Doctor Worm's Curation Collection, August 7

in themesopotamians •  8 months ago

This is a weekly feature of some of the work @themesopotamians project has supported on Steem through the @doctorworm account. The Mesopotamians provides ongoing support to certain selected users in hopes of building a cooperative and growing middle class on Steem.


Kind of a short one today, as I'm preparing to head out to Denmark in about fourteen hours. Also a little strange as none of the posts I chose had original graphics in them, so I'm just going to list them.

@paintingangels wrote about the feeling of social obligations on Steem. I know that the busier I get here the less time I find to spend on my feed. One of the nice things about this project is it makes sure I read the vast majority of what you all post, even if I'm several days behind. I know it would be better if I found more time to read things in real time and comment on them, but I know from experience that feeling bad about it isn't going to motivate me. Rather the opposite. So all I can do is the best I can and make sure I'm continually moving forward.

@photocircle posted the first installation of their collaboration with the Seven Days Outside challenge, and the photos are excellent. This is the last time Photocircle will be featured here, as they've moved on to Level 2.

One of the users who is replacing them is @coinsandchains, who runs the Thank You Economy contest. This is a cool little contest about gratitude on Steem that already has some nice rewards and might be of interest to many of you.

Good work everybody! Keep it up!

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Happy to be part of @doctorworm's minnow-making machine, and now that we are levelling-up we are more than excited that a new user will be part of this initiative. Thanks a lot @tcpolymath!

have a safe and pleasant trip to denmark ! :> and thank you for the curation post, as always <3

Great job everyone and big congrats @photocircle on the level up!

Congrats @photocircle, I just hope I can live up to the high standard you set.

Thank you for your contribution to the "photocircle" tag

@photocircle Team

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