Think about STEEM - #1 - Thanks to @alokkumar121

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This is a new series of videos from @dcooperation , the video edited by @clixmoney.

We are asking steemians to send us videos with what they think about steem.

All the rewards from those videos will powered up to reward all the participants.

Thanks to @alokkumar121 who sent us the first video and he will get 8 steem reward for being the first who reacted.

He will also get an autoupvote of 14% every single day from @dcooperation during the month.

Take a look here how that's counted !

Thanks also to those who participated in the previous collab and those are : @josediccus and @chireerocks. ( both getting 10% upvote everyday and @josediccus rewarded with 10 steem for being the first who reacted ! )

Participate in our next collabs and be rewarded !

We are promoting this videos to the world and we need everybody outside steem to feel the community here !

Enjoy watching. ☺


If you want to support our project, you can delegate to us using this tool : Delegate to DCooperation

You can also support us by following our trail here : DCooperation curation trail

Join us in discord here : DCooperation discord server


You still can send us a video about what you think about steem in one minute.

The entries can be sent using this website : to [email protected]

Let me know in the comments or in discord if you did send the video, because it can be saved on the website before I download it, only 24 hours.

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I am so happy to get featured on @dcooperation community vlog and thanks to @clixmoney for this nice initiative to bring more people together add value in steem. I hope more people will come forward to be part of it and it would be more fun. Thanks much for the reward. Have a great day.

You're very welcome. ☺

@tipu curate 2

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Welldone there @alokkumar121, it's amazing to see your entry, I wish we can have up to 5 or 6 steemian to really participate as well in the Next collaboration, hopefully when we would, and soon I'll do a video for dcoperation as well really. Welldone Clix

Thanks. I'm glad to see you excited about this. We need all to stick together and bbuild this. I'm sure more people will join in the future. I asked about ideas and already got some good ones. For example we can call tribes and they may participate.

@alokkumar121, Congratulations and keep up the good work. Stay blessed.

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Welcome team.

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