15000 STEEM POWER for DCooperation !

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Today I decided to count all the curation rewards I earn from my 3500 steem power and it went only about 12 sp a month, I counted that in dollar and that's even less than $2. lol So, I decided to delegate all my power to @dcooperation to support more steemians with what we have there and now we are having more than 15000 steem power there. So, we are earning about 200 sp a month as curation rewards.

In case you don't know, @dcooperation is a community for steemians to collaborate, that's why I'm asking steemians to send us videos, we upload them there and power up all the earning and upvote those who participated. Since we have only 3 steemians participated in the collaboration, I can give 25% autoupvote every single day during the month.

Delegators are also rewarded, but they should also participate in collaborations or their upvote will be reduced. For more details, you can read here : Gamification in DCooperation !.

Notice that @dcooperation is non-profit community and even me I'm not getting a lot of upvotes from there. I will never power down the account and all the earning will stay there, most of it powered up or to reward those who will participate in our contests in the future.

I'm glad that we reached this growth even without being supported by whales or powerful accounts in steem. I will keep building the account and support steemians with the account. The goal now is to reach 100,000 sp.

We will use all those collaborations to promote steem outside of steem, so when they see how many people are participated, they will be excited to join.

Thanks for our delegators, supporters and those who participated in our collaborations.

Welcome to DCooperation community

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You also can participate in this : Think about STEEM


If you want to support our project, you can delegate to us using this tool : Delegate to DCooperation

You can also support us by following our trail here : DCooperation curation trail

Join us in discord here : DCooperation discord server


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Yuhh it's great amount! Keep it up! 👍

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Thanks a lot.☺

Wow 15000 is huge, I saw the announcement on the channel and well I went to check it out, I guess dcoperation will make a huge impact when steem prices begins to leap. I hope people join now to enjoy thw prospect of the future.

Yeah, 15000 is good, but we need more anyway. People want better rewards to participate in collaborations. But, you know what, those who will build this with me will be always appriciated. I'm building something really huge if we just find people who will collaborate. Imagine if we will create at least once a day. All the earning will be powered up and we will be able to earn 1000 sp or even more a month. Even now, only with curation we can earn about 200 and that's not bad at all. I will keep fighting and building till I will hit the goal and then I will set an other and that's 1 million steem power, imagine that. How much people will do for the community if we will have that. We will be able to ask people to promote steem everywhere and to make a lot of people join instead of wasting time with things that are not helping in the growth. We really can be a whale like @theycallmedan or more. lol

I believe even if you give out one steem only per collaboration people should be grateful, I believe you're doing your best, we build gradually I don't see a need for people to be greedy. For me I believe we will, you will get there. Sometimes people needs to be selfless. I don't mind I'll do the collaboration when you ask me even if I get nothing subsequently

That's great. I'm sure that you have a good intension and you are just supporting me to build the community. Thanks a lot for that. ☺

Of you need me please just tell me, I might not see the announcement because I might be busy


Wow. Glad to see dcooperation growing and now its a great motivation for people that if they become part of collaboration then they are going to get more rewards as compared to before. 15k is not a small amount when steem price goes up it will have a much better reward. I wish to see our cooperation touching 100k or even more like 1 million and I am quite confident that this will happen for sure.
I see that you are trying all possible ways to bring more users to collaboration. I am glad to be part of list that dcooperation upvote and I will always be part of by sharing my vlogs, Thanks. Have a great day.

You're very welcome. Thanks for the inspiration. We should promote this all together, so the more collaborations we will have, the faster we will grow. I hope we will be able to create everyday.