Three Wishes Challenge

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Hello my fellow Steemians...

I have been tagged in the #three-wishes challenge by @xcountytravelers; a challenge that was created by @guiltyparties.
If you'd like to see the original post, Check it out here!

So...three wishes...

I wish I could get my truck back...

I had to give it back... was better than losing both of our vehicles, but really enjoyed having it. I have mentioned many times that I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 2016. Being unable to work, and waiting for my disability case to be "resolved", we had to sell quite a few things to get by. Now... I know I'm not the only one, but when its YOU experiencing it... well, I digress...


More Energy

MS takes all the "get up and go" out of you. We like, no, love... to go outside and enjoy nature. This picture above is from one of our creations. Flower display if you will...if I had more energy, there would be SO many different things we could do out in the yard...

Lord knows there's always "plenty" to do


I wish I would have known of this Steemit'verse sooner. I have already made so many new friends...and honestly, it's not for the money. I know I am not going to get rich doing this, but the idea of getting notability for simply interacting with others is something I think is truly amazing.

I could have wished for things like...

  • I wish I was rich
  • I wish I didn't have MS

... but I feel all things happen for a reason. Good or bad, we experience "everything" exactly as God intended us to. And if it "didn't" go as it did, I wouldn't have met my wonderful better half, I wouldn't have my awesome ginger son, and... I wouldn't have met all you lovely Steemians...


There are my three wishes!! Thank you @xcountytravelers, for tagging me in this challenge...

Please keep this in mind, if you would like to participate...

  • Make a post with your three wishes
  • Mention someone who'd like this sort of thing
  • Use the #three-wishes tag

Id like to tag @stealthunicorn, @bearone, @old-guy-photos!!



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It is difficult when an illness blindsides us for sure. My wish is that all your wishes come true, but more importantly, that you and your loved ones have inner happiness.

Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.  —John Harrigan, British Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Actor


Appreciated my friend, and agreed; I knew something wasn't right before being diagnosed with MS. In a way, I suppose "finding out" was perhaps a relief? Either way, we play the cards we are dealt. Thank you for your reply...followed as well!

Great wishes.
I lost my car too. First ever and only brand new car I will ever have due to illness so your first wish I SO understand.

Honest I can relate to ALL your wishes and wish there was something I could do to help.

Steem(it) is a wonderful place to be though. It has helped me more then I could have ever imagined. It a wonderful place to be surrounded by such caring people.


The one thing I am noticing about all of the #three-wishes post is that not is really wishing for things that aren't achievable. They accept that they have the ability to achieve them. Kinda nice about these people.


I agree my friend. Seems we've got a nice bunch of people in this #circleoflove

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Thank you @steemitboard
Very appreciated for the constant upvote, and display of achievements!

The actions of the few... for many...

All great wishes and I send positive thoughts that one or all three may become a reality, I to believe all things happen for a reason


Thank you my friend...
Truly appreciate your reply and kind words..


Fantastic wishes, that look like quite the truck. It is a shame when such illnesses create these hurdle to get over, but as you said things happen for a reason whether good or bad.

I'm glad you are enjoying it here on Steemit, the communities it creates is wonderful!

@jamerussell used his 'Honourable Mention' prize from my #zencolouringcontest to give your post my 100% upvote and a resteem. He is the only one to ever donate his prize to someone else, it's a wonderful act of kindness and a great example of the awesome people you can meet on this platform!


Appreciate your kind words and reply my friend! Conversely; what a wonderful thing to have done @jamerussell ... that's paying it forward indeed! My other half loves to color pages; helps her to relax... I am going to have to check out your #zencolouringcontest

See? Everything for a reason!