🌍 Steemit World Map 🌍 Challenge #10 Bonus Week!

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Welcome to a special edition of the #swmchallenge Why special? Because its the 10th week of the contest and we will most likely reach the 500 contributions milestone this week I decided to reward you for putting in the work in your posts and blessing the map with exceptional travel blogs.

Also from, now each week another user will have a chance to become a judge!

What we achieved by now

Last weekThis weekTotal

For those who still don't know SteemitWorldMap

Is a great tool made by @blueorgy and @martibis that allows you to pin your posts to a specific location or browse the world map where ideally every place on the map is a Steemit post. This contest is all about making it more popular, encouraging more people to contribute their posts to the map and build a travel community where each member gets rewarded.

This week's best travel blogs

#1 Travel Diary #11: Summer at Koh Samui, Thailand Part 2

@wincee takes us on a tour of Koh Samui full of stunning traditional architecture, a pinch of nature, grain of dark humor and a handful of exceptional images, all neatly packed in with a great story. Overall I suggest you jump straight on it, you'll love it :)

#2 Trip to Severn Beach and Clevedon #2 + video

After discovering the exceptional view from the Clevedon pier on Google maps, @rimicane was really excited to visit just to take some pictures of the sunset and it was totally worth it!

#3 The Keeper of the pond. Italian giant.

@olesia shows an interesting part of Florence, a Park near the Villa Demidov that where in the woods lies a huge but creepy stone statue of a giant crouching ower and holding an unrecognizeable animal. Build in the 15th century this magnificent statue is truly an interesting sight.


Make a post about a place you visited and share it in SteemitWorldMap
Check last week's winners to see what kind of quality I'm hoping you can achieve
Tag your post accordingly and add at least 200 words of description
See how to add posts to the map here HOW TO add a post to the world map guide
Use the #swmchallenge tag


Original and quality content only (plagiarism will be punished)
Only use high quality images
Unlimited amount of entries
Only quality posts will be taken in consideration and all attempts to miss-use #swmchallenge tag will be punished


5 SBD for the 500th post
tip: this is the 457th :)
double rewards for weekly winners
1st - 6 SBD 2nd - 4 SBD 3rd - 3 SBD
Each entry that doesn't violate contest rules get's a partial upvote


You will be featured in the contest post and have the full responsibility choosing a worthy winner so don't take it lightly!
A user can be a judge only once and only if he/she has participated in the #swmchallenge at least once
If interested contact me on discord (nick is same as here)


  • Participating
  • Donating to increase the reward pool
  • Resteeming this post for increased visibility and more people joining
  • Inviting your friends and fellow steemians to join the contest and share their travel posts in the map

As always, best of luck to everyone, see you in a week when the contest ends, winners are announced and the new contest begins.


OH MY GOD! I always hoped that at least once I can be featured in your #swmchallenge project. I did not expect to get the 1st place. Wow! I have been using the tag since I found out about it. Thank you so much.

Congratz once again and thanks for contributing so much great content to the map and the challenge!

Congratulations to this week's winners. Kudos to @runicar for the contest.

very good work from the winners, hopefully I can take part in this contest.

Thank you

Congrats to the winners !

Those are indeed some nice entries !

Thank you for the 2nd place!

@runicar the 457th post doesn't contain the #swmchallenge tag anymore. And I lost my counting track :D
Was trying to write the 500th post but I don't think I succeeded :D

it's because the post is older than 7 days, it dissapeared. 460th post is the one above the contest post. Hope that helps

Yes that helped...but i think i should have asked before...mine is the 502th post now :(

You will get a new chance soon at 1000 posts :)

Yes...fingers crossed ☺

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