Calling All TEENS on STEEMIT!!! Join and Support #tos "Teens on Steem"

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Hello everyone! I'm @tegoshei and I am twenTEEN-seven years old. Obviously, I am a teen at heart and I fully support the great potential that youngsters have nowadays. STEEMIT is a vast ocean. You see various types of fish from every part of the world. It's amazing how you could experience swimming with them almost every day.

As I continued on my adventure here on Steemit, I got to meet youngsters or teenagers who are doing their best in surviving the Steemit ocean. And I'm more than delighted when I found out that they're also trying to create their own community for teenagers here on Steemit. And so, #tos or "Teens on Steem" was born.


According to their "INTRODUCTORY POST":

Our mission is to find little gems in Steemit ocean and make them more beautiful from giving them little auditions and a bit reward. Three of us will look at posts with our tag, #tos and give the quality post a vote of our highest.

We also planned to make a weekly post, highlighting good posts and a shout out to a young author. The most important thing is we can share our ideas without feeling awkward among the experienced grown-up Steemians. We want to make it a place where teens can call home, share teen stuff with their peers and learn and earn something more.

Basically, their aim is to help teenagers here on Steemit by discovering quality posts by teenagers. Through this community, teens on Steemit will have a place they can call home. They can get in contact with their fellow teens, share their ideas, learn and earn together.

I personally think that this is a great movement. Having a place to belong in this vast ocean is really reassuring. It will make you enjoy steeming more and more. And I can assure you that these teenagers who started #tos will help and guide you well.

Feel free to check their introductory post HERE. On that same link, you'll get to see a contest for teens and non-teens. It's a pretty interesting contest so feel free to join. Prizes await you! Well, the contest was supposed to end, but they decided to extend it to give chance to more teens to submit their entries. You may check THIS POST for more details.

WHO CREATED #tos or "Teens of Steem"?


These three lovely young ladies started this community for teens. @mashiliyanage and @chamuliyanage are sisters from Sri Lanka. I consider them my little sisters here on Steemit even though we haven't met in real life yet. They're both talented and smart teens who always have something to offer.

@justaboutart is a lovely teen who I met in my early days here on Steemit almost a year ago. She's a really talented artist and I consider myself as one of her fans. She's also a loving sister to her sibling.

If you want to know more about this community, feel free to follow these three lovely ladies I mentioned above. You may also contact them through steemchat, twitter and discord. Check out some details below:

Twitter: @chamudiliyanage, @imashianuththa1
Discord: chamu2721
Steem Chat: Their Steemit username

Feel free to resteem this post for the good news to spread to more teenagers here on Steemit! Spread the love and have a great day!

Thanks a lot for dropping by!
Love lots, @tegoshei


checkout the profile of my daughter she is 13 and started on christmas, her name is @creatisa

Ohh! Thank you so much... I'll tell them about her... Please tell your daughter to connect with @mashiliyanage, @chamudiliyanage and @justaboutart.. She's free to use #tos tag on her posts.. Thanks again. ^^

That's great. She's welcome to use the #tos tag. Also thanks for supporting us @rival

oh wow @tegoshei - What an absolutely FANTASTIC initiative!!! These are the people of the future and it is imperative that they learn their way around. Very VERYYYY awesome!

Hats off too @mashiliyanage, @chamuliyanage and @justaboutart

Thanks a bunch @jaynie, you guys are so supportive!

My pleasure x :)

That is super true... So, it's really worth supporting them! ^^ Thank you so much... please help us spread the word about this awesome community! ^^

I most certainly will @tegoshei. I will make a special mention of this post to our @steemitbloggers community in discord. :)

OMG! Thank you so much... It will mean a lot to us, especially the three lovely ladies who created this community. ^^

Only a pleasure - and already done :) Hope it helps.

It certainly will... Thanks again. :)

Absolute pleasure ;)

Thanks a lot for the support @jaynie.

My pleasure :)

Thank you so much for your support!

My absolute pleasure ;)

This is a great initiative... :-) thank you for sharing this one... :-) I am no longer a teen but I highly support teens in the platform. They are lucky enough to meet steemit before adulting. This will really help them in boosting their confidence in school, broaden their knowledge about life, interact with the reality of the world, meet different people virtualy, and develop them holisticaly.

Thank you for your initiative. Let me anchor your project to the famous line of our National Hero in the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal who says "Ang Kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan" *The new generations are the hope of the Nation.

Resteeming it to reach wider audience. Keep inspiring. I will also share this one in our Discord Channel here in Cebu City Philippines to disseminate the information to our teens.


Thanks a lot, @morken. I am actually from Cebu, as well. :) Salamat kaayo sa imong suporta. I hope teens of Cebu and the Philippines will participate and join this community as well. Let's do our best in supporting and guiding the young ones. ^^ Have a great day! :)

Wow that's good to know that you are from Cebu @tegoshei... Salamat pud sa pag initiate ani...

