What's DCooperation ?!

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In this video I explained what's @dcooperation and how it wokrs.

So, DCooperation is a decentralized collaboration.

When I created it I was interviewing steemians and I interviewed more than 100 people.

Then I tried to collaborate with other communities in steem and I was running a show called ''Our Steem''.

In @dcooperation itself I was always welcoming and helping the newcomers to grow and improve in steem.

We have also an interesting curation system and that's the following :

To get guaranteed upvotes from @dcooperation you can delegate :

Less than 100 SP delegated = 1 full upvote in 14 days;

100 - 199 SP delegated = 1 full upvote/week;

200 - 299 SP delegated = 2 full upvotes/week;

300 - 399 SP delegated = 3 full upvotes/week;

400 - 499 SP delegated = 4 full upvotes/week;

500 - 599 SP delegated = 5 full upvotes/week;

600 - 699 SP delegated = 6 full upvotes/week;

700 SP delegated or more = 7 full upvotes/week or 1 upvote everyday and that's the maximum I give.
You can use this tool to delegate : https://steembottracker.com/delegation.html

All the upvotes are manual by me. All curation rewards and any rewards from content created there is going to power up the account. I will never power down that account. I'm doing that almost 1 year and half.

I'm delegating now 1600 steem power to the account and we have in total 12000 delegated.

Our upvote is about $0.2.

Those are all the delegators :

@calisthenicsdrop @emsonic @sp-group @robertandrew @behelen @blessed-girl @holgerwerner @bobaphet @soufiani @theonlyway @romafedorov @ireenchew @eftnow @rehan12 @mamun123456 @iamjadeline @freecrypto @thecrytotrader @camuel @mrchef111 @jeronimorubio @clicked @jgvinstl @dmilliz @ilazramusic
@zekepickleman @madushanka @steemitbaby @indigoocean @cryptospa @mjtravel @yangyanje @rem-steem
@alexshumsky @alokkumar121 @amar15 @mediumjack @fruitdaddy

39 delegators !

Most of them are active steemians, so if you want to support them all, you can delegate some power if you want.

They are all upvoted and I'm doing my best to make it fair, you can check the report here : http://www.steemreports.com/outgoing-votes-info/?account=dcooperation&days=14

In case I miss anyone, we have also a discord server where delegators remind me to upvote by sending their links in a special channel, you can join here : https://discord.gg/uj2AF5Y

My goal now is to have 100,000 steem power and after 1 million, why not. lol

In the video I said more, you can watch it if you want.

Thanks for your attention. ☺

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Join ''Mission possible'' - The big movement to promote steem

Subscribe to my 3speak channel here !

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Thank you for creating dcooperation. I remember a few instances where I nominated posts from newbies amd they were awesomely curated by your team.

It is high time every community personalize steem as you do. In this, one would be able to contribute value to the system.

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Thanks I'm doing my best to support those who need that support. We don't have that much, but that's all that we have and I hope some powerful steemians will notice us someday. It's non-profit project anyway.

Thanks sir for creating this amazing community . I hope this community is growing so speedily.

I also hope that. Even if we are not that big, we still exist. ☺

Yes obviously sir.we are always working together. Thanks

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@clixmoney, I know how much efforts you've put into these Interviews brother.

Hope that this Initiative will going to be continued more effectively and will motivate others too. Stay blessed.

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yeah, that effort is not that rewarding that's why I stoped doing that, maybe if I will interview people from outside of steem, it will be much better for me !

Sounds more productive. Good luck. 👍

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Dcooperation Rocks :)

Thanks for always supporting us. ☺

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