間上線) 謝謝 @coinbitgold 幫我回, 我確實有加入微信群, 但也很少看, 訊息流動太快, 你們這群都是專業的, 有時我也看不懂... 歡迎微信私訊我, 但我不常用就是, 但遲早會回的... TKS to all #cn ers for me. this post is inspired by their coming (currently 1st trending post)!

You can do google translate extension or right click on a google chrome which will say translate as well.

Google translate is pretty terrible


I noticed the lack of translation on here, we are missing out reading these posts which is a shame

software translation should be avoided as it presents a bad reading experience

That's why I was mentioning if it's considered plagiarism if it's in a different language or if it not because you credit the post? I wonder if you are to do that, can you be a co-author to a post?


I love the idea for a secure open platform for those living in the mainland.

Its about time like minded intellectuals and individuals have a platform to engage with one another and the outside world and share ideas and information.

Btw there are many other mainlanders who use jump the firewall to twitter on a regular basis, we might want to contact them about steemit. Might serve as a better alternative.

steemit needs a language filter option for those of us who only speak english.

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