Wala'y sapayan. Ang ng-initiate jud ani kay sila @mashiliyanage, @chamudiliyanage og si @justaboutart. Dugay2 npud mi kaila diri sa Steemit, so nagpatabang sila nako para sa ilahang g-start nga community. :)

Ahhh see see... :-) salamat :-)

Thanks a lot for the support @morken.

Sure for the growth and development of youths here on steemit.

Thanks for everything @morken :)

Thanks for giving shout out nee-chan, this means a lot to us. I know that we can always depend on you, hihi~ Cheers for teens in heart!!!

Anytime my dear little sisters... <3 I am highly in favor of your community. This will indeed help a lot of teens in return. ^^ Hahaha~ yeah! Teens and teens at heart unite! <3

I am TWENTEEN Four and this is a great idea, however is the #tos tag meant for a particular kind of people apart from the age? can someone like me use it?

You're welcome to use #tos tag when you're writing posts for teens. A few of adult blogger use #tos when they are writing tips for teen in @steemiteducation. Thank you :)

Hello... You might want to address this question to @chamudiliyanage, @mashiliyanage or @justaboutart. However, for teens at heart like us, we can use #tossupport... I'm not sure but if your posts are related to teens or something that could be useful for them, #tos could be of use.. I'll confirm this with them. Thank you so much! ^^

Well you somewhat addressed then, I'm grateful, @Josediccus here

hihihi~ NIce to meet you!! ^^ I hope we could also try to support them here on Steemit.. :) Thank you! ^^

I think it's a fantastic concept really, you know, making something that can relate with teens, I'm more of a writer who does poetry, but certainly I will look into the tags and also engage

That would be awesome! Thank you so much. It'll mean a lot to me and to the girls and their future community.. <3

and em you can dm me, if there's anything new or something I can help with

Thank you so much... if you have twitter, I'm easier to get in touch there.. hihihi~

certainly, and she's told me about the contest I do hope to participate as well, thank yium

Good luck and have fun! ^^

Thanks a lot nee-chan. We owe you so much. I think that the TOS community will grow so fast with your support :D You are so great and thanks again for the support ^^

You're always welcome my dear imouto-chan! ^^

I am eighTEEN YEARS OLD too. Thanks for this opportunity. Will start using the tos tag now

That's great to know!! Please spread the word to fellow teens. ^^

You are welcome to use the #tos tag @michaeljerry0. Can you contact me on Discord?

Why not. Just lemme have the link to you.

My account is @chamu#2721

Will contact you in few minutes. I just used the tos tag hpping the good guys find me!

This information should be read by all steemit players. can I get my translation into my language.

Hello... Thank you so much.. Yes, please feel free to translate it in your language for greater audience, too.

Thank you for your attention.

You're welcome.. :)

It is strange, but a few hours before you posted this, I saw another post in the Whaleshares server concerning teens on the platform:

You might want to connect and consider combining forces!

Ohh.. Thank you so much for the information... I'll inform them about this. :)

No problem. @iamturtless is working with us. Thanks for the info and if you are a teen, you can also use the #tos tag and don't forget to connect me on discord or twitter

Yeah, we joined hands. He is an awesome teens. Thanks for informing us :)

Good idea... hope many teenagers will participate in the contest. Id like to join but i am not anymore teen. Hehe lol.

Don't worry, there's a contest for you too ^^

Thank you so much!

Waiting for your entry

We'll be waiting for your entry :)

Hope sooner friend. Thanks a lot.

This is a brilliant idea!! And i so connect with it...hence i have resteemed the post n will do all i can to also encourage them...

Thanks a lot for the support

We appreciate your support very much [email protected] :)

Great! Thanks a lot! ^^

You are all most welcome!

good idea agree with you. this is good for teens grow in steemit. i think this will protect and keep teens at the right direction in steemit. im support you @tegoshei. ^_^

Thank you so much! Let's do our best to guide and support them.. :)

Your welcome @tegoshei...:)

You are awesome!

awww... <3 Thank you sis!!! ^^

This is a great initiative! Keep up the great work.





#tos はコンテストがあるよ!Promotionを手伝う!



今も @tegosheiの日本語は、上手いと思うよ。本当に。今、どうやって教えれば良いかを聞いてる。また、連絡する!


Thank you so much Shei!!! You are such a big help and I am so glad to have met you. This post is amazing and you have really helped us!

You're very much welcome, dear! ^_^ I'm so happy I could help you out! <3

Awesome! I am going to encourage my daughter @abyni to join. She's trying to get things going on steemit. She mostly does music, but is also an artist who enjoys drawing as well. Being busy with school makes it hard for her to find the time, but she might be more inspired if she had more people her age to connect with!

This is a GREAT initiative!

It'd be great if she joins us.

That's amazing! I'm positive she'll enjoy the company of this awesome community. <3

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